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That one guy

Someone stole your blog.

Sophia Thore

Victimless? Have you asked the GOAT if it felt victimized? I would guess that it did.

And force a goat to marry a human? Are there ANY laws against torturing animals?

I think I'd prefer to marry a goat before I married a man who did things like that to an animal.


Hi!!! Excellent resource you've got here!!! Will definately be back!!!

Richard Gosling

The goat is dead

She was called Rose. She apparently suffocated on a plastic bag. It is not stated whether or not this was part of an erotic auto-suffocation ritual.


Well, I hope you are all happy.

The goat is dead now.

I hope you are all happy, driving the poor dear to suicide.

Shame on you all


"Having sex with your neighbor's goat is a lot like violating a copyright."
I think I get it. You're trying to piss people off so that they'll have no respect for your copyrights, so that they'll 'pirate' your stuff, thereby making you even more popular than you already are. Sheer diabolical genius.

Diana W

Ok, way too many animal humping blog themes. Same comment as before - most sexually transmitted diseases can be traced back to lame guys who thought there would be no harm in nailing a poor animal. Maybe the council's idea of making the guy marry the goat was to ensure that he didn't eventually marry or have relations with a woman and spread goat-diseases to the population. While some women will help a guy cheat on a wife he claims doesn't under stand him, I'm guessing even desperate women will think twice about helping a guy cheat on his goat.


[i]Going all Lego? I'm confused by the reference too. The closest I can get to "goat" from Lego is the root, Leg Godt, or "play well" in Dutch.[/i]

Dutch? I'm Dutch and "leg godt" isn't.

Maybe you mean Danish?


I think I get it!

I mean, the 'going all LEGO...' thing. Here it is, Barney style: LEGO pieces stick together when pressed into contact with each other. So the guy and his goat were stuck together like LEGO blocks when he had um... relations with it. So, do I win anything?

Btw, I stumbled on your blog today and enjoyed it very much. Some people don't seem to get it though. The part about making silly comments and inviting people to get all serious about them. Sometimes it's fun to watch people freak. It seems like some participants are wound like springs, just waiting to release their tension. This is kinda like dragging a stick along a fence to activate the guard dog's barking mechanism.

As if posting, "Go" weren't enough to tip them off.

But I get it (I hope... otherwise I might be one of "them"!) and I appreciate the humor in it.

This is a place where Mr. Adams can be funny in ways that would be unacceptable in the cartoon strip, because it's not on everyone's kitchen table with the coffee and cereal.

Many of the replies are funny too. Not just the people who had their buttons pushed, but the people that have a sense of humor. I mean, it was written by a humorist, no?

Thanks for a very entertaining blog. Another reason not to get out more!

Anyway, I hope that someone will comment on my analysis of the LEGO analogy. I hope I'm right. And really, who doesn't need a little affirmation now and then.


Nowhere do you mention that the violator was or was not wearing protection... and by protection I mean steel underpants, those ravaged goats have a murderous kick.


Scott, you are a control freak, this is a serious problem. Let go of it, just a bit. You just can not control what people do with your work. You need to learn this. Otherwise you will end up living in a ditch shouting "THEY STOLE MY WORK!" at people passing by.


Lego on his goat?

D. Mented

Did you mean "going all Lincoln Log" on the goat?
Otherwise, I'm curious about the reference.
And...Is it just men, or are there some Catherine the Greats out there? If you're going to give the bestiality report I'd like to see equal time.
(maybe it's just the women are less exhibitionist about it. I did have a friend that - in private - liked to let the dog lick her where dogs always try to lick.
....D. Mented


Okay, I have to say it.
It's "bestiality", not "beastiality" or whatever bizarre spellings people are inventing. Apologies if your first language isn't English, extra lashes if it is!

I've heard of putting lipstick on a pig, but I always assumed it wasn't literal...


But scooooott, the goat is a living thing. Sure, it will eat anything and shits wherever it wants, but it is a living thing. Plus, there were no carbon copies of that goat. Stealing that goat made the man have one less. Plus, now the screwer can sell the goat milk and the owner can't, being that you can't make carbon copies of goats. I mean. That goat was one of a kind, it was special, and screwing it was like screwing the owner.

Except...he probably wouldn't have to marry the owner.


The problem is that Sudan is a patriarchical society, especially so in the more rural regions. If you want to have sex with a woman, you have to ask her father first. And you need to make a marriage contract and have it properly witnessed before being allowed to "enjoy the (women's) private parts" (or, apparently, the goat's private parts).

If you can get away with humping your neighbor's goat without a proper contract, it's a slippery slope that quickly leads to getting away with enjoying your neighbor's daughter's private parts without a proper contract, and we can't have that, can we? So one short sharp shock later the goat-humper finds himself married to a hooved animal.

If he's lucky he's living in a region where the so-called "Triple Talaq" can be used (it is a somewhat controversial procedure, and some Islamic nations have outlawed it). If the goat becomes an inconvenience at any time, he just says "talaq, talaq, talaq" ("I divorce you", three times) and the goat is left to fend for its own again (although it retains the use of its dowry).

Apparently some modern muslims find this too cumbersome; if you're an Islamic wife and receive a text message on your phone with these words, you may just have been divorced.

The Triple Talaq is also legal in India, so if you outsource policymaking to India, Americans will likely soon enjoy quick divorces that don't involve a trip to Reno, Nevada.

Charles Teasley


You wrote about how your original book was downloaded a million times. I admit I was one of them. Of the million, let's optimistically say 600,000 people actually read it. I for one did, but no offense, I never would have bought it. Hence, I didn't read your sequel. To me, the 1000 copies sold of the sequel means that 599,000 people shared my opinion. I believe the marketing strategy was genius. I just didn't think the book was. I think that could be said about most of the copyright violations you're complaining about. If I download a song for personal use (illegally of course), I never would of purchased that song to begin with. Most music today is so mediocre at best. I think that these artist mistakenly assume that every stolen copy of their art, would have been purchased. Where I agree with you is that when the stolen art is used to turn a profit. That is why I applaud you for allowing personal use of your comic strips.

LA Clay

Zsa Zsa Gabors Husband! Now I get it!

E. van As

A goat can hardly be considered 'intellectual property'. Unless you can learn it not to shit on the carpet.


First you talk about the dear in the ditch, now the sheep of the nehbor, give the humping animal stories a rest, we know you want to get giggy but don't tell us your fantisies, we are all skared for life.

Don G

Again, the new husband wasn't violating the owner's rights, just his goat.

Edward Garbowski

Do you work at my job somewhere and we haven't met yet?


Let me be the first to say:


Funny, but EWWWWWWWWW!!!


Going all Lego? I'm confused by the reference too. The closest I can get to "goat" from Lego is the root, Leg Godt, or "play well" in Dutch. Nothing about Sudan, goats or sex.

Otherwise, keep up the good blogs... I look forward to 'em everyday.


Well, having sex with a goat is bizarre behavior certainly, and probably indicative of a mental illness, but I don't see anyone getting hurt here. PETA nuts may have a different opinion, however.

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