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Treon Verdery

this has zero relation to your funny item It is about gene therapy to cure your speech item

This is a treatment effective on a related area the nifty thing is that it is gene therapy perhaps there is a way to make the dilbert creators vocal apparatus more sensitive to the material the brain emits rather than just shifting brain areas used to create vocalizations This makes me think that a certified hypnotist must ask if they are more or less sensitive to placebo effect This gene therapy technique might improve your voice a few ways

Gene therapy for laryngeal paralysis.Shiotani A, Saito K, Araki K, Moro K, Watabe K.
Department of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery, National Defense Medical College, Saitama, Japan.

OBJECTIVES: The surgical options for laryngeal paralysis only achieve static changes of vocal fold position. Laryngeal reinnervation procedures have had little impact on the return of dynamic laryngeal function. The development of a new treatment for laryngeal paralysis, aimed at the return of dynamic function and neurologic restoration and regeneration, is necessary. METHODS: To assess the possibility of gene therapy for laryngeal paralysis aiming for the return of dynamic laryngeal function, we investigated the therapeutic effects of gene therapy using rat laryngeal paralysis models. RESULTS: In a rat vagal nerve avulsion model, we transferred glial cell line-derived neurotrophic factor (GDNF) gene into the nucleus ambiguus using an adenovirus vector. Two and 4 weeks after the GDNF gene transfer, a significantly larger number of surviving motoneurons was observed. These neuroprotective effects of GDNF gene transfer were enhanced by simultaneous brain-derived neurotrophic factor gene transfer. In a rat recurrent laryngeal nerve crush model, we transferred GDNF gene into recurrent laryngeal nerve fibers after crush injury. Two and 4 weeks after GDNF gene transfer, we observed significantly faster nerve conduction velocity and better vocal fold motion recovery. CONCLUSIONS: These results indicate that gene therapy could be a future treatment strategy for laryngeal paralysis. Further studies will be necessary to demonstrate the safety of the vector clinical application. Ann Otol Rhinol Laryngol. 2007 Feb;116(2):115-22.


I sense another nomination for a Nobel prize in economics. Where will you put them all?


Mike said:

"It makes sense that we should go with the flow on things like gays in the military. Somehow I think that Boyscout leaders would still have to be hetero. (are there any hetero Scout leaders?) They could just leave the soap dishes on the floor."

I agree as to the military, though I have never served in the US military. The complaints about gays in the US military sound disturbingly similar to the complaints made about blacks in the military, before the US military became racially integrated. Our military professionals can and will act as professionals 99% of the time. Gays should not be punished or held back due to that 1% of jerks, any more than women, or blacks.

I disagree as to the Boy Scout leaders. I have substantial personal experience as a Boy Scout leader and as a Boy Scout (if anyone cares, I am also hetero).

Boy Scouts of America (BSA) made a serious, short-sighted mistake when they set their current policies regarding gays. Homosexuality is NOT the same as pedophilia, and statistics show that pedophilia is not any more common among homosexuals than among heterosexuals. Nevertheless, my son and I continue to participate in that organization. Even with its flaws, the program is still valuable.



A whole new meaning to the phrase "An Army on One".

Instead of joining the service, now they will be joining the "serviced".


Scott, thanks for a snort-coffee-out-the-nose funny post today! One thigh-slapper after another! You made my day; I hope our kudos to you fulfill yours.

Giles Bowkett

There was an all-gay elite unit in one particular city-state in Ancient Greece. I think it was Thrace. The elite unit was composed of pairs of lovers who fought as pairs, the theory being they would work harder to keep each other alive.


I came here just to see all the responses from military related people. For my surprise, I didn't see many. Or you're censoring them.

There's way too many tolerance in your country (which is good) or your car will explode tomorrow morning when you start it. Hopefully is the first one.

Marc T.

I think I've read every post on this blog. I enjoy your philosophical musings greatly but lately you've taken a real down turn with every other post sexual or something to do with bestiality.

I know it's not your mother's post but do we really need to go gutter diving?

Looking forward to a little more PG rated musings.

By the way there is a God and I have no idea to what extent our will is free other than to choose evil.

A dedicated and disappointed,



Ah, I remember my pre-IT days, when having hot women around the workplace was a real possibility (and in fact common). I don't miss much about those days, but I sure do miss the women. (my unwillingness to return to my former occupation in no way conflicts with your theory; it would be a lot more than a $1/hour pay cut)


I might enjoy this post if I knew what YOUR definition of "Boner" was.

TWO come to the top of my head:

BONER as in a big mistake.
BONER as in a hard-on.

I bet your's isn't either of these, is it.


Well, so far people have taken this post for what it is, HUMOUR. I do feel sorry for the guy who spewed his coffee all over his keyboard from laughing. It's embarrassing to go to the tech support people and explain.

I think you should come out with your own brand of keyboard cleaner, Scott. You create your own market!

And hilarity reigned.

shoe clerk

Personally I always had a thing for female legs and feet (don't know why. Started working in a local shoe store and it was great....

....Until you come across really old, 'Nora Batty' (From 'last of the summer wine', TV series) type women with bunions and can't reach their own shoes.

Really takes the shine of the fetish thing


I work in a university computer science department. I'm glad they pay me quite a lot.


This of course would work better if Cheney was President.
I'm sure it would be easier to convince the men to fight for Dick over Bush.

I crack myself up.



"Everyone in the Army will become gay. The Marines will get filled with the bullies from high school."

The marines are ALREADY filled with the bullies from high school (the gay ones, at least)

I know it sounds like I'm just making a crude slam against the USMC, but it's actually true. Closeted gay boys who can't accept their own sexuality frequently act "hyper masculine" as a way of denying the feelings they perceive as being effeminate. This generally translates to things like joining sports teams and bullying the weak. This does nothing, however, to get rid of their "gay feelings". Subsequently, in desperation, many of them will join the military, hoping the ultimate expression of masculinity, being a warrior, will "straighten" them out once and for all. Which service do they join then? The Navy? Certainly not! Air Force? Wimps! Army? Eh, maybe, but at that point most of them just go for the obvious: the USMC. They PRIDE themselves on being big, tough, manly men. Surely the Marine Corps will DRIVE the gayness from them completely! The Navy may have the reputation as the "most gay" service, but they only get the open ones. From what I've seen, the USMC gets all the screwed up closet cases.


" And then the Army can change their slogan from "Be all that you can be." to "The Army: We never leave our buddy's behind." "

You mean, from an "Army of One" ... check that, from "Army Strong"

Silly marketing people.


All gay military units are not a new idea, but an entire gay military...that would be something.


I think people have the wrong idea about gay men, I'd never go into the army just for cheap sex. Being in any kind of military is for people who are willing to maim, torture and kill others (innocent or not) for money.

There are lots of other ways to find hot young men :-p lots of "cowboys", construction workers, and other stereotypical hot sweaty muscular macho men are really pretty "interesting" once you get to know them, and in 1 one 1 situations ;-)

Although its not kiss and tell, that's how you get yer ass kicked.


sorry, what is a boner?


Funny... I've always found the Marines to be VERY accommodating :-)


Your idea of a “Rainbow Army” was already though of in the book A Confederacy of Dunces. A hilarious book if anyone hasn’t read it yet.

It makes you wonder what the future of military weapon advancement would entail:

Fuchsia Fatigues

The Fairy Phasor

The Tank-Top Tank



I DJ'd in an upscale strip bar for 4 years. I would have gladly done that job for nothing. I not only was guaranteed a boner a day but had the most steady sex I have ever had in my life. I sometimes fill in there now and again. It's like a fringe benefit.
It makes sense that we should go with the flow on things like gays in the military. Somehow I think that Boyscout leaders would still have to be hetero. (are there any hetero Scout leaders?) They could just leave the soap dishes on the floor. Doesn't it make sense that getting rid of sexual harassment laws would make the job scene much more enjoyable right? We could institute "sex breaks" instead of smoke breaks. Cause smoking sucks. But sex it GREAT!
I vote for that.


Reminds me of the Sacred Band of Thebes....

the real tony

Scott this comments collector is acting funny. Somehow I became "the drifter" when I'm not. still a great blog, tho.

Mike Clark

I used to work in a fish factory in Scotland, (where they make fish) I skinned the fish and my job title was 'boner!'

Funnily enough, skinning fish didn't give me one. I hope!

If all the guys in the army will be gay in the future who are they going to pick on?

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