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prefabrik yapi

Nice blog.Thanks


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Mr. Adams, I did a feature on this HILARIOUS story at my place, which was then picked up by Mike's Blog Roundup on Crooks & Liars.
It's the "Chair Butt" fiasco.


Very interesting stuff... and as for the comment about a "Dilbert Uncut" book, I'm all for it. I've been saving every "uncensored" Dilbert comic since... *checks archive* ...well actually I just have a whole bunch from 1992 to the present, including some from 1997, 1999 and 2000.

I'm sure there's been MANY, MANY more that I don't know about, and I would absolutely LOVE to see a "Dilbert Uncut" - fully uncensored, featuring all of your comments and alternate versions (kind of like you've been doing in the blog!)

I enjoy seeing older alternate and uncensored versions. And I'm glad they are finally surfacing - it makes the mystique of Dilbert all the more exciting!

Free William

I can see a "Dilbert Uncut" book in the offing...


Scott, you still are entitled to a last laugh, cause in both the strips, she seems to be riding a huge 2-d phallus. What gave it away? the two small round balls at the left end.

If this interpretation looks like a work of a dirty mind, thats spot on - otherwise why would I be reading this blog?


I had to laugh when reading this
Your humor cracks me up!
I laughed so hard I had to pis*
- Docs nose inside her butt!

So keep the humor flowing, please
For those of us who care
Who read your wit and are so teased
With butts formed by a chair


Scott Man,
It must be hard being a Cartoonist in America.

Peace Bro



Does your editing company know the last image is really the most provocative? That's the only one in which he looks actually able to get his cock in her. I wouldn't want to try the first one; you'd have to be on the table too and with her that close to the edge you'd probably fall on your ass. But standing on the ground, leaning forward... yeah, that's probably just about right.

Nuts, these are moderated. Well, edit this so it gets posted.


So the solution for future strips should be obvious to all, yes?

Scott, it's simple. Make two copies of every strip...the first one with every character placement as suggestive and evocative as possible...the second copy is your "proper" strip. Submit the first one first, and they'll happily take the second without question.

Unless they read this. Damn.


oh my god that second pic was hilarious! way to stick it to the man. that looked a lot more medical than the first LMAO!


It might be interesting to install a camera in your editor's office.


That dog is wearing glasses.


I dont think thats offensive at all.
Not too many people read the comics nowadays
beause syndicates are not accepting new characters anymore
Isn't this hurting the industry?
I guess they'd rather reprint old ones to be safe.


So they were okay with her hairstyle looking like a big nipple on top of her head? Just curious! ;)


So they were okay with her hairstyle looking like a big nipple on top of her head? Just curious! ;)

Roger Hannah

A prime example of American syndicated comic having very little to do with humor is Dennis the Menace. The original Scottish strip had Dennis being a manace. He'd practically set mr. Wilson on fire to watch him die. He even looks like he's just been released from a juvenile detention facility. Dennis the Menace here isn't menacing. he's cute and adorable, and makes for an unappealing character.

It's no wonder they don't like chair butt. I wonder if you've ever been asked to make sure your characters aren't anatomically correct underneath the clothes they wear in your drawings.

Farker number 4

Wait... newspapers still have a "comics" section? I, like most people, stopped looking for that section around 12 years ago.


Version B should go on the t-shirt.


And this is what's wrong with print comics today. Also, why I haven't read anything in print in years. I'm a much bigger fan of Overcompensating, or Penny Arcade than anything in print. Even Desiel Sweeties has a very hard time producing print comics that are up to the standard of the web-released versions.


This reminds me of that time in 1988 when they wouldn't print the 'Family Circus' cause it contained a nip slip.


It's good to know that editors are there for a reason.


That second version is a very accurate depiction of your editors.



I'm reading some of these comments here and it seems to me your fans are mostly idiots. I wonder if they even understand the content in your stips or if they simply smile at the pictures and think to themselves "That dog is wearing glasses."

Anyway, keep up the good work, yours is the last of the great strips.


Can the post by "me", second from the top, LEARN HOW TO SPELL.

it's Common Sense not Sence... Idiot.. here's the link for your edumacation..

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