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That is hilarious; you are kibozing* the entire web.

* /

Joe Frickin

I signed up for Google's free service, Google Alerts. It sends me an e-mail any time my keyword newly appears on the Internet. My keyword is my name "Frickin". Now, I usually have my Blackberry 8700 in my pocket. So check this out…

Any time anyone sits at his Dad's computer and blogs about me, Google finds it, and sends that link directly to my left front pocket. I reach in, pull out the Blackberry, click the link, and the blog opens. Unfortunately, thanks to your column my Blackberry has been going nuts for the last week. How fricken annoying is that!

Oops. Hang on, be right back, my Blackberry just sent me a message.

Evelyn Saungikar

I'm studying Mandarin Chinese with a tutor actually in Beijing, using VOIP. It's great because of the time difference; I only have time after 10 pm at night, which is the middle of the day there. I get private instruction at 1/2 the cost of university tuition.

I can scan my written homework and e-mail it; the tutor can then discuss my mistakes in real-time.

How frickin' cool is that?


This morning I woke up, laid around my house drinking coffee for a few hours, and then "went to work" simply by checking my email. I finished a quick programming job for a client in California, and then a conference call with a company in Chicago. No office politics, no pointy-haired boss, no cubicle.

I was done by 4:00 pm. Now I get to sit here reading a Dilbert blog while sipping water beside the pool and enjoy a 73* sunny afternoon while my would-be co-workers sit under flourescent lights waiting to drive home.

How freakin' cool is that?

God bless the Internet. RAmen.

Anon Y. Mous

This is useful to know. Now whenever I see a blog post that I think you should read (for your own good, you know), I can just leave a comment and stick the word Dilbert in there some where.

Let your education commence.


My brothwer and I were travelling with our parents in California last year. My parents will only eat vegetarian.We never bothered with travelling guides. Wherever we were my brother would call my sis -in law in NJ and she would tell us the name and address of the nearest Indian restaurant from Google.

How frickin' cool is that


I took my Cell Phone with me this week to Orlando, on a short trip where I was supposed to be working on a software release, but my wife was going there on business and needed some tech support. So, I set up my regular little walkman phone to do Windows Messenger, read my work e-mail, and have Google Maps on it, with unlimited use of all of that for 10 bucks. So while I was at SeaWorld riding a roller coaster, I could check in with my co-workers to make sure nothing was too broken, I could check my e-mail to see if they sent me any bugs that weren't really mine, and I could look on google maps to figure out where the airport was, all on a tiny little 128x160 screen. Too frickin' cool. Oh, and I hooked up my laptop to keep up with my blog, linked below.


Just yesterday, I was looking at the pyramids, the Eiffel Tower, the Forbidden City, and finding an apartment to rent for the month of October, in Prague. I love Google Earth.


I can be taken up in a helicopter to the top of a glacier which would be near impossible for me to climb. I can strap into a snowboard and begin snowboarding from the top of this glacier at speeds up to 40mph. I can do all that being blind as I have a little wireless ear piece in my ear in which I can hear the voice of my guide who is 20 feet behind me informing me of the dangerous crevasses and cliffs to avoid. I think that is too Fricken cool dude, I mean seriously, website to prove it:


seriously dude - you have way to much time on your hands if you look at your blackberry sends you a message from a kid in India...


A few months ago I matched our geneology chart against a listing in a Louisiana militia roster and found that my great-great-great grandfather, his four brothers, and a first cousin joined pirates, Chickasaw Indians, and freed blacks to whip the tar out of the Redcoats at the Battle of New Orleans.

That was the first any of us ever knew about it and it would have been lost to history if it weren't for Google.

Oh, and I have a GE refrigerator circa 1955 that still works, and hasn't seen a repairman in probably 20 years, if ever.

John A. Robb

I'm not sure if this is the current state of affairs but a while back I used PGP encryption software. During the install it listed a number of countries that I wasn't supposed to export the software to because the software was a "restricted munition". That's the one and only time I've used software that was a 'munition'. I thought that was pretty frickin' cool.


I'm amused by how the instruction was to include some or all of the following words:

Seriously. Dude. How frickin’ cool is that?

and at how high the fraction of people who can't copy the spelling of "frickin'" is.

So I guess I'd be pointing towards Spell Check as a technology, but as an editor, I have to say, Spell Check sucks. It's okay when applied intelligently but it's no substitute for intelligence AND integrity (and clearly, people who can't copy "frickin'" don't care about spelling or communication integrity, so the Microsoft product will not do them any good anyway).

Go ahead, call me A. R. But I get paid to be that way.

Best old-fashioned technology for any writer: a human editor. We think, we feel, we process, we've got Attitude, and we talk and type, too. How frickin' cool is that? Seriously, dude. It's cool.



Go you!

I have a webpage dedicated to you. Go to:

Thanks, and EMAIL ME!!! (at

As for tecnology...
Google Earth is awesome! I can be in another state, boot up my laptop, and say "I can see my house from here!"


Quote: I just signed up for GMail when I purchased an item from someone on the internet. In one e-mail he said he would ship the item Fed-Ex overnight. Then in a e-mail two days later he sent the tracking number, with no mention of Fed-Ex, or even that it was a shipment. Just "Here is your tracking number". As I was reading the second e-mail, low and behold, what to I see in the side-menu. A link to Fede-Ex tracking for my item. GMail took 'Fed-Ex' from 1 e-mail and the tracking number from another, combined them and gave me a direct link.

Ben, Google recognizes Fed-Ex numbers when you search on them, or in GMail (and probably other places) automatically. It didn't "combine" the information from the two emails, just guessed that a number string meeting certain specs was a particular type of number.

It's still pretty frickin cool.


I drove up to a parking garage, got out, and the car was parked automatically. I didn't have to worry about valets, dings, scratches, maneuvering into a tight parking spot, or getting dizzy on the outgoing ramp. Just walk in, swipe a card, and walk away - the robot does the rest.

How frickin' cool is that!


I have a car it holds all my fishing, Hiking Camping gear it also has a radio cd player a cigarette lighter and most importantly a roof, In this car I can travel well over 200 miles a day and not get wet even when its raining
I can also sleep in it and it has a heater. I go where I want to go when i want to go.
How fricken cool is that


My moment was the other day. It's probably not the best technology, but I'm totally in love with it.

Google SMS. (It's kinda interesting how many times Google comes up). I found it the other day. It's basically a search engine beta for your cell phone. You simply text what you're looking for, along with a simple keyword for certain types of searches, and within seconds you get a text back with your results. I've been texting it with any little fun thing I can think of.

It's great for finding bussiness addresses and phone numbers. Gives you driving directions. Movie showtimes. Basically, a lot. One of my favorite features is the area code lookup. I don't know how often we get telemarketers calling from various places across North America and get stumped by the area code the number is coming from. Normally by the time I'd get to my computer I forget to check it up. Now all I do is type the area code and press send. Taa-daa. It texts me back with the exact locations it's used in. Simple as that!

It even does language translations and conversions and such.

How fricken cool is that?

Rob Swan

I just got a GPS dongle for my mobile phone. It tells me exactly where I am. Using satellites. In space. It talks to satellites in space. I mean... how frikkin' cool is that?!


For me, I think the "too cool" factor is always things that I never expected; google and wikipedia are great, but my expectation for what computers would one day do were pretty high.

DVDs are too cool. I love everything about them, from their compact size to the many special features that come on most disks. (I love commentary tracks especially).

Laser printers are too cool. Yeah they've been around for quite awhile, but I never thought I'd own one.

Big TVs are cool. When I stop to think about it, it blows me away that the TV I own is considered small; it has so much more screen that the TV we had when I was a kid (which was a big set for its time).

David Martin

Call me easily impressed, but I've been using Vonage's VOIP service for the last 3 years, and here's the coolest thing about it.

You can take the adapter box anywhere in the world and use it wherever you can find a broadband Internet connection with a standard phone (unlike Skype). "Broadband" is a pretty liberal term -- I currently have a 256/128 connection in Bangkok and it works perfectly well. So I still have my number in the US, I still have up to 500 minutes of free calling (or whatever you signed up for), and the quality is generally very good.

They've reduced the size of the adapter box to slightly larger than a pack of cigarettes and it's very light, so it's not problematic to carry arround.


Biofeedback computer games. Particularly the Wild Divine. It's sounds new agey. And it is pretty darn new agey, but the technology is too frickin' cool! You put these sensors on your fingers, and then follow along the Myst-like looking computer game, and you do stuff with you mind and body that changes the game. For instance, you blow on the screen at a picture of a pinwheel, and the pinwheel spins. Too frickin' cool! If you are a smoker (unike myself) you will cough while you are blowing on the picture of the pinwheel, and it will spin like crazy!

Watching silly characters and objects move around just because you're thinking about something, or breathing in a certain way, is seriously too frickin' cool.

The added bonus is that you are so busy playing with this stuff, you don't realize how healthy you're getting, because the game is designed to train you to be able lower your heart rate and put your heart into certain rhytms that are supposedly really good for you. Sort of like meditation without most of the boring stuff.


i will frequently be chatting on yahoo messenger, on my laptop, while the baby falls asleep in my lap. it's a little harder to type around the baby, but this is the sacrifice we make in the modern age for togetherness.

so because my arms are still at work, the baby settles himself into my lap like i'm a soft, pre-heated Baby Barcalounger. i have the webcam on, so it feels like i'm not across the country from my favorite cousin, who i love. he's facing away from me, so i can't see for myself when he's fallen asleep and i can roll him into a more comfy situation on the sofa beside me. i ask my cousin, who's looking at us both in the webcam. 'excuse me, cousin who is 3,000 miles away - is the baby in my lap asleep yet? i'd like to lay him down before i develop carpal tunnel,' and she'll say, 'oh yeah - totally zonked,' or 'not yet - but that was a lonnnng blink...' and then i'm informed.

three cheers for technology!

i also hear emails ping my cell phone when i've set the laptop down, so i'm not wasting my time turning it on if there's nothing to check. especially if i'm waiting for something important, *and* there's a sleeping baby. no point disturbing a sleeping baby for nothing, you know.


Wo-hooo, that one's easy. My favorite too-frickin-cool technology is Skype. I love that you can purchase a phone number from basically anywhere in the world and it rings in your computer. I live in New York and my family lives in Rio de Janeiro, so that's already pretty convenient.

The next layer is their forwarding, which means that whoever calls that number in Rio is actually calling my cell phone here.

But few people actually know that number, they know my cell number in Rio. Which is off all the time now, but then you add a third layer - I set my brazilian cell phone to forward calls to my Skype number.

So when that friend I haven't spoken to in years calls my old cell phone number that he still has, his call is forwarded to my skype number, which rings in my computer, but I'm not there so it forwards again to my cell phone and I can pick up, say, on top of the Empire State building. Seriously, dude. This exact thing has happened. And all for a couple of cents a minute. Old telephone systems are dead.


Couldnt he of just sent you an E-mail? its not like you dont have an E-mail address!

he he

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