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I call them sneakers, and no one's ever commented! Viva la sneakers!

Maybe in the future you'll see "video game" turn into just "game"

Kevin Kunreuther

Okay, here's something I find very interesting. If a Democrat suggests your plan, it's considered ultraliberalistic, impractical, pie in the sky, expensive and anti-American. If a Republican suggests this idea, it's considered humane, pragmatic, compassionate, a sound investment and American as the Fourth Of July. I recommend suggesting this idea to Fred Thompson, he'll sound like a real compassionate conservative and he's an actor so he'll know how to sell it.


I find it interesting that although you believe libraries will soon disappear, you're scheduled to speak at the Special Libraries Association's annual conference in Denver next week. Are you planning on arguing this point in front of a few thousand librarians?

See you there.

mickle spiffy

almost forgot my fav:

Double sawbuck

Even had to explain it to the mrs.


Sneakers? Tennis shoes? Up here where the air is clear, we call these things "shoes." Unless they have pointy bits on the bottom then we call them cleats. If they lace up above the ankle, they are boots.

Shoes for running? Them's running shoes.
Shoes for soccer? Them's soccer cleats.
Shoes for walking? Them's just shoes.
Shoes for hiking? Them's hiking boots.
Above-the ankle shoes with pointy bits on the bottom for playing rugby? Them's rugby boots.

Jerry B.

Computer Assisted Design.


I'd say "watching internet porn" is way too long.
Just use the phrase "internet" like in "I do internet. Go away!"


nano will be replaced by pico


Ethics, Truth, Honor, Conscience...


Glad you agree the post office is archaic and should be allowed to go out of business.


I would have to guess that actual sentence structure will disappear. All business correspondence will be done through Blackberrys/email/text messaging, and Hooked on Phonics will have to revise their program to teach the elderly how to read textspeak.

Next letters of the alphabet will begin disappearing...

Steve Janes

I think these words, very common in my youth, will have no real meaning in the next generation:

- To 'dial' a number. No one knows what a telephone dial is anymore
- To 'ring' someone. Since phones no longer have a ringing bell, this does not make sense
- Time expressions like 'quarter to', 'half past', 'bottom half of the hour'. With the move to digital clocks these are obsolete
- Record related terms such as '45', '33', 'Double album'. As we move more into customisable downloaded playlists, these have not meaning
- Computer terms like 'floppy', 'hard disk', 'CRT' will fade away
- Outdated communication terms like 'telegram', 'telex'
- Camera terms like to take a 'photograph', to 'film' something
- Other terms like 'cut', 'paste', 'splice', 'Carbon Copy (CC)' etc. will persist long after their original physical meanings are lost


I am sixteen and a technophobe. I wear sneakers every day. I write physical letters to friends who live far away because I don't like e-mail. I don't like talking on the phone because I can't see the other person. I plan on having my own library when I grow up. I don't do well with change. I would do better in the nineties, I am not going to do well in the future I think.


Has anyone ever heard the word "marking stick" used to refer to a pen? When I was growing up in Michigan in the 1980s it was common. I don't know if it was a regional expression or it has died out since then.

Also, back then my parents had a TV with two dials. One dial was labelled VHF and the other was labelled UHF.

mickle spiffy

Thanks for providing this opportunity for many very un-funny people to use it for a political platform.

>Hey, you idiots who think that posting something
>like "Democrats will be replaced by Socialists" or "No
>more Republicans, just Darwin Monkeys" is in any way
>amusing -- get a life.

>And you Global-climate-change-worriers, you're no better.

>Posted by: Wacky Bob | May 31, 2007 at 01:59 PM

I'm guessing this in-duh-vidual doesn't even feel crushed by his own irony.

but maybe... (starts collecting iron.)


I have noticed the slow death of a whole class of words, adverbs. It make me cringe every time I hear "Drive Safe" and other adjectives used as adverbs.


"War on Terror". Terror is a tactic. You can't have a war on a tactic. It would be like declaring war on trenches, or aviation. You have to identify the enemy, and declare war on them. So, whoever we are fighting, (discuss among yourselves) that's who the war is on. Names change for conflicts anyway, WWI was the "Great War", until we had WWII. Since there are 2 sides minimum, they often have different names that reflect their viewpoints. The "Hundred Years War" must have been around for a long time before it found it's moniker. The current conflict hasn't been named yet, but once it is, the "War on Terror" will be 23 skidoo, partner.




Hmm must be a regional thing, I've heard of sneakers but being a UK based old fart, I call them "Trainers"! ;)

John M

Online -dating


dot com [20 years from now, all commerce will be on the dot]

high-end servers (will just become computers)

pervasive computing - to computing

Consultants - will have to remove the insult

President Bush

Dilbert Blog ( will be dilbert)

Scott Adams ( to Dilbert)

Iraq - Strategy [to IRAQ]

PS: OH and that fucking CAPTCHA on THIS site



I don't think sneakers vs. tennis shoes is a generational thing. I think it's a regional thing. I don't know anyone in the northeastern U.S. using the term tennis shoes unless they are referring to sneakers (or shoes) used for tennis. I'm not exactly sure what the origin of tennis shoes is, but I think it is a southern thing.

Sneakers is the overall category of shoes used for athletics, its as simple as that. Using the term tennis shoes to describe the category is just stupid.


I thought the "e" from "e-mail" had disappeared long time ago, because I only read mails.


No one mentioned MS Windows yet?!


Rosie O'Donnell


Self respect

I'd like to think the world is going aswell as you seem to think and hopefully that "humanity" won't become a word of the past...

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