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rich, you point out that there are no Nobel prizes for what IIT teaches. Wrong. Their website clearly lists Chemistry and Physics departments (see ). These are two areas where you can earn a Nobel prize.

Strange. MIT has dozens of Nobel prize winners (see ). Caltech also has dozens of Nobel prize winners (see )

I could go on and on, but I think I've made the point. You and Scott are in error about the quality of education available at IIT.

Don G

What if you just leave all the important decisions to Dogbert's New Ruling Class?


The reason so much work is being outsourced to India is not because they are better at it than we are, but rather they will work for far less money than we can afford to here. I work in IT, and I work with Indian consultants. They are nice people, and very qualified, but they make mistakes just like everyone else, they are not supermen. But in a country of a billion people, where the vast majority still live in dire poverty, with no electricity or running water, wages are not liable to rise to US levels anytime soon.

When India shows us they can solve all of those problems at home, then we can hire them to fix our problems.


It's been done already!

The Problem is that all important decisions have been outsourced to Saudi Arabia: Bush's decision to invade Irak, Clinton's decision to bomb the Serbians to curry favour from "moslems", the dubious alliace with Pakistan & Saudi Arabia in "the war on terror" (Pakistan being the main sponsor of jihaddi terror in the whole of Asia and Saudi funding terror in the middle east and Europe).

By all means - Outsource to India, It cannot get any worse!


I hope it succeeds more than outsourcing all the call centres. Companies in the UK are now rapidly back pedalling on that one owing to the massive numbers of screw-ups and the lost customers. It has become an advertising point here that they have 'UK call centres'.


"...wouldn’t be obligated..."

Um... 'obliged'.


Why outsource. Elect an Indian Prsident instead of dumbr ones. :). And sleep well while ur govt functions well at nite :)

amit kumar

Hi Mr Adams ,
I read this ,and spoke to Rahul .I am happy to report that as my american boss instructed ,I have read every comment on your blog ,have posted something on it and asked Rahul to clean the flour and roll on the flour laughing on our american masters behalf .
Pls accept my bosss thanks .
amit .


I think you have an overly high opion of Indian outsourced work. At both of my prievious two companies we outsourced work to India. The conclusion, they are fine at repeating simple processes cheaply, but anything that actually requires any thought at all comes back as garbage.

Today any reasonably complex task is still better achieved close to home. The higher cost of work here is still reflected in better pay. The problem remains that whichever people do the research to find a conclusion, there are always equally persuasive arguments for the other position funded by their own lobyists.

I guess the solution would be to privatise all research locally. But thats not how the infrastructure is set up, and changing that would cost billions.

Aashish Gupta

Hey -- I'm in India, and guess what? India itself does not have a coherent energy policy, or universal health care, is amongst the biggest contributors to global warming, and is struggling with terrorism for a few decades. And these are just minor issues compared to India's real problems of AIDS, poverty, illiteracy, female infanticide, communal violence, ... The list never ends.

If Indians can't solve their own problems, how do you suppose they'll solve America's problems?


The idea is fun - but you failed to address the actual issue with democracy. Who controls those who control? Are to stay in the terms, hinders others to bribe them. Outsourcing those no good there. In fact you even lose more control, because who should control people in India where you even don't have any authority? Doesn't work, does it? Lack of control and lack of communication are among the top 3 of the downsides of outsourcing..


As Indian, I am delighted by your idea. Perhaps we could outsource our government to US. Like goods and services, we can trade governments. Perhaps we could do this to all countries in the world in round robin fashion. The lobbyists would not be able to track which country is goverend from which other country.

Just a point I like to make to you Scott, as I see you are impressed by the quality of people coming from our Indian Institute of Tecnology (IIT). Most of these IIT'ians are in US and the rest are also abroad and hardly anyone there in India.


As an Indian, an ex-IITian and a 25+ year veeteran in the US, I am sure that ANY smart bunch of people from ANY country can attempt to solve the policy problems of US through shear application of known technology, determination, will and patience.

Every time a politician or an administrator says that US health-care/energy problems are too complex, I am saddened that US which sent a man to the moon does not give importance to its own superb technocrats to solve its own problems.

There is a vast talent in this country that is marginalized, as this country cherishes lawyers, administrators, politicians and corporate empty suits.


The gov't has been outsourced to a criminal enterprise known as the republican party. Duh!


This post is to wake up the 'American worker' people. Not to get you agitated. You can tell tales of how bad things are in India, and be happy about how relatively better-off you are. Read this post as an euphemism of things to come in the future. You people slept while manufacturing was outsourced in the 80s and the 90s. Everybody complained how bad the quality was of goods manufactured in the developing countries. Look at where American manufacturing is now?? It is the time of Globalisation. Wake up and see. Those 'idiots' in the developing countries are learning this faster than you. The wage differential will make matters worse for you. Pull up your socks and fall in line, rather than complain about Scott Adams. Scott is smart. He understands whats in store in future. He's trying to wake you guys up. Read the message clearly. If you can't, then outsource the work to me.

Disclosure: I am an non-IITian Indian.


How would that work? Indians don't believe in THE LORD GOD, therfore they are all going to burn in hell. Why would you listen to anything that such sinners say?
You may as well give control to SANTA himself!!!!



The IITs are not about Science, they are about Engineering and there are no Nobel prizes for that.

Also, most of the faculty is mediocre. Why would any smart guy work for low pay as a professor in IIT?

The only reason IIT gets smart people is because its entrance exam is pretty difficult.

IITians only want to get rich and they have acheived that, atleast as compared to the rest in India.


@ Adam

Scott is talking about outsourcing the decisions to the most intelligent people in the country and not the general public that this news strip is talking about.

Below-average people are stupid anyway and anywhere in the world.


@ Adam

Scott is talking about outsourcing the decisions to the most intelligent people in the country and not the general public that this news strip is talking about.

Below-average people are stupid anyway and anywhere in the world.


Dilbert Blog = American Idol?

Scott, I'm concerned that you seem to be expressing a lot of contempt for your readers, or at least for what you anticipate will be their reaction to your posts. If so many responders are, in your opinion, clueless but otherwise entertaining goobers, how is this blog different from American Idol? I mean, other than the fact that American Idol is insanely popular.


A couple of years back some IIT grads formed a political party in India... in a desperate bid to clean the 'system'. Wanna know what happened?

Tony Pott

This is too rapid a change for American society to absorb all at once. Try improving U.S.policymaking in small increments.
As a first step,have policy recommendations made by Indian pre-schoolers and gradually work up.


And these are the people you think would give good advice on running our country.



You start off with an inaccurate premise. You wrote that that the Indians know "More than you. The Indians who graduated from the Indian Institute of Technology are among the smartest people on the planet."

You failed to mention that many (if not a majority) of the other "smartest people on the planet" that they are "among" live in United States of America. And Switzerland. And Great Britian. And Japan. And . . .

Not to be too much of a stickler, but would you please tell me what advances in technology the Indians have made in India (not in other countries) since the 16th century?

Also, according to the IIT websites, none of their current Indian or IIT-trained faculty have ever received a Nobel prize. I think that somewhat disproves your assessment of their quality and caliber.

They're probably a fine school, but there is no proof that they're top of the world caliber, or even in the running.

Peter Paul

Why outsource? You should lease. Sell the entire country and lease it back with the garantee that the new owner has to fullfill predefined performance indicators. This way the US would no longer have any debts and have a better place to live...
Sounds futuristic? Some cities in the Netherlands are actually thinking about it.

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