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Kevin Kunreuther

Hmmmm, that's why one would hire young guys, because they're more inclined to be interested in getting a boner than getting paid a living wage? Sounds like one day I may be downsized in favor of a horny dumbass.


oh boy! It is in times like this I wish we were tought English slang in class...
Yes, I'm Spanish and i don't know what a boner is...
(but I can guess)


As a professional in the healthcare field I agree. Because I work with far, far too many 50+ nurses that remind me of my grandmother after a hard night gambling and smoking I require much higher pay than if I worked with a group of 20-something computer gaming programmer nymphomaniacs who enjoy Warhammer.

*sigh* Why did I leave that job....


Soldier: “No, but thank goodness the guy who shared my tent was.”

LOL!!! :-D


That is why I enjoy my job as a massage therapist, I only do woman, they are usually very hot and they tend to moan a lot when I touch them....priceless.

Tan G


I can anticipate the avalanche of flak you are going to get for this one:)

It's a funny post but does assume that all men (gay or not) just want sex 24/7.... That can't be true can it? ;)

Brett Gibson

I would have thought submariners would be the first career to run a surplus in wage revenue - stuck in a phallic shaped tube with other men who were drawn to it (many without even thinking too hard about why).


Well... you've made me smile and that's a good enough reason to thank you. I look forward to reading more.

jerry w

I asked them how much they were going to pay me,

They said, "We'll pay you what you're worth".

I said, "I will not work that cheap".

Then they said "All you have to do is get that dead deer out of the ditch".

I'd explain further, but I need to have the doctor look at these antler scratches on my ass.

CatLand Creator

Man, that was waaay too funny. However, I have a question. Is this a real theory?


Ooh...I can hear the insane military supporters already..."STOP SAYING THAT OUR MILITARY PERSONNEL ARE GAY!" Don't worry though, I'm not one of them. And yes, I would take a $1/hr pay cut if I was working with a woman that was so hot that I had a boner every day.

LA Clay

You said boner.

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