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The only reason you end your post with her praise is that there is a postitive chance of you running into her (celebrity circle) and you hope she will please you in her own way.

Admit it.


:) You never fail to make me smile.


"She probably does that better than whatever-the-hell **you’re** doing and calling a career." comes over as a tad smug.

And the Larry King stuff, very funny, but does the Scott protest too much? I can't help feeling you'll be furiously pleasuring yourself at the thought of Leathery Larry furiously pleasuring himself.

At least that will be the image I will have as I furiously pleasure myself.


i started to like her after reading your post.

then.. i again dislike her after reading the comments.


am i too much flexible!!!

Little me

I thought it was Brittney Spears who was in jail. Or Christina Aguilera. Didn't know Paris was there too. Guess pineapple and sea just got redefined :)

But she IS mean. You said it your self: she DUI'ed. THAT is mean. Well camouflaged under ignorance or indifference tough.


I'm sorry Scott, but if your last comments were serious, i have completely lost respect for you.

She works??? Doing what???

She's good at being fascinating? How is being a drugged up talentless wh*re "fascinating"? Have you stepped outside your home in the last few decades? There are millions of these people out there!!! The only difference is this one is rich. How does that make it any better?? If anything, her behaviour is a slap in the face to anyone whose had to struggle to get ahead in this world.

Entertaining? The only time i'd find watching a talentless, jobless drugged up wh*re entertaining is if i was under 16 years old or i was in serious need of a life!!!

I am shocked. I figured you were a guy who HAD a life. Next you'll be confessing that you're addicted to Big Brother.


I loved the SpongeBob reference. Type "SpongeBob Squarepants" into Dragon or another speech recognition programme and get the computer voice to read it back to you. Hours of fun.

Kevin Kunreuther

Someone who reads your blog, has a You Tube/My Space account, cable or satellite, a video/sound editing program and a DVR and has a very dirty but funny mind is going to create and distribute the best viral video to hit the net in the next forty-eight hours.

Personally, I'd be lying if I said I was tired of being inundated with the shenanigans of celebrities behaving badly - why else would I have an RSS feed on my browser of The Superficial website ( I enjoy reading this stuff as it alleviates the effects from reading about all the other stuff happening in the real world (Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Darfur(Sudan), N.Korea, Bush, Cheney, Gonzales, Alito, Roberts, Thomas, housing bubble, Katrina/New Oleans/Mississippi, Venuzuela, Peru, Argentina, et alia).


Actually, I never realized that I shouldn't hate her... it's not like she's doing anything wrong. I'm just angry at the fact that society lets her make a career out of being fascinating.

CodeMonkey Blog

The thing that bothers me most about the droll "jail" jokes regarding Paris Hilton is that, of course, they are entirely inappropriate to the facts.

She was not placed in general population nor did she share a cell with anyone in the celebrity wing AIUI. Therefore there is no opportunity for her to learn how to "hotwire a car" from anyone, or any of the other predictable, rehashed and unoriginal jokes that are around the internet and the media.
codemonkey dotsrc org / blog


I enjoyed today's post. I also enjoyed seeing a lot of your readers get sand in their collective vaginas because you and others might be fascinated by something they like to believe they are "above".

I don't know Paris Hilton and don't know anything about her other than nonsense I heard third-hand. That's ok.

Somehow, I suspect she got more jail time as a result of her fame than I would have if I were in the same spot.

I totally enjoy reading people's ranting about her sex life. As if they've never been laid. Puh-lease! Virtually everyone her age is either having sex or wishing they were. She made the "bad" judgement of letting a boyfriend film their relations, and subsequently made a LOT of money from it. (I find it hard to really hate her for that. I wish I made mistakes that made me a lot of money and didn't result in paralysis or stuff.)

I'd like to see a survey of those people who are upset at her and those who are upset at you and ask them how much they like being judged by strangers for a single act, or by what the find entertaining. Now that would be interesting.

Thanks for giving me a smile today. I needed one, and you delivered.


I've never been sure if she's actually dumb, or decently smart and really good at getting publicity for herself


Last week I spent 3/4 of my food monies on a bike helmet so I could get to uni without paying for public transport, which meant I could afford to eat exactly one reheated pie (AUD 0.80) and one glass of milk per day.

Do you think that Paris' extravagent spending habits and ruthless self-indulgence are fascinating to me?


some nasty bug bite me, my foot is now swollen, itching, it causes me pain!!
i'm gonna die of lime disease or encephalitis or rocky mountain fever something, here my god don't know where, alone, far from home etc
i think this is a greater news than liberation of Paris or Hilton release
though have nothing against either of them and actually tolerate them pretty well from far within


Thanks for the positive spin on Paris. I think the majority of people have their heads stuck up their a^^e^ and can't see her for anyhing more than a sex object. Just because the body hits puberty in middle school doesn't mean people's intellects have to quit growing then. kudos.

Laurie Mann

Paris is a major idiot. The fact that the media slobbers after her is an embarrassment.

Oscar weekend in 2004, Paris is reported to have crashed a private Saturday night party and went swimming in a fountain when she was thrown out.

Scott, I love your cartooning but your taste in how to spend an hour is surprising to put it mildly.

D. Mented

I confess, I love bitches. (not sexually, it's an admiration overload)
Show me an interview with Ariana Huffington, or Barbara Boxer, or any other unapologetic woman with a sharp wit and the will to use it against people who aren't helpless and emotionally vulnerable, and I'm glued to the set.
Paris is rich, skinny, blond, and stupid. Half the men in the world don't even need to hear about anything she did...a picture and the knowlege that she's rich, skinny, blond, and stupid is enough (the other half would like her if she grew - or bought- some boobs)
Myself, I don't need to turn on the TV to see young, self-destructive, and not very bright. I can look out my front door, my back door, all around me at work, pretty much anywhere I go, in fact.
What makes me sad is the little dimwit is heir to a large portion of the Hilton fortune, but she still felt the need to sell the broadcast rights to a tape of her mating for $100,000.
Doesn't she know she could wipe her ass with that twice a day and not miss it? Or is she just so desperately needy that the amount doesn't matter. (Hmmm, let's see...Either way she probably has father issues, so either he never noticed her because he was too busy making money, or he sexually abused her. Sad.)
D. Mented

Derek Bargaehr

I think it's funny that many of the people in here analyze your words because they have nothing better to do than say, complain about our health care and school systems, or perhaps masturbate vigorously. Me? I find your blogs hilarious. Keep doing them.

Fáránlegt Skilyrði

I can't believe you wrote an article about Paris Hilton.

Ray Kremer

Ugh, there's just no escaping the Paris coverage, is there?


The first line... made me laugh out loud!

THe part about a 300 year old Larry feeding the chickens unders the table... made me wretch out loud!

Then I remembered that Paris Hilton video and went to my happy place!

Martial Development

LA Clay: You forgot Natalee Holloway.


That lesbian s&m prison genre has always been kind of a fetish for me too, Scott.

Paris never went through that. Rather than cool hand luke, it was a meditation room. Imagine Paris in one of those kung fu carpet muncher joints with a Madam jailer bigger than king kong and meaner than a junk yard bitch slappin dawg.
Stockhom syndrome.
Big time.

"What we got's heah is a failhuy to commyunicayte. You gotta get your mind right, boy!"

They may have to have her deprogrammed just from this. the girl's more fragile than her chihuahua. I just hope the scientologists don't get ahold of her.


I was all for her stopping the "acting dumb" bit... till she told Ryan Seacrest (??!!??) that, in jail, she was being treating "like a criminal".

Hmmm... she was convicted of multiple crimes. She was serving time in jail. She was surprised to be treated like a criminal. So much for the "I'm not like that" statement.


Let me be the first to state that I don't know anything real about Paris; I doubt any of you SLEs do either. You get your information from the same media that gets the most basic details of issue after issue wrong, possibly on purpose so as to sell more Kleenex.

But ego demands that you KNOW the TRUTH™ about Paris Hilton and are totally qualified to pass judgment.

Way to go.

Paris is another human being, a stranger to you. Start over.

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