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Luca Masters

"This made me wonder, who was the genius entrepreneur who decided to sell ski masks in the desert"

Does Timothy Dexter have any living relatives?

this guy

I think i should buy a strip of land 100 miles inland and wait for global warming to turn it into a beach


Or you could just buy property in East LA. when the big earthquake hits, and the western portion of the california coast splits off, you could have beachfront property there.



Okay. So apparently TypePad still doesn't work properly because "Frequently Disappointed by Mice" still shows up when I load the page. I have to select more recent comments manually. What's up with that??

Also, I can tell you (as a Climatologist, a glorified Meteorologist who can still make stuff up but not be held accountable) that the water level will never be 100 miles inland in any of the mid-latitudes where people want beachfront property. You would have to purchase property much closer to the north pole or antarctica.

And dare I say "First Post?"


D. Mented

I may have mentioned this before;
some investments are obvious.
The people who invested in oil stock after Hurricane Katrina knocked out some wells and refineries weren't gambling. That one was a sure thing.
Right now many places are adding or even switching to corn-based fuel instead of fossil fuels. Whole countries are doing this. Demand for corn is only going up for the next few years - no stagnating, no dropping - unless somebody manages to popularise a more efficient system that doesn't use corn - in which case...sell. Stocks and futures in corn are already higher than they used to be, but it doesn't matter - as long as the demand for corn keeps rising, so will stocks and other ways of investing in corn.
There is a trend for putting sweetner in everything people might put into their mouths here in America. Watch for companies to put sweetner in something that previously wasn't sweet - such as beer - and invest in that. It seems to work every time.
Right now the economy is not very generous to the middle class - much less so than the media admits. Anything that people use that is still affordable will be popular - so if you can invest in thrift stores or "dollar store" chains or used car franchises that have decent prices, affordable housing, anything like that, You'll profit. The time to sell is when you see unions doing better - that's a sign that the economy is going to turn around again.
Of course, anything that relies on people being stupid to make a profit is going to be a moneymaker.
I wish I was wrong. I truly do.
D. Mented


I'm thinking of the ridicule that people went through when they were thinking up fortune cookies, umbrellas in fruity island drinks, and coming up with new way to perform internet search with the once laughable name of Gooogle. Seriously, how great would it be if people pulled there investment money out of these scorch the earth and all people with it corporations? If in mass these investors put ethics just one notch above profits and flipped the bird to oil, tobacco, Haliburton, etc and reinvested in smart companies developing green technology, just as an example, what better way can you imagine and then create a future that can battle back against receding coast lines and tropical weather in Canada?

Going Like Sixty

Boomer Mutual Fund (exists only in my mind, as far as I know)

ZMH - Artificial Joints (body parts)

MO - Cigarettes
AGN - Botox
NVS - Cancer drugs
This is a strong strategy: Cigs make you wrinkled and give you cancer, or not.

PHM - Retirement communities
CXW - Prisons (alternative retirement community)
DGX - Blood tests
Another strategy play: lots of illicite sex in these communities. Either get tested before or after.

JNJ - oinments, creams, salves, incontinence, diabetes, dental creams, hell everything you buy when you age!
(Could be the perfect single stock to cash in on boomers.)

Notice: If you invest in these stocks, your iPod will fail and play "Mandy" on a loop, and you may lose money.


Isn't John Kerry taller than Bush? Shouldn't he have been elected then?


If the west and south keep warming up (droughts), I'd predict more plastic barrels to catch rainwater from gutters. Low-tech, useful, not terribly common yet. I've read you can reuse barrels used in food transportation, so someone will probably set up a business to easily funnel them to consumers.


Actually, you don't need a stock site. Just google the word "survivalist" and you'll get a good idea.

There is a whole community (if you can call a bunch of people trying to be the last person alive such a thing)of nut cases who spend their time and money building bunkers in the middle of nowhere, or putting panic rooms in their homes. Find out what these whackos are hiding from,and you know what companies are gonna profit from the unthinkable.


By the way, something weird is going on with which posts are showing up on the front page as opposed to listed on the sidebar under "Recent Posts."

David Rotor

Richard Morgan, a SF writer, has an interesting take on this idea in his book "Market Forces".


You mean "the tall *white* guy with the best hair", right? Otherwise, I think Obama's a shoe-in.


Good point about the ski masks. It makes me wonder if somebody was shipping in ski masks or if they already had them. If they already had them then I think it shows that they were already organized terrorists.

jerry w.

When Bush was appointed to office, I cornered the market on tar and feathers. I'm still waiting, but my time is coming.

Soon, I hope.

P.S. Something is really wrong with Typepad, when I click on the saved link for your site, it defaults to the mice post from a few days ago. The only way I can get to the current blog is to click on the link at the top of recent posts on the left side of your posting.

I guess the F'n mice got in the works....

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