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Gary Watson

My only comment was that you should not repeat the PHB mistake made in the animated show, where he was cast as being goofy. I think that missed the point, and for me at least, made me lose interest in the show.

The magic of the comic strip is that the PHB resonates strongly, because he's somewhat stupid (but cunning enough to do OK in office politics), a little bit evil (in the sense that he resents the people he has working for them because of the trouble they cause in his life, and sometimes he gloats at their pain), but most of all, he is totally uncaring about the feelings of his staff.

PHB is something of a sociopath. He is incapable of empathy, and even if he was capable, wouldn't bother to exercise it.

Closer to the "real" PHB is the boss from both the UK and USA tv shows "The Office". So much so, that I assumed that the character was ripped off from Dilbert.

(by the way, vote for Ron Paul for president in '08!)

Burton MacKenZie

Gary Oldman ( as Dilbert. Gary Oldman scares me in a way no other actor has. I'd like to see his Dilbert.


Most of these are based off what others have said because some of these roles are so hard to fit

Dilbert: John Hodgeman
Dogbert: Mark Hamil (Luke Skywalker, also did a bunch of voice over work like the Joker in the Batman Animated Series) or Frank Weller (Megatron/Galvatron in Transformers). Weller's normal voice is pretty intense and he has enough ego to be the leader of the Deceptacons (bad guys in the Transformers)
CEO: Stephen Colbert. He can make anything sound like the one only truth.
PHB: Robin Williams.
Loud Howard: Will Ferrel. I don't like him, but I'll have to agree with those who have mentioned him. He'd be perfect
Wally: Jason Alexander or John Lovitz.
Alice: That woman who played her in the cartoon
Garbage Man: Leonard Nimoy

The others I can't think of anyone right now.


"Dilbert...? That guy from the British version of The Office, damn it, what's his name, he had a cameo in Shawn of the Dead...?"

martin freeman. I think he would need a director that would ensure he didn't just play arthur dent in an office situation.


I would like to declare that I would be perfect for the role of Dilbert. I am a dumpy (a bit fat) nerdy white guy who just happens to be an actor. Sadly (or not sadly) I have the same body type. So I ask everyone on the blog to comment that an unknown actor out of Cleveland Ohio is perfect for the role. I have already played such nerds as Dave from the Full Montey (and yes I got naked in front of thousands of people). So casting agents, please email me at and I will audtion.

Signed the future Dilbert

Ryan W.

PHB has to be Larry Miller. The role is perfect for him. Absolutely perfect.

Cube Critter

Hey figured it out after i got home last night.
the woman who played Lilith on Cheers and Frazier would make a great Alice.
Also whoever suggested Will Farrel as Loud Howard, that's excellent. one of his lines will have to be "DON'T MAKE ME SHUSH YOU!!"
ok back to work


People - if you can't figure out who an actor is, use Seriously. It saves comment space and saves you from looking dumb.


Soap actor Rick Hearst (from GH) would make a good Dilbert. He's like Colbert but not as sarcastic looking.

Rainn Wilson (from the Office) would make a great Catbert.

I think Kevin Spacey would make a great PHB but he's probably not an attainable goal.

Peter O'Connor

Richard Ayoade.

He is one of the most interesting and underated (and unknown) actors out there but has done some amazing character acting over here in the UK in the comedy "The IT Crowd" where he plays a very socially backward IT character.

Whilst the over the top stupidity of his character wouldn't take to the droller humour of Dilbert, he would be a great character for a naively stupid Asok. I urge you to check out some of "The IT Crowd" shows, because hey, theyr'e funny, and you'll see what a good actor he is. Not the same character, by any means, but a superb actor who would bring a character to life.


There's a guy works with me, Mickey, he'd make a great Wally.

Simon Allen

I am sure that it is tempting, maybe VERY tempting but please don't do it.

Dilbert is a cartoon. So much of what happens that gives the laughs is because you can do things that humans cannot.

If it was to be a modern (Shrek style) fully animated film then maybe but with real life actors? No.


How about Steve Carell for Dilbert? Might be harder to sell though, because other actors already suggested here look more "like Dilbert." (Think Daniel Radcliffe as Harry Potter.)

Joan Cusack would be an excellent Alice.

Attie Naude

How about one of the actors from the "Cheech and Chong" movies as Wally? On second thought, I don't think they're alive anymore... Just try not to copy anything from "Office Space", as that would definitely be a bad idea. People notice things like that pretty quickly. But why would they want a non-animated Dilbert movie anyway? How are they going to do Catbert and Dogbert? Puppets are lame. Please don't use puppets! How about Arnold Schwarzenegger as Dilbert and Jodie Foster as Alice?


My 2 cents:

You already got it right. Larry Miller, in a wig (or not), as the Boss. Why mess with success?

Or Stephen Root. The man is brilliant. I'm a "no stars just talent" sort of guy.

John S

What about Russel Crowe as dilbert, and Robin Williams as the pointy haired boss? Probably out of the budget scope.

Walter E. Wallis

Except for Bob Hope and John Wayne, I never remember who plays anything.


William Shatner for the boss - he plays the ignorant, obnoxious and blundering type so well!


I've always associated Drew Carey with Dilbert. He's a natural. But since it seems that he's the choice of so many others, I'll go with Dave Foley, since no one's mentioned him.


Don't know what one, but I would love to see Zooey Deschanel in any role. She was good in the craptastic The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy movie.


Dilbert: I have to support the idea of John Hodgeman.
Catbert: I was thinking if you want Colbert he would make a great Catbert - which I see has already been pointed out here.
Dogbert: Jon Lovitz has always done a good job with the sly and sorta evil character. (He can also do a stupid and sorta evil character, so is a candidate for the PHB.)

And she voted...


Nope, its gotta be Ryan Stiles as Bob the Dinosaur


Stanley Tucci - an Elbonian
Peter Stormare - Bob the Dinosaur
Colin Mochrie - Ratbert


Errr... in a non-amimated movie, what would dog, cat, and ratbert look like? They wouldn't look right as animals....


Jane Kaczmarek, the mom from the show Malcom in the Middle. She would make a good Alice.

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