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Paving Slabs UK

It is good thinking

Webkinz Lover

I have all of your books and your calender. Go Bears!

How about some gambling game just like on the real Webkinzs World site? Spin the wheel or the slots to earn cash...starting teaching them young.


Hey, who has the erotic game, Tetris, where naked guys and gals matches up? I DL from a few locations, but the .exe file doesn't work. Can someone send me a copy of the game? Thanks.

Email: [email protected]

angeles book los store used

Life begins at conception, begins at birth - Or come up with another stage and develop a different persuasive speech topic

guinness beer tap handle

My mind is like a fog, not that it matters. I just don't have much to say these days. That's how it is. I haven't been up to anything recently.

catalina 270 and sail boat

Life begins at conception, begins at birth - Or come up with another stage and develop a different persuasive speech topic


if the virtual boyfriend flirts with other girls, do you get credits toward a virtual therapist to help you cope?


Scott, the adult game is a disaster!

I was online with the cutest/handsomest virtual young male you have ever imagined (well maybe not YOU...but)
Anyway.. I had him dressing so handsomely and running errands etc.
I gave him everything he could possibly want.

THEN.. I left the damned cumputer on and my guy-friend entered a beautiful too-young female into the picture!
And,of course, my young virtual fella ended up in her bedroom.
Next thing ya know.. there were virtual babies and all that crap!

Now.. we have to issue virtual condoms and support the little darlin's...

Besides all of that I believe there were DVDs copied of their intimacy and they are now appearing everywhere.

Since he was 20 something and SHE was under 18.. we are in for some haevy trouble! (damned males have to pick-out girls half their age)

SO? NOW...what do you think of THAT??



John Cz

I hope the media never realizes that they have the power to control the population of any given area. If a report of a suicide generates copy-cat suicides and then they report on those, which in turn generates more suicides ...., pretty soon suicides are increasing exponetially. An evil developer could use this to by pass eminent domain. All they would do is report a suicide in a targeted area to the media. When every one is dead, they just make afrivoilous offer to buy up the previously occupied land.

Sharon H

Obviously, there are many more comments by male fans of this blog.

Here's the real secret...if you are a middleaged woman out there trying to date, then you know the REAL secret.

They're ALL virtual boyfriends at this date in time. No form, no substance, needing space and taking yours, and firm believers in the woman paying her share even if the glass ceiling is omnipresent and she's making one-third of what he makes.

And -- oh yeah, he keeps tabs on her figure, not minding how he looks, and insists on meals-only dates, where he's picked the restaurant, because, of course, he pays only half of the tab and he drinks a lot more than sher does.

I've experience this multiple times -- and oh yeah, no spider venom in the drinks, either (dammit).


To add to the Neopets posts:

This was more fun the first time it came out... 9 years ago... it is called "Neopets". And as someone else posted, it is free.


ever played xtet? its a tetris game with naked men and women as the blocks. u gotta mate them in the right positions to score :)
mail me if u want the game


Ever heard about a virtual pet game called neopets? It was the first one of those out there. I was adicted to it for five years. On the bright side, I can type alot faster now. If you want to check it out, you can make a free acount on the website,

Ajay Mishra

I have a game idea that extends the original one. It has 3 rounds.

1. History: VBF will be quizzed (of course indirectly) about his past -his present. But careful avoidance of even a hint of the future.

2. Mystery: The VBF starts playing the 'game' in mysterious ways. The VBF keeps on wondering the "real question" - behind the 'hints'. IF the VBF gets the question RIGHT - he gets kicked on his balls, followed by 'incessant sobbing" and "do you think, I am that type of a girl". The VBF is enrolled on a 'sensitivity training class'. VBF starts feeling suicidal, of course he is 'forgiven'. Mystery starts again, - she has a project in her hands. The game gets so intense, that the VBF starts thinking - Maybe = Yes.

3 Evolution: This is the ultimate round. VBF goes through multiple 'tests'. The rules are secret (of course changeable - without any prior notice). The scores are confidential.

One fine day: the VBF opens his mailbox : and he gets that " LIFO kinda mail in his inbox: - before the VGF hits the 'delete account - start over again"

PS: LIFO - secret code that means Last IN First Out ( thats the VGF). The best part in this game is that she doesnt even have to say " we could be friends"


My brother has a couple of those Webkinz things and I was just saying the other day how good an idea it is. Some of his friends have bought like 10 of the stuffed animals. Whoever thought this one up must be fucking loaded


My brother has a couple of those Webkinz things and I was just saying the other day how good an idea it is. Some of his friends have bought like 10 of the stuffed animals. Whoever thought this one up must be fucking loaded

Roby Bang

I know someone who got into the Webkinz craze, and it's like Beanie Babies meets the Sims. And the saddest thing here is the online part isn't just to entertain the kids to enjoy their pet better, we live in a capitalist environment. They don't give a rat's behind what you do the doll once you buy it. The site also helps advertise new Webkinz based on seeing other people's pets, so they can sell more Webkinz. So virtual boyfriends would have to work like this: You go online to do whatever with him, and then you see someone else's more attractive virtual boyfriend which makes you want to go out and get another. It's like real life, but more shallow!

~~Roby Bang


Ooo, ooo.

Make the boyfriend listen to your Plan for achieving something relatively simple like going shopping or putting up a cupboard. Insist that he 'signs up' to the plan by making interested noises, saying things like 'That's great' and 'I'll get right on it'. It is important that he becomes emotionally invested in the plan.

Then change the plan. Insist that even greater noises of enthusiasm and agreement greet the revised Plan.


The boyfriend can't be said to be properly trained until he can go through this sequence fifty times without his head exploding.

[I just spit Diet Coke on my monitor. -- Scott]


i like this comment from the above article!!
" If he scratches his crotch or passes gas during an online dinner party, he gets no virtual sex for a week. "
hmm might try that with my bf!


Why not a Virtual "Weirdo keeping a prisoner in a hole" game like in Silence of the Lambs? That'll keep the neighbor kids off your lawn!

Don G

After being present during a long chat with her friends he has to know each of their names, dating status, shoe size, and most hated habit of men.

A night without any for each wrong question

Listo Entertainment

You are funny when you are sexist.


[What other form of bestiality is there?]
You obviously didn't see my date last night...


This is only for milk money, but here goes....

A virtual camping game.

Lots o guys go camping and pitch a tent. My wife sells her panties. Everyone is happy.


No game ideas, but one question: Does your wife read your blog?


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