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hey i pranked every one in my class 2years ago...since it was monday my teacher had wrote our homework on the bored for us to start working on...and i used that and asked every 1 when they walked in..(because i was giving out papers)...i asked"did you do you homework?" well they look at me and said "we had none"...."we didnt did we??? look on the board...." i thought to my self...dang your sooo guliable!!! " well if you didnt better get to get getting"
"your right thanks ashley" well....after i told every body i went up to my teacher...."will you help me with this thing?" " what thing?" well im pulling a prank on every body and they belived me....this is going to be the bestprank ever!!!" "yea ill help you" "ok thanks" she let me clean the board and some one asked if i was done and i said "yea because i listen" well when we told every body it was a joke they like were in shock...but they finished they're home work!!!! but i got exscused from mine!!!!!


I heard George Clooney did this one:

George started to clean his roommates cats litterbox, without said roommates knowledge. He did this for a few weeks. His roommate started to notice, and was getting a little worried that his poor tabby was pretty backed up. Well, George intentionally waited for quite some time himself, and, one night, steamed his own log into the litterbox for his roommate to discover the next morning.


Who says you can't pull a April Fool prank on Monday. I did. Got about 6 people..PRICELESS.
Went around and put postit notes on 5 peoples desks that said please come see me when you get in signed the bosses name. Monday morning...The boss along with the other 5 people were COMPLETELY confused. took about half the morning for any of them to realize that several people had gotten the notes that the boss did not remember writing.


The best one I have ever seen was done pulled by Andrew Denton on Australian TV (ABC on the Show "The Money or the Gun").

He got some glue and mince (meat) and stuck the mince to the walls of an elevator. He then put two shoes in the elevator (at about 8:55am) filled with dry ice. On the top floor. Then sent the elevator down to the ground floor, for all the people waiting.

They even had cameras to film the reaction of the people when the doors opened and exposed two 'smoking' shoes, complete with bits of meat stuck to all the walls.

Extremely funny.


Also, having read the comment thread now, I must say that people really need to get a prank that doesn't involve changing a computer's wallpaper to the desktop. After the 20th time, it gets a bit old.


The favourite one I've heard was someone who grabbed a spare copy of his dad's morning paper on April 1st one year, stored it in secret for a full year, and then swapped them the morning of April 1st the next year. Freaked him out pretty effectively, I hear.

Either that, or just act like a Quebecer and hide lots of rotten fish in inaccessible locations. No, really - that's how they celebrate it.


I just remembered a way we messed with the freshmen in marching band. One competition we went to every year was on an astroturf field. We would tell the freshmen that they needed "turf spray" so their shoes wouldn't be damaged. Some seniors even took spray cans of harmless stuff and made fake labels to show them what to look for in the one store that sold it. The hardware store we told them to go to had a lot of alumni, and played along telling the new guys that they just sold their last can.


My brothers pulled this prank on me on Sunday. Using their two phones they called me on one and my sister on the other, turned one of the phones upside down so that the ear pieces were beside the recievers and put them on loud speaker. They also hid their numbers When myself and my sister answered we were both confused and annoyed because we were trying to figure out who rang who and what they were ringing for. I was a simple trick but quite funny.

Also I have heard a common one that builders use when someone new starts that they send the newbie off to the hardware store to pick up a glass hammer or sky hooks. Most people in hardware store would know this joke and play along.



After the earthquake a few years ago in Olympia, WA the chandelier in the capital building (which is large enough in diamater you could fit a classic VW bug inside) swung for three days. It also swung for several days after the earthquakes of '49 and '65.

One year, one of our senators, later Congressman, Jack Metcalf stayed late after session on the last day of march before a weekend (I don't know what year it was, but April 1st was a Monday) and he and a couple of friends went to the highest access point of the Capital dome, connected the maintenance wires to the chandelier and got the thing swinging.

It was still swinging Monday morning. They evacuated all of downtown, and had experts come in to try and figure out what caused all the swinging. That guy was flipping awesome.

If he hadn't passed away, I would vote for him.


Here is an easy one I played on several co-workers today. Download (if you don't have one) a free screen capture program.. one that doesn't have to be installed (is portable). Place/install/Unzip it to an E-stick. When a co-worker leaves their cubical for a break, enter and plug E-stick into their computer. Minimize any active windows.. Activate capture program and save screen-capture to a temp folder on their hard-drive. Remove E-stick. Left-mouse click on desk-top and go to properties. Select desktop image and browse to temp folder with saved screen capture. Select it and close down screen setup. Now restore previously opened window applications and windows. Exit cubical. Nothing appears to have changed and desktop Icons work normally. Sooner or later the victim will attempt to move an icon on the desk top and discover it leaves an after image duplicate that doesn't work. See how long it takes for the victim to figure out this simple trick. Best to ya Scott from Dave :^) P.s. You should see my more elaborate tricks being a programmer and

The Evil Pizza Guy

This worked only because it was a stupid teenager....

We got a prank call for a $40 worth of food, went to deliver and of course no one was there, called back and got a gaggle of goofy teen girls, that hung up..... called again and got the phone company message to set up your voice-mail account, (it was the same carrier as mine so I typed in the last 4 of my number ta-dah voince mail setup, changed the password to the phone number backward and called left an incoming message that this was a phone owned by a theif...... kept calling till they answered and told them to check their voice mail....... they called back in 2 mins and wanted the password I told them they could have it when they paid for the food...... got paid the next morning ....


At my old job, I copied what looked to be page two of a multi-page, hot love letter, then created a fake user account and logged in from a remote machine (it's fun being a sneaky admin!), then proceeded to send that letter to random printers in random buildings throughout the company. It started with something like "...giggle while you suck on my toes!"

I was going to own up to it once I saw that people had started reading it in shock and and showing it to coworkers, but then one girl started telling everyone that she just KNEW it was Peter cheating on his wife again, and slammed it on his desk in an angry huff and told him to shape up. Turned out he really was cheating on his wife... so I kept quiet about the whole thing. The weird part is that no one even thought "Hey, it's April Fool's day, and why would just part of a love letter be sitting at a printer?" Poor, defenseless, adulterous Peter.


For several weeks I gradually inched the cubicle walls of an officemate who's cubicle's long wall was an actual wall.

Another time, back before PCs, I slow reduced the baud rate of one co-worker's dumb-terminal until it was down from 56kb to about 600 baud. He complained for about a week about how slow the system was becoming before we told him what we were doing to him.


We planted cress in one guys keyboard, who went away for two weeks.
We had to take the keys off and put sponge in there, replacing the keys again afterwards. It had to be watered once a day.
It was about 3 inches high when he got back. Quality. I got a photo still LOL.

Phil Gardocki

Since we all had company issued Laptops, and almost everyone had theirs set to Password protected modes with the company logo displayed after 5-10 minutes, I showed up late for a department meeting.

After I had switched a number of the laptops from one cube to another.

Phil Gardocki

One of my coworkers took a vacation to Russia one year. While he was gone, I posted a map of Russia in his cube, with push pins noting his progress and the current weather weather report (always at below freezing) and traffic conditions. Some of the weather was fabricated, some extracted from Some people even started daily checking up on updated travelog.

When he came back, I found hime staring puzzled at map, and said hello, he first asked me if I was responsible, to which I confessed. Then he asked me how I knew about the long delay in connecting trains in one town, to which I answered, "It was just a guess, I made this all up!"

Still looking amazed, he said, "Ah, that explains it, because it was warm that day too."

Blue Mikey

In high school, a bunch of guys from first period Physics snuck into the Physics homeroom late one afternoon and turned the teacher's big old wooden desk upside down. But being considerate, and meaning to not do any real harm, they first removed the drawers and carefully re-inserted them right-side up, so as not to scramble the contents. (They expected to be present when the teacher discovered the prank the next morning). But the teacher arrived at school early the next day and got a janitor to help him turn the desk right-side-up again. The pranksters just assumed they'd been foiled, until the teacher needed something in the middle of class and yanked open his top drawer....


One of the worst pranks I have ever seen is the following. Get surgical tubing which is the stuff labs use to connect bunsen burners to the gas supply. Cut about 3 feet and put a good tight knot in one end of it. The tough part is to find a faucet that will work (we used a lab faucet that had a tapered end on it). Maybe a screw-in adapter can be bought. Carefully fill the tubing with water. It will bulge and get about 1 1/2" in diameter under enormous pressure. Pinch the filling end and place the bladder in someones desk draw (the narrow pencil drawer) and hang the filling end out the front. Close the drawer tight and make sure it clamps the hose so it won't leak. Release your pinched end carefully and cut the end hanging out of the drawer off with a utility knife.
When the victim opens his/her drawer they will be hit with water so powerful and fast it will make a fire hose look weak. This tape will self destruct in 60 seconds.


Maybe a bit late, but this one I heard Pam Ayres tell once. Much better in her funny accent.

You call the victim and tell them that there is a fault on the line and that a telephone technician will be working on it for the next half an hour or so. During that time, the phone might ring but under no circumstances should it be answered as this could lead to 400V being channeled through the lines and into the technician. Don't worry, there is no risk to the householder, but please don't answer the phone in the next half an hour or so.

Then, about half an hour later, you ring the victim again. And keep ringing, until finally they answer. At that point, you scream AAAARRRRRGGGHHHH!!!!!! down the phone at them, try to make a realistic thud (like you collapsed on the floor), and hang up before you burst into laughter.

If you were really mean, and good at playing it straight, you could ring the victim again a short while later, repeatedly, until they answer, again. You are now trying to work out who answered the phone and caused serious damage to the technician (naturally, you would explain, this is just for purposes of writing up the incident report, since the company is reasonably hopeful that the technician will survive ... )


The netsend function can be quite funny if you know someone's IP address (and they are not it literate). It pops up a box that looks suspiciously like a error box.

You can then make "error messages" like the following appear.

"Bad user error, please replace"

"Computer overheating, explosion imminent"

Or non error related messages like

"We have caught you looking at pornography. Please report to the cafeteria for debriefing"

Thomas Reynolds

Google earlier yestertoday had a nice little prank about Free Broadband via your Toilet. TiSP, when I first thought of it I found it hillarious and then I thought you know, someone should make a how too video. I did. I used it to promote my own video posting site and also posted it on Youtube. In one day I got combined almost 5,000 hits. I was completely amazed. It was a sad little video but still got more hits then I could have imagined and only added to googles own joke.


My best friend and her boyfriend were stuck at home watching the boyfriend's sister's three little bratty kids. The middle girl, 10, had a pet lizard in a cup that she found somewhere alive. My friend was outside when she found another lizard of the same type, squished and dead in the road. While the girl was away, my friend replaced the live lizard with the dead one. The girl found the dead lizard, began freaking out, crying, and so forth. They then came up with an excuse to send her away for a second, I think to get someone else to confirm that it was alive a few hours ago, and switched back the lizards. The lizard was magically alive again!


When my best friend and I graduated from high school, we wrote a virus for the computer lab. Well, I suppose you could say we wrote a "virus", since it was back in the day of MSDOS version 1 or something. It was a very simple BASIC routine that was called by the autoexec.bat on bootup, that checked the date, and if if there was a match with that in our program, it launched the "virus" payload. With the program buried about 30 levels deep in a hidden directory, we figured it might take them a couple hours to fix, and would give us a few laughs. It was set to go off the September after we graduated...

Well, it turns out we overestimated the school technician's abilities at troubleshooting (ie, LOOK AT THE AUTOEXEC FILE!); they would up having to call the company who sold them the computers to do a complete rebuild! It cost the school a boatload of money, but everyone except the teacher involved thought it was hilarious and almost 20 years later it still gets laughs. Good Times!

One of the funniest pranks played on me was when my coworkers installed Windows 3.11 on my XP box while I was away for a couple days. I liked the 10 second boot times, but they forgot to install Winsock, so I couldn't surf the Internet!

The Group Guy

I put out a fake press release that will probably get picked up by several automated news aggregators via my RSS feed since its Sunday that highlights the Boner Theory of Economics and noting that Scott Adams is not who he seems to be, but is actually a well respected economist who knew the Clinton's at Oxford and who via his books and strips has slowly been influencing culture in America as part of a secret deal with Hollywood to prepare the way for Hillary's election. Check it out.

See what happens when you ask us to do youir work for you Scott?


Oh, and whoever was asking about the Great April Fools Day Switcheroo of 1997 should go to

Interestingly, if you read it, it says that every cartoonists first choice was to draw "Dilbert". And as they say, "And, in retrospect, it might have been funnier to open the paper on April 1st and see forty-six different versions of Dilbert."

I know that "Foxtrot", "Pearls Before Swine", and "Get Fuzzy" (possibly others) did a thing maybe last year or the year before where on April 1st, all three of them had the same punchline. That's the only comic April Fools jokes I can remember.

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