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Ah! Another grandious American scheme


Scott, are you sure about that "Venutians" name? Darn, I thought it was Venerians. You know, they get sick from that hot, thick atmosphere and get venereal disease. Or maybe it was Venetians. I hear that venetian go blind. Or something like that. I can't bother to look it up.

Joy Forever

I couldn't read through all the comments to find out if this has already been said... but suppose we manage to seed life on Gliese-whatever, then millions of years down the line they will find out Earth through their technology and may name it something like Froam 420 Q.

Maybe their's intelligent(?) life there and they have already done it!


If they can make "THX 1138", why not “Escape From Gliese 581 C?”. Although some induhviduals might think it is a metric version of "Fahrenheit 451".


Yes we have the technology.

No we don't have the technology to make a feasible attempt... it might very well bankrupt us.

If we have a hyperdrive- well its still a lot further than mars but then sure.

DL From Heidelberg

Believe Skype is already taken; VOIP.


What are we going to do with other planets(Mars, Moon[s], asteroids...), anyway?


Nice, can't wait to get there.


I can imagine some people thinking, "Ooh yeah! Another planet to kill!" Then maybe they would go off to Gliese and finally leave the Earth alone.


I think that Gliese 581 C send their convicts to earth long long ago. Basically the same way we started Australia.

Trust a South African to take every opportunity to get one over the Aussies...

National sports on Gliese 581 C:

Oh yes, you asked 2 questions: maybe.

Ajay Mishra

The fucking Scientists. Someone needs to probe who seeded :

A: Dick Cheney

B: Al Gore ( sorry, internet)

Scientists dont get laid.. no wonder ( its past 60s anyway). I do think that their close cousins [Scientologists - those who dont need drugs] do get laid. They have a better name - Theton.. or whatnot..


Ooh, Scott, I know it's not your fault but I suspect you have rather more pull at Typepad than I do. They really need to check their scripts out, I was credited for a post by someone who spelt Iraqi with a k. This hurts me in the collection of electricity and chemicals in my head that is doing such a solid job of convincing seventh day adventists that I have a soul to save.


Well, no-ones been there or seen it yet, it might be quite a shithole. In fact the current name may be too grand for it, although I agree we shouldn't unnecessarily upset the local residents by pre-empting it's shittieness in case they got something nice we want or they need a nice friendly regime change.


Umm, necessarily incomplete evidence Anri. Or else it's not a hypothesis, it's a fact. And one needs very few facts and incredibly weak evidence to create a hypothesis, just look at all the creationists.


The only problem with this planet is that it appears to reside in the "Goldilocks zone" - the only life that could be successfully seeded there would be talking bears.


How about Elbow-Nyah (get it???)

Bad jokes- never apologize , never explain (courtesy- Dogbert)


Thanks for pointing out the work of Burkhard Heim.
Never heard of him before this.
Interesting stuff.
Your work is done.


The new planet should be called ben and bob's discount donkey-o-rama, if for no other reason than it sounds funny.

Kalle Mero

"...can evolve into zebras and Creationists over time."
You crack me up!


Hahaha, nice try, but imho IDers don't believe what they believe based on reason, they choose whatever reason that can make up with what they want, hehe ... yes ... they are like lawers (i know, nothing new).
I agree that the planet thing is more a media exageration than anything else, as ussual, so to choose a unique, nice name (or alias) is a great idea, hehe, any name used on SF would do, like Corelly, Trantor, Tatooine ... not that one, that is for a planet in the Alpha Centauri system ... hehehe.

Kevin Kunreuther

As much as I can understand the hyperdrive principal (not the Star Trek version), we will be able to travel great distances at great speeds without fuel, just build machines that manipulate all the different forces at work in universe. I may or may not have missed this, but does the ability to travel in hyperspace as described by Heim, (my understanding of German is very minimal, though some Babelfish translator engines help a little) circumnavigate the problem of the closer you travel to light speed, time slows down for you?If not, a round trip excursion to and from Mars spent at a luxurious two days in your personal time, may find on your return that anywhere from six to ten years have passed on Earth. Hoping that a capitalist civilastion continues with no major downturns, you could make a few shrewd safe minimal investments, take a five light year trip around the galaxy, return to Earth to a fat ripe nest egg - or at least pay for the trip in space!

Gerard McGarry

Hey Scott - My mother is Gliese 581 Csian. How dare you!!! (shakes fist)


Here's a thought, although highly unlikely to be original. We could build a big spaceship to house 100 families and send it off to Gliese 581 C (well obviously we couldn't, but humour me). With our technology the ship would take several hundred years to get there, so many generations of families would pass on the ship before they arrived.

Now during that time, what with the rate of technological advance on Earth, we will have invented black hole transporters. I imagine they will be roughly the size of a Mr Coffee drip coffeemaker, and possibly a little cheaper. The thing is, the people back on Earth would have long ago transported themselves to Gliese 581 C and by the time the spaceship arrives there will be a Starbucks on every other corner - and the people of Gliese 581 C will say to the spaceship people, "well where the hell have you been".

So my point is, there really is no reason to jump in a spaceship and head off to another planet because by the time you get there someone will have beaten you there and you'll just feel silly.


Okay, here's what we do:

Stick L. Ron Hubbard's DNA in a vial, shoot it off to Glisbik (Well done, MattyD) so that it crashlands in a swamp and mixes with all the bacteria and evolves into lifeforms that will eventually become archaeologists who uncover the evidence of the crashed spaceship many millenium later, come up with the totally plausible theory of their own flying-saucer ancestry and finally give Scientologists a legitimate reason to exist.

imponderable amanda

not that anyone will actually read this because of the 5 million other comments. the coolest name is and always will be "RATHE"! or "THERA". does anyone read "books" anymore?

ha ha jk, i do!

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