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I must say that this one is a tangential comment. Why not allow comments on your comic strips?

Listo Entertainment

You are kind.


I have a better "Suggestion" than all you whining little maggots. Scot, why don't you just write whatever the hell you like on your blog, since it's YOUR blog, and since no one can stop you.

Whats wrong with all you "Scot sti8ck to X, Scot don't write about X, Scot there was no joke in that post" whackos ?

There was a joke, and you lot are the punchline.

I laugh in your general direction, sad f***s.


...and then he voted....


There is a large number of people saying "who cares what other people think?" Isn't the whole purpose of a blog to see what other people think?


RoyD, read Scott's blurb on this topic. He posits a lot of people hallucinate against him. As far as I've seen on the last few blog comment posts, he doesn't get many that seem to be working on a strawman position. There are a lot of people arguing against him but a minority are hallucinating. He took this course in one chapter of a book he wrote, so maybe he's run out of stuff to blog about and running an in-cube repeat.

His argument, by ignoring all the ones who hallucinate (why not ignore them? if they are truly insane there's no way to counter them without joining them, so ignore them) he's intimating that any who argue against him are insane nutjobs.

It's either

a) bad language construction
b) bad thinking on SA's part
c) he didn't care. possibly trolling (like his "morality" question earlier

So he should ignore those who are making shit up (or state his real position, as he does with the "post my comics to friends" comment).


"I could tell you what was in the removed post, but its likely this post will be moderated.
Interesting my RSS feed of this blog is still delivering the removed post to my google home page :)
Try searching the interweb, its out there if you put in the right search words :)" WHAT WORDS?


"That is not what Scott is saying at all! He is saying that people hallucinate about his opinions (wrongly) about a topic of which they disagree, and then they argue their point. The only problem with that is that he does not hold the opinion that they think he does!

Posted by: ozzie nick "

That isn't special to Scott, it's called "strawman argument". People who don't have a good argument make up something that the position could mean that is easy to argue against and argue against that.

Scott is deluting himself if he things that is all for him...


someone can't legally call themselves 'enigma' if they have already told you everything about themselves can they? unless they were lying. then they would be 'two faced lying b***h enigma'. that would be accurate wouldn't it? sorry nothing at all to do with anyone's blog or response.

re response to someone'sstupid comment,hows aboot ''what?'' simple,irritating,effective,and doesn't require to be copied down by someone wanting to remember it and use in a future situation then afterwards say ''scott adams used that one''


anywayseses, halucinations can't be wrong,because they are in the mind's eye of the beholder. no-one else can agree or disagree with them. scott adams believes that you can disagree with someone else's halucination!!! tut. i'm sure that he's also a closet closet hater.


no adams no!!! no no no !!! i say no!! you are wrong!!! your beliefs are completely misguided!!!! if you think that saying ''i agree with your analysis of your halucination'' makes the other people accept something or other about you or something or other you think about something or other,then you are just plain wrong!!!! more importantly,can you find me a rich stupid babe who doesn't care what her boyfriend looks like? thanks.


“I agree with your analysis of your hallucination.”

Perfect :)

Shannon Knowles

Scott Adams will never show Sourpuss again as he hates cats.



At risk of sounding like I don't care about your opinion, this is Scott's blog. He can discuss whatever he wants to here.

I enjoyed this post. As a gay Christian I think I'll be using the phrase "I agree with your analysis of your hallucination" a lot in future conversations.


At least once a month I experience exactly the same problem. I have to call a company that has outsourced it's helpline.
Within seconds I am saying over and over again "no, I didn't say that". Then I get to argue with someone whose english is tenuous at best.
The problem is no one listens. Reading is a form of listening. You have to hear what the person is writing to comprehend it. But no one reads far enough, they hit the first bump and they are already planning their response.
We have become that guy. You know, the guy that interrupts you so he can talk about his opinion. That guy reads the first paragraph and he is off, never bothering to read any further. In the very rare cases when that guy actually reads the whole thing it's done with one purpose. To find the ammo to bolster his own opinion. That guy doesn't understand irony, he thinks you are being sincere.
We are a narcissistic society. Everyone is waiting for the other guy to shut up cause it's their turn to talk.
Listening, comprehending? That is a species that is almost extinct..another victim of climate change..cultural climate change. The climate of me, me, me......we are talking about me now!

D. Mented

I heard once that people only get 20% of what they hear, even less of what they read.
I think that's too broad an average.
If you look at men who are trying to score with attractive women, they probably only get the woman's name, and everything after that is "Wha WHA WHA wha wha WHA WHA WHA" (sounding like the teachers in the "Peanuts" cartoons)
People listening to self-righteous preachers seem to get about 60% (the most inflammatory parts)
Reading instructions is lower than 10% if they were actually written in the language they were printed in (most of them seem to have been written in Japanese, then translated into Korean by a native speaker of Tagalog who used audio tape classes to learn both languages, and from there into English -or whatever they end up as- by an Arab with a 3rd grade education)
Not surprising that people only pick a few bits out of your posts and then make up what they think it all means.
Try working with construction workers who are half deaf but won't admit it, and will guess what they think you said, then swear to it. This can be more trouble than having irate bloggers flaming you. I've learned to drop my voice as deep as I can (they lose their high range sounds first) and scream like a pro-wrestler.It seems to help a little.
Or maybe they're all just doing that to make me talk funny.
D. Mented


The Internet : Serious Business.

That hasn't rung any truer than now. I think you're deliciously funny :)

this guy

Are you saying that if an ear of corn and a unicycle mate it doesn't give you a unicorn????? Then what does it give you, and how do you get a unicorn???

I need to rethink my life.

Monkey Business

Ha! I was right! and here I thought I was hallucinating...

It turns out that Mr. Adams REALLY IS an agent of the Illuminati, whose task is to distribute hypnotic mind control commands amongst the population to prepare for the New World Order.....wait a minute. I forgot my medicine....ah, that's better.

Mr. Adams is a fine author who possesses keen insight on social interactions in the modern workplace....


[I’ve noticed that a lot of people, if not most, have sharp disagreements with what they hallucinate to be my opinions. -- Scott]

Yes, they're called women.

And yes nodding your head and getting along with your life is the best way to handle this. :)


Where are you supposed to put the ear of corn? I assume the ear of corn is the male, since there aren't any orifices in the corn, while the unicycle does have a recessed area in the seat, much like human females...for that matter if a woman gets frisky with an ear of corn, would that create a unicorn centaur?


Write them off as induhviduals.... and make a comic with Dogbert in the future wiping them from the planet =)


Some of my best friends are hallucinations. My favorite cousin is married to one.

When people twist my words and try to stuff them back down my throat, I prefer to ask "Oh, and just what did I say that makes you think I feel that way?" It confuses them and while they think of a response, I run away.


I run into this problem myself in life. You talk about something saying exactly what you think in a purely logical fashion, then people interpret what you say by injecting hidden meaning and their own emotions into what they hear, and in the end you're quoted as being pro-Nazi, or whatever.

Why do people have to suck so much? Why is it so hard to hold a simple, logical conversation with people? Why are people SO insistent on injecting their own feelings into what you say?

I swear that it's like people can't stand not hearing a statement that's purely factual and not charged either way. And if you don't give them a charged sentence, they'll inject their own charge into it.

Maybe their lives aren't exciting enough.


Sounds like a case of "rabbititis"

"I see spots before my eyes, bright colored ones and they're beginning to rotate around each other....then all of a sudden everything goes BLACK!"

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