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The Sloof Lirpa Center

This is a funny warning about Google AdSense code from the "Sloof Lirpa Center".


If you have a lot of free time, do some of the stuff Jim has done to Dwight on the American version of "The Office".

1. Every time the victim leaves their desk, move it 6 inches closer to something (like the bathroom). It will happen so gradually, that they won't notice it until suddenly they're 4 feet away from where they were.

2. If they have a telephone handset that has a part that screws off, slowly fill it with pennies. Then, when they get used to the extra weight, remove all the extra pennies. They might very well smack themselves in the head.

3. Pay everyone in the office $5 to call the victim by the wrong name all day.

4. Put the victim's stapler in Jello.

TimW's what I pulled last night. Got a big sheet of cardboard and made an outline of myself laying sprawled out on it. Cut it out to resemble a person. I laid it out in my nephew's yard and took bright orange paint and painted the outline of the person. Then took 4 stakes and police caution tape and roped the area off to look like a crime scene.

This morning I went to the local hospital and put out of order signs on the elevators in the lobby and watched people walk around trying to figure how to go upstairs. LOL!


I have to confess to a prank that was played on me. Whilst I was away the day before an April 1st, my colleagues switched all the keycaps on my keyboard AND reprogrammed the keyboard translation ROM in the PC. Since I touch-type, it was some while before I actually realised that the reason I was typing gibberish was that my QWERTY Keyboard was now an ABCDEF one.

Jody Bower

I worked at one place where practical jokes were a regular feature. If you went on vacation you could count on something happening to your workspace while you were gone: a cubicle wall installed across the opening to your cubicle, the walls moved in a foot, etc. We had one very neat & tidy person who never had a piece of paper on her desk unless she was working on it. While she was gone we carefully put all her neatly organized files somewhere else, then scattered papers all over her desk and floor, had papers crammed into drawers so they couldn't shut, etc. She went a bit pale at first but she was the instigator of the worst pranks so she laughed.

One of her pranks was to create a life-sized dummy of another coworker. She bought clothes at a Goodwill that looked like the kind of clothes he wore and stuffed them with newspaper. Then she blew up a photo of his face to life-size and taped it to a balloon. She sat this dummy in his chair. All the time he was gone people would walk past his cubicle and do a double-take. Some even said "Hey Brian, I thought you were on vacation!"

At another job we had a young, fundamentalist coworker. Somehow a running joke got started that associated him with sheep in a - ahem - personal way. He would laugh but also blush furiously. While he was on vacation we put lots of sheep toys and books on sheep in his office. We set his wallpaper to a photo of sheep and put a lot of links about sheep - some X-rated - in his "Favorites" folder. Finally we built a bunch of cardboard sheep and put them on the top of the hill outside his office.

At that place we also filled a coworker's office with Peeps. We had to enlist most of the people who worked there - over 100 - to buy enough. I think we cleared out the entire supply for the town.


I put a for sale sign on my neighbours truck selling it for something rediculously cheap with his phone number on it....

and last year i told people i was pregnant....

and this year since i am pregnant i told people that i had the baby and to come pick me up at the hospital...


This prank took a lot of planning. But only recently has my friend decided it was actually kind of funny.

A few weeks before April 1st, I happened to come into the possession of hundreds of 8"x11" posters for the movie "Ready to Rumble".

My college roommate was a big wrestling fan, but he hated the movie.

So I immediately posted one poster in his room without telling him about it. When he took it down, I replaced it with another. This continued for weeks, until he gave up and left the poster on his wall.

That night, while he was at work, I wallpapered his entire room with the posters. I even cut the posters to fit around his existing posters and pictures. Even the door leading to his room was covered.

When my roommate came home, he was quite upset. For some reason, he blamed me, though I professed ignorance. He took down all the posters and threw them away. Threats were made.

Finally, a few days later, my roommate came home on April 1st after a long day at work. He walked down the hallway to his bedroom -- and found his door once again covered with "Ready to Rumble" posters.

I heard him yell an obscenity. He flung his door open --

And there, across the room, was just one poster. Exactly where it had been placed so many times before.

Only this time I had written a big "April Fools!" on the poster.


This joke is halarious to wake up to on april fools day or any normal day. Now, what you do is, you cut off the top(about one inch), of somebody that lives with you's deoterant. Next, you get cream chease and smuge some on the top of the deoterant so that it looks like the top of it. The next time the person used his or her deoterant, they will smear the cream chease all over thear arm pitts.Then all you have to do is laugh at tham and say "Ha Ha you got cream chease arm pitts!"


Several of us came up with a very simple, yet elaborate prank to pull on the one guy in the office that nobody likes - you know the one - he's usually a sales weenie of some sort.

At any rate, when (we'll call him) "Jeff" would go on the road, we decided that we would have a "surprise" of sorts waiting for him on his return.

The plan was to involve the VP of sales to call Jeff into his office on the Monday following a trip to Denver. Once there, the VP would have the company auditors come in with their various spreadsheets (doctored, of course) and begin to grill Jeff about the most minute items on his expense sheet. Things like "what was the purpose of this meal, and was dessert really necessary?" This would be a three-hour session.

Given that time, another member of the sales group would go and get Jeff's wife from her job and convince her that she needed to come over to the office, as there was "something amiss" and that we thought Jeff was going to wind up in trouble with the law.

When the sales guy had Jeff's wife in the car, he would lurch the car and declare that he was out of gas. Now she's hysterical, wondering what's going on, and trying to call Jeff's cell phone.

Of course, the VP tells Jeff when he hears the phone that he cannot answer it because of the severity of the charges in this meeting.

Jeff thinks nothing of it, since his wife frequently calls anyway and he often flips her over to voice mail.

In the meantime, a local cop, who is a friend of one of the IT guys, comes up to the sales guy's car and asks what the trouble is. When he tells him he's only out of gas, the cop asks for his license, registration and proof of insurance. Well, sales guy pretends not to have insurance, and the cop says he has to take him in.

At this point, Jeff's wife becomes hysterical and begs the cop for a ride to the office. When the cop hears what office, he tells her that they can't go there because the cops assigned to a "big sting case involving embezzlement" don't want marked police cars around.

Meanwhile, back at the office, we collectively decide that this entire scenario is way to much trouble, so instead we took a screen capture of Jeff's desktop. We then moved all of his shortcuts from the desktop. Then, we changed the wallpaper to be the screen shot we'd taken.

Hilarity ensued.


after all these years and all this money, you are still the hi-tech nerd you were back than.

Burton MacKenZie

I made a short review of some of Google's April Fools Jokes for this April 1 2007: (i.e. "this just in")


Several come to mind, all "real" - a couple I did, and one done to me ... (note - all of these occurred while I was a speechwriter for the Governor of South Carolina - we were a division of his economic development agency - and you thought folks who worked for governors spent taxpayers money doing the people's business, didn't you? )

My co-worker (and my direct-report boss) and I had a running feud (in good fun). So one day during lunch, I went in and taped the cradle to his phone down - so when he answered, he didn't really answer. Sure enough, the first call he got was from the Big Boss (the political appointee) and my line-boss couldn't answer. Feathers and fur flew, shit hit burning charcoal, etc. It was a prank-gone-too-far, and my line-boss was not pleased. I should have expected retribution ...

The next day, I went to lunch and when I came back, all looked normal. My desk was untouched. So I sat down in my rolling desk chair, scooted up to my desk, and promptly just-shy-of shattered both my kneecaps. Seems that he'd had four large men come in and reverse my desk; then they re-arranged my top so it would look normal (the agency photographer was part of the conspiracy - he took pictures of my desktop disaster so it could be exactly recreated) - and when I scooted forward, both knees hit what is euphemistically called the "modesty panel" - OUCH.

So, knowing who was behind it, I knew this meant war. So I got on the phone and called every real estate agent in the Columbia, South Carolina phone book, inviting them to "my" house (actually his) - to list my house - and I invited them at five-minute intervals from 6 pm. to midnight. I'm sure every one of them came. However, he didn't react, so I had to up the ante.

So I called every religious organization on the fringe (i.e., Witnesses, Mormons, etc. - the ones who actively proseletyze) and told them I was my line-boss, that my life had lost all meaning, and that if THEY couldn't give me meaning I'd end it all. Again, I set up the five-minute-interval appointments. Again, no comment (by this time, I'm sure his wife was out for blood - mine or somebody's - but I'd left no fingerprints).

Since there was no reaction, I had to go for blood. I called the Encyclopedia Brittanica people to come by and sell me a complete set - and that was my undoing. The bastard called back (to confirm) and when my boss played innocent, the bastard played back an illegal recording of my conversation with him (shades of Linda Tripp) - my all-too-distinctive voice was there for all to hear, and I was well and truly hoist on my own petard (so to speak).

I think we called a truce after that. Remarkably, we remained friends (we both had a taste for practical jokes, plus thin skins and wives we didn't particularly like ).


Linda J

Two weeks before an April Fool's Day 15 years ago, my husband and I got married. While we were on our honeymoon a friend, who was five months pregnant moved in with us to help pay the rent. My husband and I decided before we were married that we would wait 4-5 years before having a baby.

April Fool's day comes along and I had our very pregnant roommate pee in a cup and leave it on my bathroom counter. The morning of April 1st, my husband came home after a 12 hour graveyard shift very tired. I told him that I thought I might be pregnant and had bought a pregnancy test to take with him.

We walked in the bathroom together and I told him I had already peed in the cup waiting for him to get home. We did the test and it turned bright purple (positive). My husband sank down onto the toilet seat staring at the test stick with his mouth hanging open. He was in total shock. The look on his face was priceless. I started cracking up looking at his expression, but it still took him a minute or two to catch on, even after our roommate walked in laughing saying, "April Fool's!"

Of course, I haven't been able to top that joke in 15 years since. Anyone got any good ideas for me to pull on my husband? He's working another 12 hour graveyard shift tonight!


My cousin sent my husband a letter claiming it was from a radio station and he had won a big screen TV. It also said there have been hundreds of unclaimed prizes and this was lagitimate. It helped that she used a radio station from Kansas City, where he just came home from (we live in Ohio) and had listened to while working. It took a couple days, but he did call the number on the letter only to find out it was one of those sex talk numbers. Very funny!!


I was a victim of the keyboard prank at work. I call tech support after several minutes of trying to figure out what was wrong. The guy connected a keyboard to the laptop and place it under his cubicle. He usied his foot to "type". This was 3 years ago and he still tell the story every time he has a chance.

Pound Puppy

We plugged the monitor of a computer challenged girl to an extension near my foot. I was sitting 2 seats next to her. At times when she was most absorbed, I'll flip it off. She'd gasp than scream for IT guy who was in the joke. He will come, pat the monitor and I flipped it back.

After few times, whenever her monitor goes out, she started tapping it as IT guys told her to do, than slapping it and became more and more aggressive the longer I waited to turn it back on.

She never got the clue until she left. Late a drunk colleague told her at the party. But I bet $100 we can still pull it and she won't know!

Joe Mamma

1) I hate pranks as well

2) Isn't it amazing how many of these pranks were stolen from The Joy of Work?


I'm not sure if this is even possible, but what if you took one of those annoying singing fish things that you hang on the wall and took out the sound chip, replacing it with something you made yourself? Hang it somewhere near your nemesis' cubicle and program it to say "Yo, , I'm watching you..." Or, even better, hide it inside their desk or something.


Another good one is for an optical mouse. Take a small post-it note and cover the optical eye on the mouse. The mouse will not work as the eye doesn't register any movement on the paper.

Andrew Harrison

Just played this one on my dad this morning:

In Melbourne, we are under Level Three Water Restrictions due to the drought. This means no watering lawns except in specified hours, no sprinkler systems, and a myriad of other rules and regulations so that the whole city saves water.

My dad semi-breaches some of these regulations every now and again. We've been under lever 3 restrictions since january 1, and he's watered the garden outside the allowed hours, he's occasionally used a manual sprinkler [ie: one connected to a hose, not our automatic system] to water so he doesnt have to stand outside in the dark like a goomala.

The restrictions are generally based on the honour system, meaning it's up to neighbours and such to report offenders.

This morning, I put a carefully crafted letter in our letterbox on a nice letterhead I made up in photoshop from the Water Regulator and the Water Company saying that due to breaches reported by neighbours, our house is now under observation.


back in the 'workstation days' (Apollo, pre-Sun), there was a screensaver that made it look like the screen was 'melting' toward the bottom (all the characters merged into blobs as they headed toward the bottom of the screen). Because of a new-fangled thing called "networking" it was possible to trigger this remotely. People not familiar with the screensaver freaked out quite nicely.


In the days before the internet or cell phones, I went to a public library and found the yellow pages on microfiche for the town an old high school friend lived in several states away.

I used the phonebook to map out all the businesses that would be visible from a particular vantage point in what I deduced to be a central section of town that should be well known to anyone who lived there.

I then called a local motel and convinced the desk clerk to participate in my prank.

Finally, I called my old friend and told him I was in town calling from a payphone, and where I was staying. I had pulled several pretty elaborate April Fool's jokes on him before, so he flatly refused to believe me. It took a few minutes, but I had memorized enough of the lay of the land that I convinced him I was really there and to come to the motel to see me.

When he got there, the clerk told him I was tired after driving all night and had specifically requested that no one bother me. After much badgering, she finally divulged which room I was 'staying' in, which of course was just an empty room. After much banging on the door, he stormed home and called my wife, who acted concerned because I had left for his town the prior day and he should have already heard from me by now.

It wasn't until his second trip back to the motel before the clerk lost her composure and let him in on it.

It hasn't been worth even trying to top that one since, but I've always dreamed that some day I'll actually go there and jump out of his bedroom closet when he gets home from work on April 1. He outweighs me by about 80 lbs and is a correctional officer, so the shock on his face will probably be the last thing I ever see, but it will be worth it.


My wife got a magnet for the dishwasher that had "clean" on the top and "dirty" on the bottom. The idea is that you turn the magnet to show if the dishes inside are clean or dirty. I got in the habit of turning it when she was looking. She was amazed that it was always right. She knew she wasn't changing it and I swore that I wasn't either. I even went as far as gradually rotating it as the machine went through it's cycle. This went on for 4 months.


I have a question. A couple of times in the past on April Fool's a bunch of cartoonists write each other's cartoons. How does that happen? Does the syndicate set that up? Or are you all just sitting around drinking scotch in some underground bunker in Switzerland when you decide to F with the masses?


1. Here's a good one. One year I called my Mom and told her my wife was sick and could she go to the store and buy her some soup for lunch. After she arrived at the store we took a dup key and moved her car around back. We video taped as she walked the parking lot trying to remember where she parked!

2. Grab "for sale" signs and place in a neighbor's yard.

3. Call a store and ask if they have a fictional product. My favorite is the old "vipercleeker". Tell the clerk you saw them last time you were in and just want to know if they are still in stock.

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