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Paylaşım Forumu

Can I just send money and a SASE?


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Hey Scott.. why dont u come to Bangalore, India? I wud really like to meet ya or hunt u down as you put it... May be we can catch up with Asok's family too!!! Wat say?


Didnt make it to Indian Wells, but when will you next be at Stacey's?


Tennis at Indian Wells -- again this year! (Apparently) your wife shares your interest in the great sport; she went with you at least. (Didn't you ID yourself with a blue cap before?) The beautiful, brunette wife is a good life choice.

Nice to meet you for the first time..
Greeting from!


I was thinking that you might be doing this again while watching the tourney on TV. Heh...too bad I didn't know anyone near Indian Wells.


Fascinating stuff you find on Google...
Apparently there is a Scott Adams Memorial Skate Park.
And a rather good-looking Commodore 64 adventure game written by you.
Not to mention you are looking nothing at all like I have imagined you. Thank you for shattering those assumptions of mine ;-)


Tennis is fine, but what about the LOTD? Bandwidth is cheap now... C'mon!


I googled you to see wht you looked like... I wish I hadn't.


Kevin Kunreuther

Sorry, I can't make it today. Did you and good lady wife have a good time?


Damn ! I was there, thought I saw you, but it happened to be Dan Castellanetta, the guy who does Homer Simpson. Well, gotta admit, that ain't bad either...

Michael f. Harris


That is a great name for a product. Wood that brings Joy.


What an ego you have.


Cool. What a sweet deal. I wish I was on the west coast.



can u bring back PHIL PRINCE OF INSUFFICIENT LIGHT PLEASE!!!!! he was the best



im an extreemly violent bald wrestler. i once saw u make an unrelated gesture at my wife, which i have decided to take as a personal insult. for 2 years i have been trying to track you down.

you might want to say some last words.


Interesting reading the comments.
Good on ya I say, nice thing to do for someone.


i never had a chance. i live in israel. i do have relatives in the USA but they live in boston.

i'm not going to ask you to come to israel because by all means, i will be the only one here who will know who you are. 'tis a shame really. i truly am fond of dilbert.


An autograph or a doodle seems kinda like a let-down if you ask me. No offense, I don't go for autographs in general... If I didn't 'know' you at all, maybe that would be okay, but reading your random bloggings isn't like reading most other sorts of material... One starts to get a sense of who you are from random bloggings... Maybe you can start posting video blog entries some day. Of course, a video blog entry would take a lot of the fun out of it, kind of how a low-res black-and-white photo actually somehow has greater resolution than a high-res color photo... writing somehow lets a person dig deeper into the psyche of the writer, whereas, video... pfff... someone yammering on and on on a 'live' tape recording is incredibly boring most of the time... I guess writing allows the writer the chance to edit, and to pause when there's nothing interesting to say coming to mind, whereas with video, very few people have the ability to make a video clip that doesnt' suck. Even the NumaNuma guy... he made a brilliant and awesome clip, and it was viewed by tens of millions of people all over the world... (Gary was his name, if I remember correctly...) but could he do it again if he tried? Well he does have a lot of comic talent, but he also got lucky... could any of us do that on cue? Comic geniuses are few and far between, and even they have to get lucky sometimes.. a lot of their material falls flat. So anyway. If I did meet you, I'd be hoping for more than an autograph at this point. I'd be hoping to hang around with you and your wife long enough to witness another one of those 'the moon is going to destroy us and the government is covering it up' moments. Those are priceless. But hell. Maybe you should have your own comedy show on MTV. I loved the Tom Green show. The Scott Adams show would be kind of more geeky I guess. You would feel pressure to be you, of course, in concentrated form for a full half-hour of taping. But like I said, who knows, maybe after seeing the show for a few episodes, the mystery would be gone, and everyone would be so much further along in understanding how you think that they'd be bored not only with you, but with the Dilbert strip as well. Then you'd have to invite Nazis and rednecks onto your show to make it more interesting. Well anyway.

some dude

Sadly,I'm in Singapore so I don't think I'll be there

LA Guy

You know you're rich if you can afford to piss... uh.. spend $1,000 on a giant tennis racket. (Including stand)

If you want to see and HEAR what Scott sounds like you can see a bit of presentation here:
(By the way Scott, they need to re-edit it, there's a dead spot around the middle)

For the cost of 45-70 giant tennis rackets Scott might deliver it in person.


Scott - I just googled your name and found a picture of you and your wife on your wedding day. How did a plain looking dude catch such a babe? You must be really hilarious in real life. And I suppose having a few quid helps.


nice offer ... shame i'm on another continent or i'ld take you up on it - i'ld love a signed dogbert to go up on my wall at work.

Any plans to come to Australia soon?


"I disagree with the outrageous and stupid political views present in this post, incompetent cartoonist! wait... This may have been the wrong post to jump on the bandwagon."

posted by Monique at 3:55 PM

Me likey :D

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