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Not sure if anyone has already mentioned this, but check out


Nice comic strip for Labour Day, Scott. Elbonians making running shoes... Now, _that_ was a trillion dollar idea. (Man! Is Dilbert really that dogbertish?!)


"And the basis of banning production of unlicenced porn? The good old laws of public morality; which in this age also bans that most blogged-about topic on this blog - animal bestiality.

Posted by: vishalrix"

What other form of bestiality is there?


What a sad little strip today. The spring in my inexpensive step has gone.


could you do one from the opposite p.o.v.? a virtual gf the man controls?


You could have a feature where the Virtual Boyfriend complements the woman on the dress they are wearing that night.

No you don't look fat in that
Yes the colour suits you
No I'm not just saying that

All you would need is to plug a Cray supercomputer into the server to handle the complex permuatations of not actually giving an opinion whilst not sounding as if your avoiding direct questions.

I'm sure that if Bill Gates and Steve Jobs joined their programmers together we could have some code to do this by the end of this century...


looks alot like "The Sims" game.


It looks alot like "The Sims" game.


looks alot like "The Sims" game.


that u come up with this stuff in the absence of narcotics is but testament to the elasticity of the human mind!

Kevin Kunreuther

The Game: M I FAT?
You mission: chase BF thru maze shouting within ear range, "Am I Fat?". If he is in range of hearing, he must answer. If answer acceptable, he gets a few moments peace. If answer is not acceptable, he is obliterated in harangue of tears and accusations.

The Goose

It’s the “owner’s” job to make the virtual boyfriend eat right, exercise, look for a job, and trim his nose hair. If he scratches his crotch or passes gas during an online dinner party, he gets no virtual sex for a week.


Now, what's the fun in that??? Are we thinking that's the fun/interesting/challenging part of having a boyfriend? Because it's not, it's the "dear lord, I'm dating a monkey" part of having a boyfriend.


Well. As your target market, Let me list all the things I want in my VBF (hey, free consumer research!).

Must want lots and lots of sex.

Must not want children.

Must have an ability to entertain himself for long periods of time, without demanding my attention. This can take any number of forms, including but not limited to watching/playing sports, hanging out with his buddies, playing video games, or whatever doesn't involve him banging some other chick.

Must be willing to listen to stories about spider hunting, molecular biology, and other scienc-ey, academic type crap.

Must tolerate the high level of entropy in my house.

Needs to have some passion. Even if its video games. I don't care. Something.

Bonus points for enjoying a good read, liking to travel, and love of sushi and hasenpfeffer.

You build me that VBF, and I will be hooked like a methhead with a disorganized sock drawer.




Oh crap, I just realised I'm living in a Matrix like system where I'm actually just part of a game. I wonder if people are doing things to me to play with my illusion of free will?


Just as Webkinz comes with a stuffed animal, would the, uh, webguys come with an, uh, uh, dildo type thing with a guy doll attached.


Nice touch~
"Your virtual puppy WILL DIE if you don't keep playing."

There's money in finding things to which people will become addicted.
A nice virtual game would involve wire heading, wherein people can receive direct electrical brain stimulation.

And think of the possibility of matrix style control with something like that. Fascists would drool.

You're MY little puppy now.


Woman types: "Which of my friends would you most like to sleep with?"

Oh, hell. The more realistic the AI for the vbf is, the more computer monitors are going to need side protection to shield against bitch-slaps.

Then again, maybe we need the number-crunching ability of computers to find the 'correct' answer to "Does this make me look fat?"


Wow, so many bitter comments from the men! As if trying to change an SO is the sole province of women.

If I had a nickel for each time that a male SO tried to change me into LESS than what I am, I'd have at LEAST one Steinway grand by now. Maybe even two concert grands. Men's reaction to me seems to be, "Oh, look at the cute little girl engineer. Let's see if we can break it and bend it and mold it and contort it into our liking!"

And, while I naively thought that it would be a nice break for said men (usually fellow engineers) to have a rational female around, they invariably treated me like a brainless, irrational cream puff ... and me, with a brain the size of a planet ... (pardon the gratuitous Marvin reference, but I do have a Ph.D. in electrical engineering pending as soon as the school gets its act together).

While most of the men I attempted to date would have settled for simply lobotomizing me into the imbecilic cream puff of their dreams, the one before last wasn't going to be satisfied with anything less than pounding me into a beaten down husk, to quote a fellow commenter (male). Even the current SO--the best of a bad lot--would much rather that I did far less than I do; he would be far more comfortable if I were far less capable than I am. Luckliy for me, however, he is willing to tolerate me the way I am ... for the most part. And that's a happy first.

And would I change him? Hell no--I can't imagine what the outcome would be, and, since I am terribly fond of him exactly the way he is, I would never risk it.

Billy B

I've pretty much gotten over having anything to do with the Insane Chicks Society. And I don't give a fig what they do online as long as they leave me alone. They just keep getting more bat shit crazy, needy and greedy.

I'm just waiting for virtual reality to get here so I can have really good sex without using my hand.
Billy B


The battle of the sexes goes on and on. Girls from time immemorial have their mysterious wants and needs. Boys at the early stage will be boys and still think more of baseball or their new bike before girls. It is only after they catch a glimpse of the budding beauty and feminique form that their hormones kick in. How about a game that rewards boys for appearing bad and to ignore the girls so that they will fall for him? The boy looses points if he is really nice to the girls as many times this makes them very good friends but not much else. The challenge for the girls will be to “change” the “bad boy” to make him presentable to others. Oh wait….. this has all been done before by several bad Hollywood movie scripts (or was it Shakespeare?). Darn, it is hard to be creative when you are the end result of millions of years of human evolution and all the good stuff has been done or thought of by your ancestors. Think I’ll eat some worms.

jerry w

Having a virtual girlfriend might be a lot like having a real one, except when it moves up to wife status and then blows all up in your face, you most likely will be able to keep your house.

That's unless, of course, your virtual girlfriend finds a better virtual lawyer.

But now saying the term virtual lawyer, it seems like it ought to be an oxymoron. Kind of like "pimple free teenagers" except I think that would be an oxymoron-5.


Dude, I totally warned you against getting married. Now you're turning into a misogynista. Does your wife read this shit? No virtual sex for you for a week.


My game idea is one where you avatar has to perambulate through a pack of kittens while buckets of potato salad fall from the sky.


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awesome philosotainment for today! thanx for the laughs. keep it up.

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