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Agence artistique Labulle

Really interesting post!
Never stop iterating and don’t fear failure. Choose well-understood conventions where they will do to the most good , shortcuts you might take will cost you more to fix later than to try to get right up-front today.

Thanks , Zoli Juhasz

Rob Adcox

The Pointy Haired Boss would definitely be played by Danny Devito. I once emailed Scott Adams with the idea. I don't think he liked it.

It would be no challenge for a Hollywood makeup artist make Devito look the part.

Sean Astin as Wally? No. But at the moment I can't think of someone who could fit the role.

Who would play Ted, and how long into the movie would it be before he got fired?

Fez is perfect for Asok.


Dilbert: Drew Carey
Dogbert: Andrew Denton ( aussie tv guy )
PHB: Jim Belushi
Wally: Sean astin
Alice: Nicole Kidman
Asok: Fez
Catbert: Bradley Whitford
Ratbert: Andy Serkis (gollum)
Garbageman: Robbie coltrane
Dilbert's Mom: Sally Field
Bob (Dinosauer): Ben Stiller
Elbonians: Robin Williams/Gerard Depardeu?
Carol: Eddie Falco
Tina: Katie Holmes
Mordac: Anthony Hopkins
Ted: Matt Damon
Phil: James Gandolfini


Michael Douglas (as he appeared in "Falling Down") as Dilbert.

Dossy Shiobara

Val Kilmer (Dilbert)
Drew Carey (Wally)
Jason Alexander (Pointy Haired Boss)
Rhea Perlman (Alice)
Kelsey Grammer (Voice of Dogbert)
Kal Penn (Asok)

Inserting a computer-animated Dogbert (that looks just like the cartoon) into the live-action show, with Kelsey Grammer providing voice-over, would be a great touch, even if it makes production more difficult.


PHB has to be Paul Guilfoyle from CSI (Cpt Brass)


Check out these IBM flash movies. There are several. Do these guys look vaguely familiar?


Well, since acting no longer an existing artform, I've assumed that you have in your possession a time machine of some sort.

Therefore, hiring the younger versions of once good actors should not be a problem. Just remember, keep them away from their older self, or the entire universe may selfdestruct.

Drew Carry - Dilbert
Jason Alexander - Wally
Danny DeVito - Pointy Haired Boss
Kathy Griffin - Alice
Russell Peter - Asok

Chris Elliott - Voice of Dogbert
Jason Alexander - Voice of Catbert

These actors should be able to pull off the concept of Dilbert: The Movie.


John Hodgeman is the ideal Dilbert. I adore him.

When reading the comic, I still "hear" Alice's dialogue in Kathy Griffin's voice. Her performance on the show is the only one that has stuck with me.

I've always thought that Eddie Izzard would make a great Catbert voice.


I just saw that somebody mentioned Stephen Root. I love Stpehen Root; I think he's one of the best character actors of all time. But putting him in a Dilbert movie would invite comparisons to "Office Space", which so far has to be (IMO) the best movie ever made about working in an office.

I'd love to see SR in a Dilbert movie, but I think it could be a tactical error.


I have always seen Dilbert when I look at Drew Carey. Even the glasses work.

PHB could be David Koechner, but he's kind of tall. Danny Devito would be perfect. Or Ricky Gervais, if he could fake an American accent as well as Hugh Laurie.

Jason Alexander or Patton Oswald could be Wally.

No opionion on the others.


I wasn't thinking about the perfect Alice at all but then I read this quote and realized that I had found the perfect actress for the part.

"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and it may be necessary from time to time to give a stupid or misinformed beholder a black eye."
- Miss Piggy

Violet Smith

Please keep the cast NEW & YOUNG. not old and typecast. :|
dilbert is 30 max right? - but get someone with charachter.. list below is a personality guide totally flexible.. hope it helps you pick :)

Dilbert, - Chris O'Dowd (the it crowd)
Dogbert, Ryan Gosling (hearthrob)
The Boss, - John Travolta/Bill murray (old selfish mean guy)
Wally, - Ashton Kutcher (demi moors man)
Alice, - Julia Louis-Dreyfus/ Kathy Griffin
Asok the Intern, - Richard Ayoade (the it crowd)
Catbert, - Robin Williams (not so creepy funny guy)
Ratbert, - David Spade (creepy funny guy)
The Garbageman, - Spok or the guy who used to carry oscar the grouch around (sesami street)
Dilbert's Mom, - Betty White (golden girls)
The Dinosaurs, - Ryan Stiles (whos line)
The Elbonians, - Colin Mochrie (whos line)
Carol the Secretary, - Mimi (drew show)
Tina the Tech Writer, - Amy Davidson (8 simple rules)
Mordac, - Bryan Cranston (malcolm middle)
Ted, - Matt Damon (famous cheap bit part)
Phil - George Clooney (famous cheap bit part)

for the record i am against this being a movie but i wanted to add my two bits. :) i like the raw-ness of it being a cartoon.


I'd suggest using the cast of Greenwing:

Mack = Dilbert
Alan Stathem = Pointy haired Boss
Martin = Wally
Sue White = Carol
Joanna Clore = Alice
Guy Secretan = Catbert
Caroline Todd = Tina,

Of course I don't think Greenwing ever made it to the US so probably pointless me posting this.


Drew Carry - Dilbert
Jason Alexander - Wally

The rest really won't matter :)


In keeping with the post who claimed that we should not necessarily keep to the physical looks of the character but to the character itself, Will Farrel would make the perfect PHB. Little Dumb, little bit Evil, good enough to keep up the polictics, etc... While Farrel is far from dumb i think, he plays it better than most. Talladega Nights and Stranger than Fiction come to mind. And to the poster who recommended Fez for Asok, spot on my friend.


The guy from the show punked who is married to what's her face with the big fake boobs. Ashton. He played a great dumb guy on that 70's show so why couldn't he play a nerdy reserved guy? They are almost the same according to acting talent. And what's her face could play one of the female characters and you could get a package deal or something.

Cameron at Laugh It Off

The main character from this strip should be Dilbert

Guy Lipworth

I think for the rold of Dilbert, Keving James from 'King of Queens' and 'Hitch' would do pretty well - eh?


Jim Gaffigan - Dilbert


I figured out who I think would be a good Carol after stewing for a day or so:

Amanda Bynes.

I know she's got a whole kids' actor vibe but i think she could totally pull it off.


You Scott Adams would play Catbert. Cats. Cats. Cats.


Two days ago Doug talks about a movie deal. Now he talks about who to cast. Hmmm, this could be interesting.


I know I'm late to this party, but let me implore you: Please don't try to make the movie characters look like the cartoon characters.
Dilbert is great because Scott is a comedic genius, not because of how the characters look. Normal-looking people put into the same situations with Scott-generated dialog would be WAY more funny than trying to make the characters look like the comic.
Just my two cents.


OK, here's the pitch, ditch the script you have right now for the movie and rewrite is as an Adaptationesque movie about the burocracy in the movie studio.

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