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Wow, Im shocked. :)

After reading years and years of Dilbert, it's surprising that your blog would take a very serious tone.

Why would you criticize the team for doing Imus a favor? I don't think they owe him that. Taking offense and proudly standing up discrimination is human nature. I can't believe you expected the aggrieved party to accede to the person who defamed them in the first place. I find this sort of attitude very appalling - especially with the number of people supporting it.


ASorry, can't agree with you on this one. He's fired and should stay fired. He's hurt enough people, this was just the last straw.

Dan the Man

Someone in one of the other blog replies said "The day after the Imus/RU bball team met, in the ensuing press conference the coach said that the team did forgive Imus and wished to move on. Greatness achieved." I remember this too, & agree - greatness acheived. The part I take exception to was that "greatness" was acheived by Imus or the corpoarte execs who finally fired him. All of that ONLY happened because of outside pressure. If it was the corrrect thing to do (& I think it was), Imus should have apologized immediately (NOT eventually) w/o any prompting, and the corporate execs should have taken swift & immediate action, and not waited for any pressure from outside (Sponsers, irate listeners/watchers, etc.). ONLY THEN would true greatness have been acheived.


Ooh Eric D,

you _are_ an angry little man. A self-centred angry little white man, I suspect.

Where there are particularly offensive, oft used words to describe one group of people that are not applicable to the dominant group of people and there are no equivalents for describing the dominant group of people, there is a problem.

Think about it. What is the equivalent of "whore" when describing a man? (Of course a man can be a whore in certain ways, but to call a woman a whore goes much deeper.) Where are the equivalents of "nigger" or "coon" or "rock ape" in largely white nations? You can't tell me that "honky" ever had any real bite. Check out and see how many ways you can offend blacks and women.

Pretty difficult to get over it if it happens every day, white-boy.



Perhaps Scott can do his bit by calling for a competition to come up with really offensive words for white people in general and men.

I suggest "sparky" for white people (in reference to the fact that most white people dance like they are being electrocuted, at best). My personal favorite insult for a man is "trevor", but that is a long long story. "FD" is another, but the D doesn't stand for disk.


Interesting point, I probably agree. However had no idea who Don Imus or the Rutgers basketball team were, let alone what comments had been made, not living in the US ( my bad ). Mild curiosity aroused and having nothing better to do, I googled it, then got a bit confused. Nappy-headed hos? In the UK, a nappy is what you would call a diaper. A ho, or more correctly a hoe, is a long stick with metal at the end for weeding gardens. So my initial mental picture was of stick-thin women with maybe turbans on their head ... a Sikh supermodel basketball team? It wasn't, was it?


Am I the only one who has never heard of this guy Imus, nor of the Rutger basketball team, nor of this earth-shattering controversy? I don't live in the US. I think that your little local news story should remain just that. Scott, please get back to funny stuff. Or even stuff to make us think.

As to whether the team is great or perfect - based on this encounter (the info I could dig up on the net) they are not necessarily either. They play basketball; some idiot insulted them in public; he got fired because it cost his employers advertising money (not, apparently, because his employers objected to what he said - but maybe I missed that); he apologised; the team accepted it.

That shows the team might be cool, but not necessarily that they're great. They didn't forgive him (unless I missed that snippet), but why should they? He's an idiot and should just be ignored. It seems that everyone knows this, except the advertisers who pulled out and made him famous.

I'd suggest that the man finds a new job and the team gets back to playing basketball or studying or whatever they do, and let's move onto something interesting.


A link to the story might have helped as being outside the US I had no idea who Don Imus was or what the controversy was. Not a big deal, just took quick search on google …

Funny how it is okay to be incredibly rude to certain people but not others. Like in UK there are shows were heaps of abuse is directed at the royalty and celebrities and that is apparently okay. Making fun of people for the colour of their hair is okay but not the colour of their skin. Slagging people for the town they come from is fine but not the country they come from. Insulting people for having stupid beliefs is fine as long as it’s not a religious belief (except Christianity, that seems to be fair game for some reason). Seems incredibly inconsistent.

Seems free speech is okay, as long as what you say fits in with the beliefs of people in the media and government. Its okay to insult group Y but don't dare say anything against group Z. Either ban insults against everyone or no-one, anything in-between is simply an injustice.


I thought maybe Scott was joking at first. This entire thing was ridiculous. It was like the whole world was a bunch of third graders complaining about being called a freaking NAME. The guy called them something they probably call each other in the same joking tone, and in the same spirit. But to look at the reaction it was as if the guy had raped them or something. Absolutely ridiculous. There was nothing gracious or courageous about any of this. They aren't heroes - they're just a bunch of kids that like to play a ballgame. Nothing wrong with that, but their coach, media, and public mislead these poor girls into thinking that this was something of grave importance and seriousness instead of giggling, returning an equally joking-insult back to Imus and moving on. I, for one, REFUSE to take this incident as seriously as it's been made out. Shame on everyone, except for Imus who did his job exactly as an insult-spewing comedian is supposed to do. Sticks and stones people.



Wow. I'm impressed. I usually find myself disagreeing with you on about 95% of the things you say, but this time I think you've nailed it. You've posted one of the most needed and insightful comments on the Imus situation that I've yet seen.


*shakes head* Wow Scott, my first thought when reading your post here was that this is all tongue in cheek and that this is some psychological experiment where you post some asinine argument and then only post positive responses and straw-man negative responses, to some thought-provoking end. That's not it I guess.

Imus spouting off isn't scary. What's scary is the people who don't get it, who don't get the caustic effect that this has on our culture as a whole. It's not Imus himself who has this caustic effect - it's NBC and all you other yahoos supporting him both directly and indirectly - it's that ignorance and uneducated perspective that has a caustic effect on our culture... I repeat - totally uneducated.

But I guess that's to be expected from a culture that spirals into self-satisfied self-centered circular 20th century blah blah blah talk-show reasoning and never actually *picks* *up* *a* *book....* For it is only from books, and perhaps also from the experience of being black in America or otherwise being outside the norm in America or being Jewish in Germany that one learns to appreciate the significance of caustic rhetoric spewed forth to the ignorant masses...

That experience lacking, the second best you can do is to read a book here and there, and experience it second-hand... The masses don't even have to be that ignorant to be directed by such caustic garbage - as long as there is a mass-media delivery mechanism available and as long as that mechanism takes it's own fascist un-democratic road a-la contemporary American media, then the better part of a population, can, more or less, be manipulated towards whatever ends, caustic or not.

Job? It's not a frickin Job, okay? Imus isn't some disgruntled clerk at the 7-11 who spouted off to a customer. Imus is nothing more than a commodity - a TeeVee personality - a mass media *fad.* It's not your normal 9 to 5 employment relationship. NBC doesn't pay him for his time, by the hour. NBC pays him to pull in viewers which in turn pulls in advertisers. Since no one in their right mind will advertise on his show anymore, I think it's pretty clear that Imus fired himself, or more precisely, the forces of the free market fired Imus.

NBC couldn't give Imus his "job" back if NBC wanted to! It would only be symbolic. And what a symbol that would be too - symbolic of the ignorance and fantasy world that the average George-Bush loving fat ass American lives in - fed on this mass media frenzy of caustic ignorance like so many fois-gras geese.

Imus's "job" is to pander to this culture-gone-wild, this self-satisfied self-centered lazy-ass 2 bit attention span holding public, to push the envelope further and further so that NBC can, a-la-Microsoft, serve the market demand for schlock which it is creating. Imus has done his job fabulously, and he's been rewarded accordingly. He wasn't exactly paycheck to paycheck. He's doing all right. Like some trail-blazing suicide bomber kamakazi, it was inevitable that Imus was gonna go down in a blaze of glory sooner or later.

He's sorry? No he's not sorry. That's just part of his *job* to say he's sorry. It's probably the first clause in his contract - that when he finally becomes too hot to handle, he has to say he's sorry. Come on. Stop and think for a minute. If the guy wanted to stay on the mass-media air forever, he needed to get a different job definition from the get-go. Something more along the lines of a Regis gig. The Imus and NBC Urkle-esque chorus of "Did Iiii Do that?" is total bullshit. Yes they did that, and that's exactly what they set out to do.

I don't think we need to worry about his well being, about him starving in the streets, or about him wanting for but being unable to afford health care now that his NBC stipend has been cut off -- but it's fabulous none-the-less that this nation is so concerned for the little fellow. Fabulously idiotic, that is, (yet appropriate) that the nation would be so concerned for the welfare of this rich asshole whose on-air antics basically contribute to the already rich supply of that on-air mass media opiate that is ignorance and arrogance.

A somewhat stunned Stolkholm syndrome suffering nation gazes up from it's Tee Vee with dilated pupils as it fumbles for the remote already thumbing around for the inevitable next ignorant lout of an asshole to replace Imus and feeling around the folds of fat for Tee Vee guide's WWF section as a temporary interim hold-over. "ohhh nooo... Imus lost his jobby jobby! How will the poor fellow take care of himself?? It's not Faiiirrrrr!" Meanwhile something like 1 in 5 Americans still don't have any health insurance and the remainder that do find their health care system hijacked by the insurance Mafia and by general corruption and incompetence.


Hmm,why didn't the Rev. Al lead him to Christ or at the least maybe lead by example with his recent findings about his family's connection with slavery? Maybe I should go to his church and find out. You figure he's saved?

Noah Vaile

Apparently the Imus remarks were made while he was watching the game and while I neither listen to Imus nor saw the game all reports are that the Rutgers team looked, acted and sounded like the worst the NBA has to offer. Given today's climate where you cannot even insult Elbonians his remarks were probably what a large number of other people who watched the game were thinking anyway. Just too p.c. to say them out loud. I guess Imus' next gig will be toddlers birthday parties where he dresses as Don the Clown and remarks about what the mommies are wearing while he makes balloon snakes.


Example of "Dark side at the freedom of speech"


Don Imus - who?
Rutgers basketball team - who?
What most impressed the world about the Rutgers? The world? Most of the world has absolutely no idea what you're taling about!

Simon Robert

If anything, surely the Basketball Team were the ones in the wrong, because they overreacted, and in doing so they perpetuated the victim culture that seems so prevalent not just among their ethnic group, but in society in general. Whether you think Don Imus crossed the line or not, it is also possible to see how the Basketballers crossed the line with their, frankly, disgusting overreaction to what were, at the end of the day, just words?

As an interesting sidenote, I wonder how many of those women have music collections containing a few rap albums where people of their gender and ethnic grouping are regularly dismissed in more explicit terms? After all, if Don Imus' words scarred them for life, surely listening to some rap music would cause them to be physically sick at least!?!? Or is it just that they, the people who are playing the victim and trying to convince us that they are delicate little lambs, are the real racists here?

Oh, and for anyone who wants to hurl invective at me, please note that all my comments were phrased in question form. I did not make any statements. Im not a racist, but nor am I prepared to pander to what I see as a victim mentality in modern society.



Freedom of Speech?


There is nothing that does not deserve forgiveness. Not easy words to live by, but remember: forgiveness does not necessarily mean a lack of punishment. Thus, Don Imus can simultaneously remain fired and be forgiven. Forgiveness can simply mean a cessation of holding a grudge and be a personal thing, as I think happened in this case.

However, I think the point Scott was making was that the team could have assumed total control of the situation by requesting NBC rehire Imus. NBC would be forced to comply and sponsors would almost certainly jump back aboard after such a request as they'd look quite spiteful if the team was able to forgive him. More importantly, this would have been the team's decision. No one else could really have any influence over the situation letting them take it for their own.

Just my take.


I prefer the greatness.


Hi, Scott.

So justice isn't enough. What you are looking for is grace.

You're advanced!


Arifi Waked

By not pretending to forgive him, they're being honest. I personally respect them more for that than if they had pretended to "turn the other cheek" while still looking over their shoulders.


It's a funny thing, racism...

I'm about as pale as it's possible for a girl to be. In fact, according to many cosmetics manufacturers, people don't get this pale! And I'm pretty - I've been encouraged to try professional modelling even though I'm far from 18% grey. Maoris and South Europeans think I'm exotic. Japanese schoolgirls check out my look as I pass them.

So lucky me...

Here's the strange thing: Young Anglo-saxon males (a minority thereof) who feel the need to criticise me for my skin colour. People who go out of their way to observe that I'm the "wrong" shade. Some Italians and hippies will blurt out any odd thought that occurs to them but it's generally something thoughtful like "My God you're so pale... will you get sunburn?" With those shouters it's more like "You're too pale, you should get a suntan and conform to my idea of beauty!"

Why do they make the effort to shout from cars as they pass? Do they think we are in some sort of competition? Nobody makes any comments about "Celts aren't to be trusted" or anything like that - I just get a lot of criticism to my face about the one aspect of my look that I can't change.

But I don't cry racism. I just laugh it off and remind myself that different people like different things. I am more likely to get upset when people want to start a fight with me about my religion or personality.

Kilgore Trout

No Imus should not be rehired.

Some retard on a previous post was giving me a hard time about my name.


when THOSE girls turn the other cheeck
they could crush Imus with it

Another Scott

I agree that forgiveness is missing and would raise the level of their response to some level greater that what is already is, but I'm not sure asking his employers to rehire him would be the best way to express this.

If someone is a repeat offender, as seems to be the case, reinstating them to a position where they can re-offend seems like a bad idea, even if you have forgiven them.

An innapropriate-anology-but-who-can-resist-offending-organized-religions: Once they have forgiven him, should the victems of a repeat offending, child molesting priest ask the parish to reinstate him as head of the youth choir?

Probably a bad idea.

Better in my opinion in the Don Imus case would be a public statement that while they don't believe he should be on the radio any more, the team has forgiven him, holds no hard feelings, and wishes him the best after this, including the strength to overcome his apparent ignorance.

(Is anyone offering odds on this NOT happening? I have some spare pocket change...)


By far your best post.

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