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Thinko! see

steve h

scott adams is an idiot who thinks that the only people who disagree with him are dumb


Gees... obviously it would be an earcycle. Man, those things are cool!!!

Oh, and graeme? I'm using firefox right now :p

Ninja Jim

I could tell you what was in the removed post, but its likely this post will be moderated.
Interesting my RSS feed of this blog is still delivering the removed post to my google home page :)
Try searching the interweb, its out there if you put in the right search words :)


No one understands you, do they?...


I'm still using the fluff-off line: "I'm sorry, I'm too dumb to understand that." Maybe my indifference to that which others say to me is either maddeningly obvious or too obscure for them, either way it kills the mood, dead.


So, you're saying you DON'T really support al-Qaeda in their holy war on unbelievers, and that you AREN'T secretly a member of the NAZI party? Make up your mind!

Nathan friedly

Scott... At the risk of sounding like I don't care about your opinion, I'm suggesting you stick to the funny stuff. Your last post that I actually laughed at was 'Oh Deer.' That one was straight up hilarious.

Michal Malkowski

Those comments need to be authorized - I've just realized that.
I would have gotten away with it, if it wasn't for your meddling typepad rules!

Hail Catbert, the evil H.R. director!
And goodnight to you all, have a nice sunday :)



Not on topic, but just had to say I enjoyed the "Dilbert's Dad" piece in this month's AARP magazine. You're almost old enough to subscribe... 2 more months.

They didn't mention this blog, and Dave Barry can't last much longer, he's 60! So, in your senior years, you could turn over the strip to Pastis and just write smart witty stuff.

Your fan forever.

Michal Malkowski

Bryan wrote:
"I don't really want you as my friend. Who I want as my friend is the blond girl with the white panties who pops up at the right of your posts. Just saying."

My mozilla stops the blondie :( Thus, preventing me from any sort of hallucinations including her white panties.
I didn't know that Scott Adams is against pornography in the internet.
Since porn sites I visit include also zoophilia, that ALSO had been described on this blog numerous (about 9 actually) times - Scott is against seals as well. Thus, probably he hates seals.

When I'll finally decide if that means

a) Scott Adams is killing baby seals with his iron club for their precious fur
b) Scott Adams hates British SEALS - thus is part of american conspiracy against UK
c) I should probably turn off the computer and call it a day, I'll finish this stupid project tomorrow

I'll post some angry posts on my brand new blog I've just made up in my screwed up mind and laugh demonicly - we all know, that you a)always check your blackberrie in case some good news came + b) get your sinister google intelligence about S.A related internet activity.
Or I'll go shower. Who knows?


"And so it goes."

-- vale Kurt Vonnegut


Shouldn't the word be "delusion" and not "hallucination"? Hallucination refers to a sensory image; delusion refers to a mental misdirection, as in "delusions of grandeur".

ozzie nick

I'm very disappointed to learn that Scott Adams
believes that everyone who disagrees with him is a
hallucinatory drug-addict.

Posted by: Eric | April 14, 2007 at 09:35 AM

That is not what Scott is saying at all! He is saying that people hallucinate about his opinions (wrongly) about a topic of which they disagree, and then they argue their point. The only problem with that is that he does not hold the opinion that they think he does!


How dare you imply that uncycles are promiscuous!


You don't believe in magic or ESP, that's good. The evolution-oriented websites probably have an environmental political (if not religious) agenda, forget about 'em.


I don't understand why people feel you are a person to deride? There are far more important inDUHvidiual with opinions that effect our daily lives worth lambasting.

If people who wrote you only took their time and energy to write to their government officials this world would be a better place.

Dude you are a national treasure. You actually contribute to making the world a better place through your art! You are one funny and smart and about 80% of the time make perfect sense. These people are a**holes to the umpteenth power. Please feel free to damn them on this cool site:

Scott Sobel

Let's see, for a good hallucination, I can always start with a quote completely out of context. So, now you've given perfect hallucination fodder with this quote, "if an ear of corn has sex with a unicycle the offspring will be a unicorn."

Now, I get to disagree with my own hallucination, like this:

Scott, if you want to breed unicorns, ears of corn and unicycles having the right letters of the alphabet are way too far apart in genetics, especially since the latter has no genetics.

I'd suggest splicing in genes mostly from horses, but with a few narwhal genes mixed in. At least they're both mammals. So, you see, your idea of attempting to generate unicorns alphabetically, is silly.

Do you agree with my analysis of my hallucination now?

Can we be friends now?

That's so sweet!!

Here's what I really don't understand though, why would you want friends that are asshats that stuff words down your throat only to disagree with their own words? Why would you even want such people to want you as friends?


i clearly remember you saying that you DO approve of people emailing dilbert strips and that theres a button on the website for it. and i really dont understand how anyone could get the idea that you support creationism or magic or esp. it's cool that lots of people are reading your books and your blogs, but if they're going to completely misinterpet you and get the opposite of what you're trying to say, maybe its better if some people don't read them at all. its too bad there isnt a way to control who your fans are.


No one else seems to have this problem as badly as you do... Maybe you need to be more clear when you tell people what you mean.

If you say that you think evolution will be disproven in the next few years, some people reading this might think that you're an evolution denier. This isn't because they're hallucinating, it's becuase you weren't clear enough about what you actually are trying to say.

If you want to redefine words and to use phrases in a different way to their common usage, you need to understand that you will either have to explain yourself more fully or get used to people not understanding what you've said.


You've admitted to believing that government can solve our energy problems by taking our money and giving it to DOE bureaucrats. You should be happy that people just think you believe in the relatively sane claims of magic and ESP.


Scott -

Which is worse, the people who disagree with what they hallucinate to be your opinions or the people who agree with what they hallucinate to be your opinions?


It's just insecurity, but I suspect you know that all too well. Some people are simply so driven by emotion that they can't believe it's possible for another person to view anything objectvely, and simply present ideas for discussion. To them, everything has some kind of emotion and meaning attached to it - They ask you if you like homous, and if you don't, they assume that you're opposed to any Middle Eastern food, and that you must be the biggest racist on the planet. You buy a Toyota because it gets good milage, has great features and a good record of reliability, and people think that you're an un-American prick who's trying to cheat Americans out of jobs.

Real Live Girl

In your own words, that might work in the short run, but over time people will realize what an asshole you are for making them think you're their friend, and then they'll kill you. But I think we can all agree that you have it coming. :)

Jedi Kevin


You have only your own weasely ways to blame for this.

The reason people don't understand your position on anything is that you never actually give it.

Here is how you work:

- Post a long, and seemingly logical, argument.
- Argue both sides of said argument.
- Conclude with a pithy statement that might take a side.
- The next day follow-up with a second post claiming:
--- It was all just a "thought experiment"
--- None of the opinions are actually yours.
--- Remark how stupid and clueless all of your readers are who leave comments.
- Feel smug and superior.
- Eat a Dilburrito(TM).
- Repeat.

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