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Universal Life Church

Very well thought out post. Thanks for the good reading material. You gave me some things to think about.

Melanie Stephan

You can read more of what God had to say during the month of Aug. 2007, on this website Non-Prophet, Are you going to Hell? Melanie also gives PROOF that God made contact on this site. The proof is in the story of 3 famous people Mike Douglas, Merv Griffin and Nancy Reagan. I hope you get it. God went to a lot of trouble to get his message out. He is also worried about all of his creations.
God had more to say on Aug. 15, 2007. God said this: "We each die in succession, then we are born on the same day."


Hm. I think Sheikh is actually pronounced more like "shake" than it is like "sheek" (otherwise the French wouldn't know the difference between "fashionable" and "oppressive Muslim leader". Oh, wait...)

Also, I think there's a kind of guttural sound on the end of the word "Sheikh". Like "shake", but with a clearing-your-throat sound on the end of it.

Melanie Stephan

Hi Shiek, I have a very big story to tell you and it is not about web design, spagetti, electronics or job performance. I have mostly been going to christian sites, but heck, we are all in the same boat. Then I never really associated with Church people. Never go to Church myself, hate the music and they always ask for money. The big story is this: Jesus came and talked to me for several months. He talked about the beginning and the end. He came with me to the top of a hill and showed me where the Earth was once covered by a great Ocean. He showed me the fossils and the smooth stones polished by the tides. He brought Neb to talk to me about the dinosaurs. He spoke of the end and the difficult times ahead. He spoke of Judgment Day. He told me the meaning of first is last and last is first, Birth in Heaven is Last. Jesus told me the meaning of the numbers. He spend months talking to me and told me a number of things mostly about what is in Revelation. He did not tell me when he was coming back or if everyone would see him. He left me with thoughts of him and what he wants me to do with all of the things he told me. One more thing not only did Jesus talk with me, so did the Father and the Holy Ghost. Last of all I love science, I can prove that there is a God. No one is interested. The biggest question ever asked and I have proof. Maybe scientists would be more interested in the proof that Church people. Melanie Stephan

Ashish Banerjee

Sheikh Adams,
I Thank God (if It exists), for the comma between "eat" and "poop". :)



my first (and in all likelihood the last) visit to your blog and quite disappointing, the humour is in bad taste, even for a post tagged 'nonsense' I expect some thing witty and not offensive to another culture.

Adventures In Money Making

maybe you should a link contest like

have people put a link to this site with the tag of Sheikh. With enough links, searching for 'sheikh' on a search engine will return this site first!


May I pronounce your name as Sheek( as in Kebab) A-dumbs( the B being silent of course) in honour of your brilliance and cultural awareness in this great post.




I'm sure somebody has mentioned this by now, but the "h" isn't silent. The letters "kh" together just make a sound that there is no letter for in English, so they just put two letters together and hope that it sounds about right.

My last name is the same way... I have a "q" with no "u" after it (the name is "Siddiqi"). It's because the "q" is supposed to approximate the sound of a letter that you can't pronounce no matter how hard you try.

Sheikh Soud

Actually the word "sheikh" can only be given on three occasions. First one is that you have born into a royal family of other "Sheikh's" second is that you are a religious Islamic scholar of a specific level or an Emam. Finally, people will call you sheikh if you create a username that begins with the word sheik (e.g. Sheikh_killer_1987).


Heil Sheik Adams!

Eric Conrad

You know, because of this article, I now have a strange urge to go to the bathroom...


Scatalogical humor is shitty.


You would be entitled to many women and much land. Would the newest wife be interested in that trade off? She may...

Richard Muscat

actually it's meant to be pronounced "shih" so it's really the "k" that's saying fuck you not the h.



Sheik Yerbouti would be mine...


god save the queen!
it's not a human being
it's a fascist regime
we mean it, man

England's gardening and
Helen Mirren's dreaming


Ok sir, you're my sheikh.


It is actually 'shake', but I guess Doug already said that.

Blue Mikey

Sheeeeeek Adams? Very chick if you axe me, eck-specially if you have oldtimer's disease. Although for all intensive purposes your sheek's close will probly make you look like you blong in the Klu Klux Klan, which might make your real-a-tor prespire. That could be a blessing in the skies, as they are supposably fair to everbuddy.

Sheeeeesh (<--Here you can take the long "e" for granite.)

--Blue Mikey


Walalalalalalalalalalalalala!!!!! Sheikh Adams

Matthew Kovich

"The Holy Trinity" - that's priceless!

Sacrilicious, if you will.

As a former Catholic, that tickles my goat.

I hereby promise you that I will perform the Trinity today (I have been doing so for the past few days, at least, anyway).


What does Scott, a baby's toy, and dinner bread have in common with a classic song?

Sheikh, Rattle, and Roll


"Today I would like each one of you to eat, poop, and have an orgasm. (Not at the same time.)"

Is the parenthetical section an official part of your decree or is it just that you don't want to hear the icky details?
And it they DO happen at the same time, has your decree been violated?


Been reading cyanide & happiness???

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