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prefabrik yapı

Some think politics is an art form.
Well, to me, boxing is like ballet,
except there's no music,
no choreography,
and the dancers hit each other


Want to start your private office arms race?

I just got my own USB rocket launcher :-) Awsome thing.

Plug into your computer and you got a remote controlled office missile launcher with 360 degrees horizontal and 45 degree vertival rotation with a range of more than 6 meters - which gives you a coverage of 113 square meters round your workplace.
You can get the gadget here:

Check out the video they have on the page.


Jacob Roder

onna monopia

FINALLY, someone in Alabama is - er, um, kicking this off.


Turns out it's about as real as the "pro wrestling" we get on TV!

Jade Morgan

Dude. You have read my mind. Ever since I heard about that, I've longed for the day that our gov't adopted it. I'd love to see Barbara Lee open a can of whoop-ass.

Hell, I'd run for gov't myself just to hand out a few nipple tweaks and pile drivers.


I thought male geeks perfered to brawl linguistically.

Don't we already have plenty of that sort of mental fisticuffs in the US government, for you?

Honestly, I would rather see a resurgance of court jesters. And not just on tv (or on the comics page and internet), but actually posted in all three branches of the governmental tree. Officially sposored creative satire and humorous mocking of insane policies might do everyone some good. Though, these days, the guy in the oval office probably takes care of this job himself.

Anyone have a lute and a hat with bells?

admiral krunch

I think most early 19th century frenchmen or 1st century BC Romans would agree that dictatorships aren't always worse that "democracies"

Don G

Let's get Arnold out of California and into DC. That would boost ratings. Arnold says "Yes." Are you going to oppose him?


Kill Bill, get it?


Well, a fight just broke out at a Boston Pops concert, and the AP covered it, with video. You should send them a bill for your consulting services.


I seem to recall reading about some fisticuffs (and people getting whacked with canes) in our own government's history. Are we a better nation now that we've put ourselves "above" that sort of thing? I'm not so sure.


Interesting, I keep thinking of Democracy for Iraq and wonder what should happen there? And after what happens is the Job "Done"

John M

I would pay more if Nancy P kicks Dubya while asking " where the hell is that Penicostle hiding" Followed by Al Gore yelling 'you cant run but not hide.. mission accomplished my ass"... I would pay more than I would for any playboy subscription.. for sure... CSpan - would, I bet start making money - courtsey Google Ads..

I wonder though, if it would require Google to Change its Algorithms, to include 'commonly ignored propositions in the search" ...


In Croatia there is congresman (Mirko Filipovic) which can take and make some punches. Please check

"In November 2003, Filipović ran as a non-party candidate on the Social Democratic Party list in parliamentary elections and attained a seat in the Croatian Parliament. He focused on questions regarding the funding of the police force. He has since announced that when his term ends in November, he will return to the Croatian Anti-Terrorist Squad"


We currently don't have cable, but I'd sign up in a heartbeat to see a cage match on the congress floor. But even better was Jerry's idea to let us (the taxpayers) in on the action. That, I would gladly pay for.

LA Clay

It was that way in better, more dignified times. That's why the carpets are red in congress, to hide the blood after sword play. I kid you not.


I disagree. Democracy is good only if the citizens are intelligent enough to make good political choices. In the Philippines we have democracy and all the people ever elect are clowns, celebrities, basketball players and (pretty soon) a professional boxer. (WITH NO POLITICAL EXPERIENCES or other qualifications at all)

Michael Turton

Hi Scott:

It is easy to make fun of Taiwan's legislature, but the glimpse that you get from the foreign media sadly fails to convey the complexity of politics here in Taiwan, and sadly does not enable foreigners to grasp what's going on.

Essentially, the pro-China parties in the legislature want to overturn Taiwan's Central Election Commission (CEC), which has managed to make Taiwan's elections some of the fairest in the world, much better run than those in Taiwan. Because they have a slim majority, the pro-democracy side is frequently forced to resort to outre tactics to prevent the passage of profoundly anti-democracy legislation. The brawling will continue -- but against the long history of political violence here, which saw the deaths of tens of thousands, a few brawls in the legislature are nothing.

Of course, this is not very surprising. When it comes to Taiwan the world media has simply fallen down on the job. In some cases it has been captured by the Dark Side -- the BBC is profoundly pro-China on the Taiwan issue, for example -- in others it simply thoughtlessly regurgitates Beijing's viewpoints as if they were facts, or incorporates Beijing's talking points into its own discourse as if they were serious analysis rather than political propaganda. Frequently foreign publications turn to their Beijing correspondents for Taiwan reporting, which is rather like getting your Inside the Beltway reporting from correspondents based in Melbourne. As I noted in a letter a couple of months back when AP had a Hong Kong-based reporter write on our Vice President's bid for the DPP Presidential nomination...

....Beijing frames the discourse.

"The "scum of the nation" story is an excellent example of how this works. Instead of selecting one of the numerous other possible angles on Lu -- Lu the politician, Lu the feminist, Lu the activist, Lu the Taiwanese -- AP chose to lead with what Bejing said. This constant and reflexive use of verbiage from Beijing to frame Taiwan continues throughout the article. Elsewhere in the article the writer, a Hong Kong Chinese, refers to "Beijing's sacred view" of its claim to Taiwan. Once again, we get Beijing's take on things. Once again, Beijing frames Taiwan. Why not Taiwan's "sacred view" of its own independence and Democracy?"

Yes, it sucks that Taiwan legislators brawl. But the alternatives to a few brawls in the legislature are a lot worse. Like, not living in a democracy, for example.



Good thing I'm from Texas. Chuck Norris lives here! :)



I had to pause a long time to consider whether a Democracy is better than a Dictatorship. In fact, I think a lot of Dictatorships are run on a premise of Democracy. I suppose being able to choose tyrant #1 or tyrant #2 is better than just getting stuck with any crappy ole tyrant. *shrug*


While they're fighting, they're not taxing, inflating, or invading other countries.

So, yeah, we need to adopt this system pronto.


Good thing I'm from Texas. Chuck Norris lives here! :)



I remember a story about the Parliament in Taiwan, where there was a bill that was up for debate and a woman tried to physically eat the bill because she disagreed with it.


How long d these brawls last in Taiwan?

A few years ago in Canada, out prime minister graped a protester who was getting too clone to him by the neck and started shaking him. His rating skyrocketed.

Also, more recently, one of our MPs got up and challenged anther to a fight. The speaker stoped it right there, sadly.

Himanshu Narvekar

Welcome to India!

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