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Vladlena Nyzhnik

Couldn’t agree more! I appreciate your article and agree. Thanks!

Parley paz

Thanks for sharing!! I think your knowledge about shoes is awesome.


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I think you are right on about the Footwear theory. Women tend to have more pairs than men, thus our different moods, thus men having a very hard time understanding us or reading us. Men may only have a few pairs, but they basically express the same moods: lazy, busy at work, or in the mood for love.


That's a great theory you have told us but some times the theory dosn't works so the men is perfect then every thing is perfect. There are many ways to seduce a women and at that time when having a love between man and women no one remembers about shoes becuse they are to much excited. But this is true man cant understand women till death.


No wonder why poor people in the western world generally are being seen as lazy. According to your Footwear Theory of Motivation they are always in "relax mode" since they can't afford shoes.

Matthew C

People should always take their shoes off at the door. Dont be afraid to ask your lady visitor to remove her shoes. Seduction or not, it will keep the place cleaner.

Catbert's Evil Sibling Rolfbert

Just a suggestion: invest in a small sheepskin rug...invite guest to run her toes through it. "I just found this at World Market, what do you think? Where should I put it?" Talking casually about home decor is nesting behavior, should relax your guest and encourage her to view you favorably. Bonus points if you have a fireplace with a lit fire and glasses of wine at the ready.


Hi! This is secret to seduction:

1: Get her to your place.
2: Get her to get drunk.
3: Get her to take off her shoes.
4: Get her to kiss you.
5: Get her to your bed.
6: Get her to take off your clothes.
7: Get her to make sex with you.
8: Get her to sleep.
9: Get her to regret what she did in the morning.
10: Get her to leave in a hurry.
11: Get her to not answer your phone calls.

Works like a bomb!

The second secret to seduction is:
1: Get her to your place.
2: Get her to remove all her clothes and lie on your bed feeling mighty lonely.


What about the Finish , Korean , Japenese people.
They take their shoes off in restuarants , their homes.

Dmitry Z

Years of playboy lifestyle tell me that your boss is, generally, right. Of course, what he says is more true in the US, where taking off shoes in people's houses is not a requirement. In former Soviet Union, it is. Therefore, locally, I'd put it another stimulus, such as sharing any drink in front of a TV screen.


You simple-minded people. How many times has Scott told you not to believe him?

If your footwear changes your mood, or whatever, I can see how free will would be a foreign concept to you.

I thought everyone could figure out that if a girl takes off her shoes at your place, it was generally 10-15 minutes before the last article of clothing came off. I highly doubt the same holds true if you, say, dripped some mustard on her shoes or something.

Besides, it reminds of the old recipe for rabbit stew:

First, catch a rabbit.


I can't remember the name of it but athletes do some thing similare. By acting a certain way before an event, putting on shoes, or picking up the bat etc they go in to a mental zone to do that thing.
The hardest one is for bi-athletes who go from having a high heart rate from ski-ing to needing a low one for the shooting. They have a mental touchstone that changes their bodies.
You'r right its quite well known.


A fellow I knew in college had the theory that your choice of footwear in the morning dictates who you can be that day. For instance, a woman who puts on heels in the morning is not, generally, going to get herself into situations where fleeing is mandatory, so perhaps she will be more reserved and not pick any fights. A man who puts on flip-flops won't be juggling knives that day.

From there, the discussion becomes more philosophical: Do you pick shoes that suit what you expect to do that day, in which case your shoes are an expression of who you want to be, or in fact do the shoes make the (wo)man? Kind of chicken-and-eggish.

Barry Dons

I cannot go barefoot, I need my shoes

John Davis

I wish my wife went barefoot, the amount of money I would save for her nasty shoe buying habit :)


With me it's my wristwatch: When I want to get into a working mood, I put it on. When I want to relax, I have to take it off.

Simon Wilcox

Alec Guinness, the famous actor, once commented that the most important part of getting into character was finding the right shoes. Once he had the right pair of shoes for the part, the character came naturally from that.


I where the same shoes for everything and can not stay focused to save my life...that makes so much sense now...


Excellent tip!

Especially useful for those with a foot fetish...

Brian Liston


The funny thing is, kind of like a siefeld episode. I recall one time in my youth driving to visit a friend of the opposite sex. We were just friends mind you, but since it was a long car ride for some odd reason after an hour or so of hanging out with her my feet started hurting. I nonchalantly removed my shoes, and continued on in our dialogue. Soon after, She suddenly started acting extremely moody and irritated and told me she wasn't feeling well, had a migraine and I should promptly leave. Now this explains it...


So what if you never wear shoes inside the house and force all your guests to take off their shoes too? The dinner party just got interesting ...

Dossy Shiobara

Scott, now you understand why women obsess over shoes and own so many different kinds. :-)

I'd be afraid of a man who owns more than 5 pairs of shoes. He's overambitious. *chuckle*


So have you tried this theory on your wife by getting her stillettos?


Interesting observation to say the least. As I was reading your post I thought about Pavlov (and was going to post something about this) but then you had to add that to the end. =)

As someone that only owns three pairs of shoes I think this 'motivation' is strongly based around the Mr. Roger's principle of having a shoe for every occassion but this post actually motivates me to investigate buying more shoes (if only to be able to control my own motivation) =)

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