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Robert A.

"Maybe we should get back to the old "One Room Schoolhouse" again" - funny :)

Robert A.

"Maybe we should get back to the old "One Room Schoolhouse" again" - funny :)

Cleveland Steamer

This post - and the blog in general - are hilarious. Just not for the reason the author thinks. Keep up the good (?) work!

Teddy J.

I would like to see ads stressing the use of condoms as contraceptives not just desease control. I think the younger generation needs this message.

Why, religion. Prudish attitudes to sex (because, let's face it, sex is evil) lead to this kind of crap. A lot of people just don't like the idea of kids having sex at all, so their agenda is to try and stop the sex, not stop the spread of disease and the unwanted pregnancy.


"It turns out that people prefer whatever they think other people like."
I didn't need a study to prove that. We see evidence of it in every political election.


I guess it's a waste of money for the schools to tell kids not to have sex when they're kids.

But, someone's gotta do it. We let the government do so many other parenting duties (feeding, fathering, disciplining, etc) and do it poorly...why stop now?


abstinence is easy to teach - just finish your birds and bees speech with - and your mother and I do it every day!

Probably gonna cost a fortune in shrink bills, though.


Sweet, I'm a winner!


jose, 16 is a great age, enjoy.
I hope you are familiar with vatican councils and encyclicals, not sure tho, if that is a requeriment for confirmation.
I said [...compromising with rationality, but not on their own and traditional will...], please, read.

jerry w

Sex without love is an empty experience,
but, as empty experiences go,
it's one of the best.


Posted by: Squiggy | April 18, 2007 at 07:07 AM

So were you a virgin when you married your virgin?

If not, she would still be vulnerable to STD's, the most common being the HPV which can cause cancer.

Apparently you were concerned that you might not measure up, so to speak. So you married a virgin so she wouldn't have any frame of reference to compare you too?

Why, how romantic for her.


That's a classic. Theoretically, don't you have to replace the natural instinct you are trying to suppress with something else natural and I guess wholesome or family oriented? Like quality entertainment which has sucked for like 10 years straight now.


Man, I can't believe the stir I caused with just some posts. Maybe I should write my own blog "Why catholics are right and everyone else is wrong"

I am sorry for not being able to debate all the refutations that you presented me, but I simply don't have enough knowledge and time to answer them all, I'm just preparing for my confirmation. (I'm 16 years old.)


[I can give you one reason: the catholic church actively condones and supports the rape of children. This is well documented and no intelligent person would ever even attempt to dispute it.]

What those priests do they do of their own free will (or programming) and are condemned by the church. They do that because we are all humans, imperfect and sinners all.

In no way the catholic church approves what they do. This priests should ask God for forgiveness and go to jail.

You are attacking the part of the church that can't be perfect, because of our very nature. If everyone (even those priests) apply the catholic theology and philosophy to their life, and try in their best to stick to it, the world would still be perfect.


T.G. I am sorry but rationality in the catholic church isn't something we have been having to adopt recently.

If you doubt me, search for some books of the greatest Christians philosophers, like saint Augustine or saint Thomas Aquinas. They were philosopher who established the foundations of Christian thinking at the very begging of christianism (I'm not sure thats spelled right) -Agustine and in the middle ages -Thomas


Is it just me, or did that NY Times article just prove the concept of peer pressure? Isn't that something we already knew?


(From the end of the linked Yahoo article, said by Harry Wilson, associate commissioner at the Administration on Children, Youth and Family at HHS):
"As a parent, how I want my kids to be raised is I want them to get all the messages but of course I want to push abstinence as much as I can -- especially at the age of 14."

Couldn't agree more that 14 year olds should be celibate. Perhaps I'm just odd, but one important thing that kept me from having sex at 14 was *having all the facts*, imagine that. I knew that the earlier (before about 18) one has sex, the risk of cervical cancer is increased drastically. I knew the failure rates of all the different contraceptive methods, as well as those designed to protect against STDs. I had an awesome sex ed teacher my freshman year of highschool; a great endcap to the previous four years of sex ed. She told it to us frankly, without shame. (She was a biology teacher in actuality, so I'm sure it really was that natural to her). I also had some inkling of the emotional wreck I could become if I gave in before I was ready -- granted, that came not from teachers but from watching friends.

Knowledge of the facts of sex, rather than simply having some authoritarian figure telling me it was all bad, and knowledge of how to handle the minutae surrounding having sex (having to start going to a gyn, what kind of condoms were best for preventing pregnancy, what options such as IUDs were out there), let me make the educated decision to not have sex until a later age -- just shy of 17.

But then, I've always been the kind of person to deal in facts rather than simply letting fear of the unknown rule.

I am rather surprised that no difference was noted in the study between the two programs, though. I'd figured that more kids would be having sex, and unprotected sex at that (since their teachers wouldn't tell them how great condoms are and their parents couldn't bring themselves to, in most cases). I'd expected a marked increase in teen pregnancies and STDs. Just look at Texas, which tells its population that condoms do absolutely no good. If it severed from the union, if I recall correctly, it'd have the 5th highest teen pregnancy and STD rates in the world.

Not-So-Hairy Back

Maybe we should go back to teaching boys that if they have sex before marriage their "parts" will fall off. Scare tactics can work pretty well sometimes.

God (honest - not shitting you)

God here - great to be with you all again.

You're fucking kidding me with this abstinence shit, right?


Haven't we used the abstainance policy for the past 10,000 years or so? If it hasn't worked so far, I'm pretty sure that another variation of "quit it!" won't work either. There should be some sort of check list where you could decide where you want your tax dollars to go, and where you don't. I do not want my money going to some deluded politician who thinks that the way to stop underaged pregnancy is to ignore the facts and bury our collective heads in the sand.


jose, "What catholics think ..." ROFL.

Despite my amusement, it is true that catholicism and other religions are compromising with rationality, but not on their own and traditional will, hehe.

My ever dilema is to flush down the toilet that 0.7% of my taxes to be destined for the catholic church, an inertial institution in my country, that maintains the formality of traditional family celebrations (baptism, comunions, weddings and funerals) all absolutely commercial and you will only find few old woman attending to normal mass, my country is tired of catholicism and the population mantain a nominal afiliation but living de facto as sort of agnostics, the common answer to "do you believe in God?" from plain people is: "well, err... yes, i think there should be something ... but, i dont believe in priests, priests are bad" while being catholic.

Ah ... you can select that 0.7 of your taxes to be destined to NGOs and the like (but goverment choice!!!). At last, being atheist, i check catholic ... but it is ever a dilema.


Jason Allen's post made me think about the movie The Coneheads, where they thought condoms made good chewing gum.

Sadly, our culture is sex-driven to the point of it's own demise, AIDs, STDs, abortions, children out of wedlock, welfare out of control....but hey, it FEELs GOOD at the time.

It's a scam actually.

Ideally, courting and marrying a virgin is way cooler. You know you're the first, the only one to have her, shes not comparing you to others and to honest most woman are a one man woman and want that security to be loved and cherished, without fear you're just using her for a piece of meat.

I'm one lucky guy!

S@ns S@nity

It's like everything you post is ringing South Park bells all over the place. This exact thing was covered in "Proper Condom Use" episode. Are you friends with Trey and Matt by any chance?

They have used Sheeple in the "Mystery of the Urinal Douce" episode as well.


[jose -- So please, if you are going to say that the world wouldn't be perfect if everyone was catholic, don't stop at a sneer and give me reasons.]

I can give you one reason: the catholic church actively condones and supports the rape of children. This is well documented and no intelligent person would ever even attempt to dispute it. To do so would be an insult to the hundreds of thousands of children who have been abused at the hands of priests. Anyone who doubts this fact should drive around Boston and count the churches that have been closed to help pay off the sex abuse law suits.

As for AIDS: Ronald Reagan is the single biggest cause of the AIDS epidemic. He had a chance to stop the disease in the '80 but he was a weak little man who could not get over his hatred of gay people. He had the arrogance to think that he knew the mind of God and he was convinced that AIDS was God's way hating gay people. By the time AIDS spread to straight people it was too late to do anything. And the band played on...

Now that’s a rant!

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