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Backpacking on Little Money

In China you can pay like a dime to this guy with a Bronze Age pull-cart, and he can pull-cart you around town all day. For an extra dime, he'll even say, "Too Frickin' Cool, Dude!"

Backpacking on Little Money


I’d prefer reading in my native language, because my knowledge of your languange is no so well. But it was interesting!


Google is awesome google earth is pretty cool.


A lot of usefull info . Thanks


A lot of usefull info . Thanks


Search for in all major search engines simultaneously on the site
Simultaneous search on Google, Yahoo and MSN Live Search.



Search for in all major search engines simultaneously on the site
Simultaneous search on Google, Yahoo and MSN Live Search.



Search for in all major search engines simultaneously on the site
Simultaneous search on Google, Yahoo and MSN Live Search.



Search for in all major search engines simultaneously on the site
Simultaneous search on Google, Yahoo and MSN Live Search.



At my college, I can have the washer and dryer text me when my laundry's done. w00t!

Kevin Hicks

Okay, I get up in the morning, put on my shorts and running shoes, and strap a small device that LOOKS like a watch to my wrist. I go outside, and in a couple of minutes the device locks onto GPS satellites. Then I can go for my run, and the watch will tell me my current pace, elapsed time, and distance covered, as well as elevation changes, and whether I am ahead of or behind my planned pace.

Then I can boot up my iMac and tell you more than you would ever want to know about it...


Dude, why do you holster your mobile device to your left pockets? Mobile devices are supposed to be held in ones right pocket? Or are you a lefty (If so, is it true that being left handed is a cause of brain dysfunction)?

Thanks for the blog, comics and books!



In New Zealand you can order subway with a text message. Just type a big long string of characters representing what you want and send it to your local branch.

You then wait five minutes, walk into the shop, past that big queue of 20 people and straight up to the counter where they give you your sandwich. You pay and then walk out again back past the 20 schmucks who stood in line.



Why stick to technology?

I can manipulate irrational numbers. People were stoned to death for suggesting they exist. I can manipulate non-Euclidean geometries. People spend millenia trying to prove they don't exist. I can draw fractals and space-filling curves in seconds by computer. Even the open-minded guys 100 years ago felt the world was at an end when Weirstrauss drew the first everywhere continuous, nowhere differentiable function.

Okay, nobody outside math would appreciate that. So, look up a fractal zoom video on YouTube, and try to imagine drawing that with a ruler and compass. Yeah. Pretty fricken cool.


I work at Shaw cable probably the second largest cable company in Canada. There's is so much technology here that it blows my mind sometimes.

With all that said - it's a program that was made in the 80's that makes me say: “too frickin’ cool.” Using this program we can shut off and control certain aspects of the cust cable box - even control what the customer can watch - if we want. No that pretty frickin' cool.


'Acoustics' I’ve understood this term quite late … all the while I was thinking acoustics is a design to enable clear transmission of sound … now that could be a problem

In the new office that we have moved, acoustics has done the damage … I mean the architect has been excellent … to a level more than required for such a building. The kind of acoustics that this building is equipped with is designed for Space shuttles, Echo chambers etc.

Recently I’ve had a meeting in one corner of the office …. The acoustics are so excellent that everyone on the floor has heard all what was discussed. In-fact if you would want to call the whole floor for a meeting… its easier to go to the conference room and call aloud … mails n phones are things from the past.

Forecasting this … I suggest that the management provides all the associates with Ear plugs and makes in compulsory for everyone to wear it all day at work so that you don’t listed to something that you are not supposed to hear. Only when you are authorised by the management can one remove the earplugs and listen what happening.

I’ve personally decided to be dumb .. anyway it helps me conserve energy further !!

Donovan Young

While perusing one of the many infosnippets which arrived in my RSS aggregator the other day I ran across something so fantastically cool I just had to share it.

I grew up in the 70's and 80's and like so many other good little geeklings at the time I must have seen the original Star Wars at least thirty or forty thousand times. At least. Any stick I happened across (broomsticks, twigs, my brother's clarinet) morphed in my hands and I became a light saber wielding Jedi Knight like 'ol "Obi Wan" and Luke and, yes, even Darth. I wanted one so bad my hair hurt.

Fast forward to today. The new Apple Macbooks have a motion sensor in them which is used to detect when the laptop is moved for any number of really strange reasons. Seriously, I've had a laptop for many many years and can't remember even one time saying to myself, "gee, I wish my laptop knew it was moving", but I digress.

Anyway, someone finally figured out a truly useful purpose for that motion sensor and wrote an application which mimics the sounds those totally awesome light sabers made whenever your laptop is moved! Now I can wave my Light Saber, uh I mean laptop, around and pretend to be battling the forces of the dark side WHILE I'm reading the infosnippets which constantly harass my RSS reader!

I mean, seriously, how frickin' cool is that?!?

Tony Baloney

Okay, here goes.........

I work for an ATM network. BIG DEAL, right? However.......

While I realize that withdrawing money from your bank account through any one of a gazillion machines located practically everywhere in the civilized world at almost any time of day doesn't seem all that special nowadays, my career in banking started almost 30 years ago. When there were no ATMs.

The only way to get your cash back then was to show up at a bank branch sometime between 9am and 3pm, Monday through Friday, to cash your paycheck. (This was before we created direct deposit as well) Otherwise, if you needed money, you were S-O-L.

I was there and played a small part in a major change in the way society operates. I think that's pretty freakin' cool.

arindam giri


I jus love my wireless internet through my cell phone(though dialup n bit slow), but still it browsing web pages anywhere I go in the state from any remote place - provided that you gotta have some signal-bars in cell.

Thts freakin cool.

evden eve nakliyat

very very nice.thanks alll people nice and good works


My story is kinda strange. I received an unexpected email from Germany late last year. The writer had discovered something I had written 7 years ago , and put on an old blog about 3 years ago, describing my visit to the Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp. I was twenty at the time, and the visit opened a world of horror to me that I had not previously known. As I look back now, the story I wrote and forgot about seems melodramatic, but the email message I received in return was something else. It really got me how something lost so long ago could be found, and come back to me.

The letter can be read here -



I love vinyl records.

I did a lot of home bedroom DJ-ing in the 80s.

Back then records were expensive, so I dreamt of
a pair of golden records that would magically change
to play any tune I want.

The years went and mp3 arrived.

Then over 10 years later somebody invented groove timecode records which contain only timecode messages. You connect the turntable to the laptop soundcard and this to the hifi. Select the song on the laptop, put the needle on the record and the magic disc plays this song. You can scratch, play the record backwards, speed it up, slow it down, anything. It behaves like that magic golden disc from my dreams with the only exception of not beeing gold.

This is the perfect example of cool (and useless) at the same time.


The fact that your blog entry here just uncovered some of the coolest new technologies and online social trends in one go. How frickin' cool is that!


I'm absolutely mad about a technology called Holosync ( It mechanically puts your brain into the frequencies meditating monks hit (without the years of sitting on the floor like a pretzel). Doesn't even matter if you can't keep from thinking. All the mental and physical health bennies without the frustration. How frickin' cool is that!?!?


Edit: Find.
I don't have to scan documents, or webpages; the computer does it for me.
I've got a new Portable Media Player that I can download tv, movies, music and photos to with 30Gigs. I can watch a movie while it downloads a show I'm missing on tv and I can watch it the next day on the train. And if it's really good, I can send it back to my tv and watch it on the big screen (ok, I've only got 27", but you get the picture) Too frickin' cool.

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