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Ron Paul is the only candidate who's spoken the truth about the iRaq war and middle east policy. Bloomberg never will for reasons you unwittingly alluded to in your post.

Ben Stuart

Jews aren't permited to asume the presidency. It's a law. Or constitutional ammentment. If you pay attention to those.


Who hates gates for selling windows?

Nobody as far as I can tell.

Hate him for being an over-agressive napoleon prick, yes. Hate him for doing everything in his warchest to make sure that, if he can't win, he'll at least kill the competition, yes. Hate him for lying and getting away with it when Joe Blow would be looking at some serious time alone with Bubba, yes.

Selling windows? No. Don't think so.


If GWB was elected, I think anything goes...


In related news, fruit flies have free will.


He's doing everything SHORT TERM to look good on paper and doing NOTHING long term. He is also one of the worst abusers of eminent domain in the country and he's either letting slide the real tough job that was done by Giulianni.

Hes pro open borders and pro iraq war.and given the new york mind set (heavily pro israel for obvious reaons) we'll be plunged into a war with iran on top of iraq


Hey, DilbertWhore:

I suggest you get some science yourself before accusing others of not having read the studies that, by the way, they have read.

Try using "the Google" for starters:

and even the more informal but nonetheless citation-including article in WebMD:

which says, "The American Heart Association (AHA) recommends limiting trans fats to no more than 1% of total calories and saturated fats to less than 7% of total calories."

1% is not very much!

Why don't you read a few studies yourself -- there are far more than 6, by the way -- before you start accusing others of something you seem yourself to have done?

The life you save may be your own.


Bloomberg becoming President would mean that one of my worst nightmares has come true.

You site his draconian efforts to legislate smoking bans and trans-fat bans. Both are issues that have nothing to do with the rights of smokers/eaters or the rights of non-smokers/non-eaters. It deals with the fundamental issue of private property rights and personal choices. Don't want to be somewhere that offers a smoking or fatty section? Simple. Don't go there. Problem solved. Bloomberg would love to legislate a national bedtime next. (Note: I do not smoke and also try to eat healthy.)

Overall, Bloomberg continually steps over the line. Research his use of his personal fortune to illegally attack the legal business of firearm dealers across the country. Here's a link that will get you started:

Virginia Warns Bloomberg on New Gun Law

VA had to pass a new law saying that Bloomberg wasn't allowed to use illegal sting operations in their state. That's pretty messed up when that's necessary.

He's also started a very misleading coalition of Mayors Against Illegal Guns.

That webpage's info doesn't look too bad on the surface. I'm a gun rights advocate and I'm also against illegal guns myself. However, mayors are dropping out left and right because they realize and are reporting that the coalition's main purpose is to remove all guns from our society, including those owned by law-abiding citizens for self-defense.

Bloomberg? I say nay. We need to return to what made our country great. Think to yourself how you would define the "American Dream". Do you think of onerous government regulations that choke the free market and personal liberties? Or rather, do you think of the ability to work hard, produce, make something of yourself, and be free to pursue happiness?

Bloomberg somehow defines it as the former.


Not a chance...

Short and Jewish we could live with, but competent???

As an example see the present administration, and previous administration, and the one before that....

I see a disturbing trend here.


Run Mike Run!
We need a fresh, competent person to lead this country.



The only Republican candidate I'd even consider after the debate highlights I saw was McCain. The notion a presidential candidate at all would ever consider torture is exactly why these folks don't deserve to be president. They have no morals.

The fact that they would make statements implying they'd allow torture is even worse and more wessely. I am sorry Republicans but you have 1 candidate. Rudi has significantly turned me off the more I see of him. The Moron's own comments make me terrified of him. He switches position more then Hef at an orgy.

Seriously if Rudi mentions 9/11 anymore I am inclined to start just saying 9/11 infront of every comment I make. He is the ultimate exploiter of a bad situation.

Plus the guys an idiot. What kind of moron puts your anti-terrorism command center in a huge terrorist target.


Going after public smoking and trans fat isn't leading that is just following the headlines. Smoking kills smokers. Any one who reads the actual science knows casual exposure to second hand smoke is annoying but not harmful. If I locked you in a windowless room with a pack a day smoker for 10 years you will suffer but if you go to a bar with smoke in it once a week for a couple of hours you will not be harmed. Trans fat is just another fad diet scare like cholesterol in the 80's. If they really cared about food they would still cook fries in lard so they taste good.


[Could a short, Jewish, highly competent guy get elected president?]
No, it is worldwide knowledge that americans only want a mirror of themselves for president, if the guy results better than expected, then there is ever a good sexual scandal to fix things (a trick that only works on america as the rest of the world would just think of it as unimportant).

About the free will posts ... well, after reading the article it is obvious to me that the experiment, instead of "free will", it demonstrates that fruit fly brains and reactions are more complex than what our oversimplification would like, and that we dont know much about its internals. But, of course, it is more appealing to call it free will, althought the defenders of that concept would deny it on flies and other not human living beings. Weird World :).

Ben Fulton

Schwarzenegger said he could fund his own campaigns and be beholden to no one as well - until after the election. Then he was out whoring for money with all the others. Bloomberg would most likely be the same way.

jamie, derby

Bill - do you read your own posts? Safer cigarettes - sureley thats an oxymoron?

The Writer Formerly Known as CC


Smoking doesn't kill non-smokers? Do you live under a rock of un-education? Seriously bud.. it's called secondhand smoke and along with it come all the fun diseases like cancer, COPD, emphysema etc.
Heather Crowe was a waitress for 40 years who got cancer from second-hand smoke working at a restaurant in Canada and pushed for banning smoking in public places.
I guess if you had to pay for public healthcare you'd want to ban public smoking too. Why should I pay for the moron who can't put down the cancer stick long enough to let others breathe?

Can you take Bill off the voters list?


Roll back the turnup truck.... By going after smoking and transfat he's totally following the NY Times liberal agenda. Republicans will never embrace a democrat wearing republican clothing; that's John McCain will never get the Republican nomination.

And Arnold Swchar... in CA proved he's a social conservative when it came down to it, much to the horror of the hollywood gay community...


Roll back the tutnup truck.... By going after smoking and transfat he's totally following the NY Times liberal agenda. Republicans will never embrace a democrat wearing republican clothing; that's John McCain will never get the Republican nomination.

And Arnold Swchar... in CA proved he's a social conservative when it came down to it, much to the horror of the hollywood gay community...


Hmm, is he goat-friendly? If goats had the right to vote, would it make a difference?

Dan the Man

1st, someone that switches parties basically JUST to get elected is not the type of guy I want as president. Secondly, stay away from my personal choices. OK, maybe smoking can affect other people's helath so that one might be OK. But the trans fat in restuarants issue? Next, the government will be telling me what I can/can't eat in my home!!!! I thought we cherished our personal freedoms in this country!


No one who wants to rule should be allowed to...


on the actual question, I doubt it, but who konws. You might have a serious diplomacy problem in the middel east. And american president who's a jew? double up on hadtred.


"Sad fact: No reliable study has ever proven a link between second-hand smoke and disease. Anecdotal observation: Up until 25 years ago 75% of the adult population of this country smoked. If there were one word of truth in any second-hand smoke study we'd all be fuckin dead."

Really jim, so the fact that virtually every single occupation that has a high level of exposure to second hand smoke has a lower average living age doesn't count? Or that you can actually meausure the particles? I guess you just don't trust those cheesy scientists, probably all paid off by that huge anti tobacco lobby- or is it the other side that has all that cash?

And true everyone is-or was exposed to second hand smoke, but second hand smoke- like smoking is a slow killer, you might even die of something else first- but on average it will shorten you life by a few years (so will being a chemist- but what the hell it's fun)

Thomas C

Tho, don't get me wrong, I believe that there should be smoking restaurants. The non-smoking employees and patrons should simply choose not to work at or dine there.

Thomas C

Sorry, I left out a phrase

Smoking, Bill, is almost as deadly - if not as deadly - to the people around smokers as the smokers themselves

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