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I have a friend who drinks way too much, every night. So one night he got blasted at the bar and as usual passed out in his car. We got in, drove the car slowly down to a junk yard, easily broke open the gate (lock was on a j hook), drove the car all the way in the back, ran back to my buddies car, fixed the lock on the gate and left him there.

The entire junkyard was walled in, so he had absolutely no clue where he was in the morning (Sunday) and no way to get out. He had to jump the fence and call the owner of the junk yard to let him out.

The owner asked him how he got there and he had no idea.


One for 2008...


Good morning everyone.

Despite all of our safeguards against viruses, our computers have been affected by a rather benign but annoying virus, Hanta.04012008. The symptoms include false mouse clicks and random cursor movement. The frequency of clicks and false movements will increase over time and it is imperative that we fix the problem ASAP or our mice will become unusable.

The fix can be pushed out remotely to your mice and will upgrade the firmware (i.e. software) stored in each mouse. This only affects optical mice and not the mice with roller balls in the base.

The drawback is that I have to update all of the mice in the school at the same time. I will be pushing out the fix precisely between 8:17 and 8:20 AM. This will occur between periods to minimize disruption. Please refer to the time shown on your PC as they have all been synchronized.

The only thing you need to do is make sure your PC is turned on before 8:17 and 8:20 and DO NOT use your mouse during this period. I will take care of the labs. Any movement of the mouse while the firmware is being upgraded will corrupt the firmware and make your mouse unusable. It is perfectly OK to use your mouse outside of this short period.

Thank you for your cooperation.


I really believed this one at first.


I really believed this one at first.


Once my dad told me he was searching all day for his toolbox until he saw everyone staring at the very high factory ceiling, and as he looked up, he discovered someone had attached his toolbox to the ceiling while he was left clueless !


When your wife or mother go to hair dry their hair put baby powder in it so that there hair will get all powdery.


for april fools day i wrote up a fake suspension form as if it was from my school and had someone fill it out for me. It said that i was being suspended for 10 days because i was making out with a boy on my field trip. As my mom read this i literally thought i was going to see her explode!!! It was so funny


Place a sticky note on the underside of the victims computer mouse so that the sensor is blocked. That way when the victim rolls the mouse around the pad, it won't show up on the moniter. It's brilliant.


You put surran rap (the clear stuff to preserve food) on the toilet seat so the urine goes everywhere


I haven't tried this yet but it is pretty funny. You take surran rap (the clear stuff that keeps food fresh) and you put it over the bottom of the toilet seat. That way when someone goes to the restroom their urine goes all over the floor


One of the teachers in my school is friends/enimies with another one of the teachers in my school, and so he decided he would pull a prank for fun. It wasn't any special day. Just...what was it...Friday?

So because the victim teacher has a seventh period class, the pranker teacher got his sixth period to come down to the victim teacher's classroom and remove every single desk from the room. And in our school, we have courtyards. So guess where the desks ended up...


i dont know if you will recieve this since this is an archived file, but this prank is so wonderful i had to let you know.

take a print screen snapshot of the persons computer desktop, then set it as the background. then proceed to delete all of their desktop files. the person will spend hourse bitching about how their computer is locked and trying to double click on the picture icons. i have seen IT grapple with this one for hours before figuring out what had happened. Hint - dont EVER let anyone know it was you, the suspicious prankee will not trust anyone ever


interesting :)


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Oh and another.. i once put myu answering machine message as "Hello.. hello... HELLO!!! could u speak up!?! i can't hear you.. huh.. what.. oh forget it.. just leave a message after the beep n ill call u later.. bye!" :D


Ok i dunno if this has been mentioned in the comments before but 1 prank I've had huge success with is this:
take a screenshot of the desktop and make it ur victim's wallpaper. then hide all his icons. then switch the keyboards like u said.. watch him click away at everything in vain and then open notepad with the help of the keyboard and type away.. the matrix has you... freaked my friend out! :)

ashley leigh

hey i pranked every one in my class 2years ago...since it was monday my teacher had wrote our homework on the bored for us to start working on...and i used that and asked every 1 when they walked in..(because i was giving out papers)...i asked"did you do you homework?" well they look at me and said "we had none"...."we didnt did we??? look on the board...." i thought to my self...dang your sooo guliable!!! " well if you didnt better get to get getting"
"your right thanks ashley" well....after i told every body i went up to my teacher...."will you help me with this thing?" " what thing?" well im pulling a prank on every body and they belived me....this is going to be the bestprank ever!!!" "yea ill help you" "ok thanks" she let me clean the board and some one asked if i was done and i said "yea because i listen" well when we told every body it was a joke they like were in shock...but they finished they're home work!!!! but i got exscused from mine!!!!!

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