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I found the series as 'the more things change, the more they remain the same'. If the ones in power feel threatened, they'll dispose of those they feel a threat, regardless of good they may do for the organization.

Although a RIF and a consultant re-hire IS a bit more humane than being crucified.

Kirubakaran A

> Thank you for taking time out from feeding the poor to complain about comic strips

Awesome reply! :-)


"...I know Jesus would have played it the same way."
On the other hand, Hay Soos would have zapped you!

Brett Fitzpatrick

Talking of religion, Lean Six Sigma was advertised to me on your blog (by Google I guess). There inteligent filters for offering the right adds to visitors can't be that inteligent. I love the Hay-Soos idea and I do consider myself to be religious, I believe in the beech gods and fear the gods of spelling.


Hay-Soos or Jesus... he will love you or increase your database, doesnt matter...
Love your comics and maybe is because im not american ( A Hello from Brazil to everyone), but i did not understand why it would be offensive, in my opinion the one of 3/14 its fantastic, its funny and shows your style, one of the main reason to read Dilbert Everyday.
sorry for me bad english


HAHAHAHA.....STINKING your response!!

I am a Christian and a firm believer in my faith, and I just have to tell you to keep doing what you are doing, because it is sooooooo funny, and on top of that, Jesus Christ has a sense of humor!!! You weren't mocking or bashing, in fact, there are a lot of people in Hispanic cultures with the name Jesus! Anyways, keep up your incredibly witty, smart comics, I love 'em!


Umm...Father. My last confession was 2 years ago. Oh by the way, how does the Lord Saviour Judge Predatory Molester priest?


I had missed the daily strips this week, and went back to review them. I laughed so hard I died! I mean really, I died laughing!! Back in 3.

I didn't find them disrespectful, and I bet Jesus would have thought them funny too. You do need to be careful though, getting pithy with a pathtor. Pathtor prodding ith a daaaangerous game. You ARE on a roll.


Keep up the great work, Scott.


Apparently nobody ever considered that Jesus is an extremely popular hispanic name...


Today's (Saturday's) might be seen as sexist.


Those were wonderful cartoons, maybe your best ever (and that's saying a lot). Maybe someday you could do a series on Yeshua ben-Yosef (just kidding, though I hope you do a Mark Twain and save some stuff to be published posthumously... hey, that could protect you from assassination! Just announce that you have stockpiled cartoons in a vault that will be released, mocking whatever religious meme kills you! It wouldn't be THAT much work to cover all the likely culprits... probably you're not going to be killed by a Cargo Cultist or Militant Agnostic)

Speaking of virtuous Hay-sooses, Jesus de Soto just wrote a great book on fractional-reserve banking in history... he takes it back to Cleopatra and Herod, and all the way to the present. Since the Fed seems intent on printing us into a Zimbabwe-style economic disaster, I was going to try to convince you to read his book (since most Americans get their economic information from your strip). Anyway this is it:

It's a riot if you're into black humor.

Anyway, really appreciate the work you put into your cartoons. Some people would be coasting at this point, but you just keep improving!

carfree since '93

good response to the pastor.

I think this pretty much proves that the Christian god is not the real thing. Other gods would have directed a fatwa on your ass. The difference in Christian God and muslim god is like Urkel Vs. Mr.T.

CFS '93

Andre Ferreira

Nah, nevermind these religious zealots who will never have a real life. Religion has a purpose of giving us relief in bad times, and is more of a "conversation" with our own consciences than a game of sin and judgement. I believe in God but I don't believe in the final judgement, nor in Hell. (Well, only when I listen to my so beloved Metal bands) You must only be good to the others, and do no harm no no-one. These jerks who think that we all will be judged someday never get anywhere. The Jesus strips made me roll on the floor laughing, and my friends had to listen to me talking about them all day. Go on!!!


Way to go, Scott. I never read comics much, but I will try to get a glimpse at Dilbert more often. Keep up the good work brushing the fundies off your shoulder.


Awesome response! I'm glad you don't take these people too seriously. Also, I loved the comic, and in general I like reading you comics. Since I don't have a deskjob and never had, I don't quite get all of it, but it's still hilarious. Keep up the good work!

Tamer Elzein

Hi Scott,

I personally found nothing offensive in this week's series. Yeah, sure, it did involve Jesus, but I thought it was very appropriate and in good taste. Had I been a Christian, I don't think I'd have acted any differently than I did... I smiled (even laughed once out loud.)

Anyway, that aside, I have to tell ya that I thought your reply to the pastor was a little too harsh. But then again, I suppose he had it coming when he forced his "judge" upon you ;-)


"My favorite rhetorical question, which I received an alarming number of times, was “Why don’t you mock Mohammed next? Huh? Why not?” Well, aside from the blindingly obvious reason that I prefer life over death"

I can't argue with your logic or sense of self-preservation, but I also can't help noting that this fear rewards terrorism.

Remember that panel you drew where Wally says "You just trained me not to finish projects." or some such, and then the boss says "Oops"? You just trained the terrorists to blow people up. Oops.

People wonder how Al Qaeda gets the idea if they just keep bombing us, eventually we'll all put on burkas and worship Allah. Gee, I wonder.

Sigh. Maybe they're right.


Scott, I wouldn't worry too much about it although I had a similar problem with a blog post a couple months back where I made fun of eggplant. There are a couple guys, Vinnie and Guido, that have been asking around town about me. Perhaps one of these days they will find me and I'll be sleeping with the vegetables.


Great response, Scott. I'm a Christian and I found the strips quite funny. Not your best work, but very good. (I think Dilbert's line from a little while ago, "I'm drowning, and monkeys dressed as lifeguards are throwing me anvils," is your best work.)


Dear Mr. Adams,

Mocking the beliefs of those whom you know would never conduct a "jihad" upon you is quite courageous! No, you were well aware that the worst you'd receive is some angry e-mails.

How courageous you are, Mr. Adams.

Pity that the inappropriateness of using Jesus is not "blindly obvious" to you. (Was it meant to be humorous?) But do the same for Muhammed? Oh no! Suddenly, Mr. Adams is concerned about his life.

If Christians were only good for "feeding the poor", then you'd conduct yourself with some class when writing about them. I'm sure Jesus would have "played it the same way."

Mizpah Magazine

Regarding your comments about christianity, I might refer you to the recent remarks by the Vatican about the changing of the seven deadly sins!


I don't particularly have any sympathy when religious folk complain about being mocked. After all, they seek to impose THEIR interpretation of the Bible on the rest of American society, whether we want it or not. And if you think I'm exagerating, you need only consider Mike Huckabee's quote about changing the Constitution to bring it more in line with biblical law.
As far as I'm concerned, that makes the openly religious fair game.

Scott Pelking

I've been an avid Dilbert reader for years, and a blog reader for some months. This is my first response to anybody's anything on the web--I usually just read the comic/blog/general inanity and keep my comments to myself. But the "Pronounced Hay-sus" series motivated me out of my normal torpor.

As a practicing Christian (that term has implications that we Christians never quite get it right and have to keep practicing, and often get it wrong--a wholly Biblical concept) and the former public relations director of a large Christian record company, I wondered what kind of knee-jerk reactions you'd get from my less open-minded and more open-mouthed brethren. Especially since the strip ran so close to Easter. Per your blog, now I know

I have found that the more tightly one clings to one's faith, the more likely the clinger has nothing else in his/her life that has true meaning. Granted, this is strictly a subjective observation and not based in research. As a professional mental health counselor, I have found that clients who have attempted to find meaning in their lives through overwork, money, dysfunctional relationships, AND who are able to recover from their problems via religion are often the very people who scream "Foul!" the loudest when someone pokes fun at the religion's foibles. Same with people who have absolutely nothing else in the world but their faith-based sense of belonging to often lunatic cults or leaders. "Blow myself up along with a dozen infidels and achieve paradise--sure; beats the hell out of going back to the ghetto and starving another day." These poor folks have only one thing to hold onto--and it may be the very thing that saved their lives--and anything that suggests that their perception of the Almighty might be a tad narrow is met with a rabid response. They think they have God in a box, and don't realize that God is probably shaking His head saying to His Son, "Dude, they just never seem to get it, do they?"

I'm probably telling you something you already know, but oh well...

I loved the series, BTW, which means if the fundamentalists win, we may run across each other in the infernal regions.

Thanks for the insights, the humor, and the grit to push the intellectual envelope. Here's hoping you stay on the edge!


Jesus (pronounced Hay-soos) is a pretty common name in many Spanish speaking countries. Additionally, in the Spanish language, Jesus Christ is Jesu Christo (Hay-soo, without the second s). So if I am to assume that your character Jesus's name is Spanish in origin, it's not even the same name as the Christian Jesus.

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