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D. Mented

Certain West African tribes have a ceremony known as "dundunba"
It is done when two men can't resolve theri differences non-violently and the elders think they may divide the tribe into supporters of one or the other.
It requires
The two men
A bunch of drummers
A big stick
The drummers start up a (really cheerful, bouncy) beat
The two men take turns whacking eachother on the back with the big stick until one of them says he's had enough.
Problem solved.
Our government should do this instead of declaring war ...I believe if we put Bush Vs. Bin Laden in dundunba (or Saddam )on pay-per-view we could clear off the national debt, (and it would be somewhat cheaper to run than the current war.)
If we could get Bush, Cheney, or any member of congress vs.Anybody from France, we could fund Social Security for the next ten generations.
And We think of the rural Africans as uncivillized.
D. Mented


Government is so 20th century. I am a big capitalist but sometimes the drive to make things private has immense lobbying power to make government inefficient on purpose.


I don't have much to add to this except: this is the best damn thing I've read all year. Keep it up.

Jason Allen

You forgot the two main things the government is good at no matter which site is in control: needlessly giving tax dollars to corporations (in tax breaks and free cash) and corruption. Unfortunately, our government is a reflection of prevailing culture in America. We're reliving the fall of the Roman Republic. I'm pretty sure that if a Republican wins the Presidency in 2008, his inaugural speech will begin "Friends, Americans, countrymen, lend me your ears! I come to bury Bush, not praise him..."

George Gooney

i read its really a bitch to make u235


[According to the constitution the three branches of government are equal, they have checks and balances to each other so that in theory no one branch is more powerful than the other. You even pointed out the checks and balances except you got one point wrong. The Congress cannot "change" the constitution to say whatever they want, they can make amendments to "clarify" the interpretation of the constitution, the Judicial branch then has the right to tell congress that their amendment is unconstitutional and needs to either be rewritten or repealed. --the dude]

I'm sorry, but you have the amendment part wrong: the the supreme court has no power over amendments. They can't strike any one down, and the amendment does infact become part of the constitution. The check on this power however is that the state legislatures (or on one rare occasion, special state conventions) must ratify said amendment with 3/4 of the states agreeing. The special conventions are always allowed, just have only been used once. It is even possible for 2/3 of the states themselves to propose an amendment for ratification - by no action of the federal legislature-, though this has never been done.

In any case, the supreme court CANNOT repeal these amendments and acctualy must consider them part of the constitution all the time, but most especialy when exercising judicial review (when they call the actions of other branches unconstitutional).

For proof that amendments aren't just clarifying language, all you have to so is read them. Some remove entire sections of the constitution and rewrite them in a completely different way. Amendment XVI is a great example:

"The Congress shall have power to lay and collect taxes on incomes, from whatever source derived, without apportionment among the several states, and without regard to any census or enumeration. " (income taxes)

heres what the constitution used to say:

"No capitation, or other direct, tax shall be laid, unless in proportion to the census or enumeration herein before directed to be taken. "

anyway, I just wanted to clear that up, Oh and here is the cornell law school site I found those 2 quotations on:

Sorry if there are any spelling errors: Bad spellers of the world untie!


~~~~~~~~Hey Aussies - you have good weather and speak English, have you got a government that you're not embarrassed about? If so, I think there are few hundred million American's who might want to immigrate.~~~~~~~~~

Unforunately at the moment we have a Prime minister who thinks the US foreign pollicy (bleh can't spell) is the way to go. Although we are having a federal election later this year


I refuse to read through the 105 comments posted thus far, so my apologies if this has already been mentioned:

Duh Scott, you can have your own government. Hell, you can even have your own country! Ever here of Based off of Max Barry's book, Jennifer Government? (You'd probably really enjoy that book if you haven't read it already. And if you did read it already, well, my guess is that you really enjoyed it. Yes? Yes.) Anyway, go check out the website. I see you creating an outwardly libertarian government that is secretly ruled by a lemon-eating, backwards-shirt-wearing tyrant (you).



Not only a field of rakes to get to work, but once there the capital building floorspace is completly filled ,wall to wall, with set mouse traps.That would sure slow down the work ethic there(ie,save some tax money by doing nothing),and shame the first senator that showed up to work early.

Steve Ferry

You could just shave a chimp and dress it in a suit. Sit it behind a desk in the oval office and tell it to go ook if anyone asks it a question. Oh wait a minute, you already did that. I'm out of ideas


Many years ago, the United States had a government that did impressive things such as winning wars, spreading democracy" I can't think of a war the US won on its own. I don't recall any sort of democracy they spread either. I remember many democracies they destroyed (think Chile or Nicaragua) and I know they aided lot of fascist dictators and generally brought death destruction and torture to many poor countries.


sorry, would you please remove the link
though i liked two jokes in it, others are kinda too spiteful
coz i like humor for purely humor sake
and don't care much about american politics or politicians
thank you

and when everybody spits on somebody my first impulse is to side with the weaker side
though i can change my mind after second thought
bush jr i think can't be that bad person if women surrounding him are these nice people - barbara bush, laura bush, condoleeza rice

Billy B

I want a monarchy, fuck democracy and the illusion of freewill.
Billy B


While I agree with you, I do take exception to one line,
“Democrats are poised for a big win during the next election based on their excellent track record of doing nothing for years”
What would you have us do? We had no power, no voice and nobody was listening to us anyway!
You folks who are now so outraged at the state of our country and our government did nothing when Bush threw all of our people out of positions of authority, you did nothing when the media ignored and belittled our positions on issues and you stood by as the republican slime machine dragged our political leaders threw the mud.
Democrats did not hold power in any branch of government and were excluded from participating in the political process by the republican majority.
You may call this wining or passing the buck but I call it reality. Time and again Democratic leaders would take stands against Bush only to be attacked and marginalized. After the attacks of 911 you all wanted blood and you didn’t much care who’s it was, any democrat who went against the will of the people at that point would have been strung up by their thumbs, even so, some did stand up and as the American bloodlust ebbs more and more are coming out of there fox holes to stand up and be heard.
Yes, we did nothing for years, but you are the folks who made that decision for us.
Our message has not changed the only difference is people can hear us once again.


Maybe the Democrats would have accomplished something if the Republican Congress had allowed them to bring a SINGLE one of their bills to a vote these past few years.


I have the feeling if we didn't have a government, we'd be run by a religion. I'll take my chances with government, personally.

jerry w

It's really sad that all the politicos ever will care about is being elected (or re-elected), none seem to have the balls (or female equivalent) to stand up and speak the truth: "It's all been lies, from day 1 of the Bush theft of the office of president, IMPEACH that bastard before what's left of the Constitution goes out the window."

If just one person running would say that and then simply ask the voters to look at the facts (yes, I know about "facts" from previous blogs) and make a decision on how they will vote based on what they will see.

I agree with previous posts that there is for the most part no difference between a republican or a democrat. Simple research would show that the big money interests had gamed the system years ago so no third party could ever be a viable choice. The "electoral college", the existance of which is something harder to justify than daylight savings time, really seals the deal air-tight.

Being old enough to remember that this once was a great country, this ongoing downhill slide is terrible to watch. Much in the way that younger people don't know what it was like when gas was selling at .26 a gallon, they also don't know how good it could be here, and assume that this ongoing loss of privacy and so many other basic dignitys is normal.


It's those same-sex people. They get into the military and make it less effective. If it weren't for them lowering morale, we'd have this war won already and Iraq would be a flourishing democracy and would be cloning and incubating thousands of copies of our founding fathers (Lincoln, Adams, Paine, etc) in giant democracy farms, preparing a new army of AK-47 toting Freedom Fighters to spread democracy to the rest of the middle east with macho macho gusto and flair! (And all without using stem cells too, in case you're wondering.)

I don't think that we need a new plan to win the war. We just need to execute the plan we already have. You know it - it's the same plan that got Bush elected in the first place. It goes by many names, such as "family values." It's really a simple plan! It's an awesome plan. It works for everything! It works for providing health care to everyone who needs it. It works for winning random unnecessary and pointless wars. It can even fix any problems a country might have with the education system, or even traffic control problems or even potholes in the streets... So the next time you're wondering who to vote for, remember the plan, and be sure to vote for not ONLY whoever you think will *support* the plan, but ALSO vote for someone who will do a better job than Bush of *executing* the plan! We don't need another politician who is all "blah blah blah" like Bush. We need someone who will actually take action on his pre-election promises.

For those of you who may have forgotten, it's a simple three step plan:

Step 1 : Don't allow gay people to get married.

Step 3 : Profit!

Robert Hamilton

I'm sorry Scott, but as someone who does not even have enough courage to vote, you have no right to complain. Not even the first amendment right of free speech. That should be amennded to read, FOR VOTERS ONLY:

Non voters should legally be considered second class citizens. They are to me. Being a taxpayer is not a sufficient excuse as that is done just to stay out of jail. Not that I disagree with what you said. I agree 100 percent. Bush is clearly a war criminal. But he had 60 million accessories to the crime in the form of non voters. As for the people that voted for him, at least they tried. Don't you get it Scott?(sob)Don't you GET IT MAN? You're so well balanced in most areas of your life, but somehow got too smart to vote and too smart to believe in God. I still love you and all. You're a notional treasure. Yesterdays post on Scientific Facts should win a Pulitzer and a Nobel Prize. But you need to re-evaluate some things. Can't you see we love you mannnn? (Sob!)


I heard that we might be going to war with Iran soon due to their so-called plans to make nuclear warhea- I mean, plants.


I wish we had Reagan here in Brazil, so he could fire ALL air trafic controllers after their strike. I mean, mutiny. They're almost all military.


Scott, what huge social issues have our past governments solved?

scott n.

I assume many posters don't realize that glaring spelling errors in their posts completely undermine any argument they might be trying to make.



You wish you had a government. I thank God you do not. I mean, who needs more cubicals?


Of course our government does stuff - it's very busy, expanding, and inventing new ways to draw blood without drawing too much attention.

Our tax code, 67,000+ pages and counting ...

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