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I'm as avid a fan as you could imagine. (Daily comics, comic books; non-fiction books; fiction books; countless amount of plush toys, calendars, etc.) IMHO, a movie won't work; please don't do it...


Sorry - another post. I see B.J. Novak as Asok.


I LOVE LOVE LOVE the idea of Kathy Griffin as the real life Alice - she's the only who could be that mean!!

R. Ian Wallace

I'll put in my vote for:

Dilbert: Drew Carey
Wally: Jason Alexander
Alice: Kathy Griffin
PHB: Danny DeVito
Dogbert: This is a tough one, but I'd go for Sir Anthony Hopkins, for his "just-by-listening-to-my-voice-you-know-I'm-out-of-your-league" style.
Ratbert: Gilbert Godfried
Catbert: John Lovitz
Asok: Wilmer Valderrama (Fez from "That '70's Show")
Dilbert's Mom: Betty White anyone?
Garbage Man: Lawrence Fishburn (think Morpheus in the first half of the matrix...super philosophical)
Carole the Secretary: Rhea Perlman
Tina the Tech writer: Someone that can act extremely high strung: Sandra Bullock comes to mind.
Mordac would have to be someone who is known for being evil: Say Jonathon Pryce
Ted the Generic guy would be well done by someone who looks generic...anyone would do, but a cameo by Scott Adams would be a great soloution.
That brings us to Phil, the Prince of Insufficient Light: He would have to be done by Wayne Knight. I would have put him in as Mordoc but this is a much better pairing.

I think that's a comprehensive list.


PHB: Larry Miller (he fits this perfectly!) Danny D is too short.
Dilbert: Pat McKenna (maybe with blond hair)
Wally: Drew Carey, Jason Alexander
Alice: Joan Cusack, Kathy Griffin
Mordac: Christopher Walken

Diana W

Personnally I think it should be Brad Pitt as Dilbert, George Clooney as his boss, and ME as Alice. I'd be willing to work for free and Clooney and Pitt would at least triple your female audience base.


How cool that you picked up my idea for people to comment on their preferred actors to play Dilbert characters (Minutiae post) :)


Kathy Griffin IS Alice.

Dilbert...? That guy from the British version of The Office, damn it, what's his name, he had a cameo in Shawn of the Dead...?


Drew Carey as Dilbert - that would be perfect.
The voices used on the cartoon did not work for me at all. That is why I think the cartoon show did not work. The voices (esp Dilbert) did not match up. Worst voice casting ever? Pretty close!


The first people that came to mind were John Hodgman, Stephen Root (Office Space), Diedrich Bader (Office Space), and Al Franken.


Actually, now I come to think of it, scrap Tom Greene.

I think the esteemed creator would make a perfect Phil.


Boss: Eugene Levy (the people have spoken)
Dilbert: Ricky Gervais (from the REAL 'The Office')
ASOK: Deep Roy
Wally: Jason Alexander (cant tell tham apart now)
Catbert: David Spade
Ratbert: Steve Buscemi or Macauley Culkin
Dogbert: Ron Jeremy
Phil (POIL): Tom Greene
Alice: Sandra Bernhardt
Bob: Dr Phil
Dawn: Oprah
Carol: Courtney Love or Mimi from the Drew Carey Show
Garbageman: Patrick Stewart
Ted The Generic Guy: Matt Damon
CEO: Fred Dalton Thompson
Elbonians: CGI replicates of Sacha Baron Cohen in Borat persona

Big Fan

Wilson from Home Improvement has the right look and paternal attitude to be the World's Smartest Garbageman, but Dennis Miller would bring much more attitude to the part.


I'm amazed that so many people associate Dilbert with Drew Carrey, including myself.
So, don't hesitate any longer, it should be Drew Carrey.
Also I heard he started a diet in order to lose weight for a Disney Musical Comedy or something like that. Don't let him do that, we need him fat.

Big Fan

The Dude is right - if Will Ferrell is involved, he can ONLY be Loud Harold!


I think the sidekick on that Jim Bulishi TV show would make a great Dogbert.

Matt White

I have no idea what he looks like, but the guy that did the voice of Dilbert in the cartoon show was awesome. I'm pretty sure recently he did one of the many prescription drug commercials, I think it was a depression one. I'd love to see what all the voice actors from the cartoon looked like. They all did good jobs, and if they look right I wouldn't mind seeing them play their same characters.

Other than that I like the suggestion of Drew Carey as Dilbert and M. Night Shyamalan as Asok.


Dilbert: Rick Moranis. You could spell it differently.


Adam Brody? Does he have the perfect likeable nerd vibe too?


It doesn't matter what they do, but no Dilbert movie could be complete without:

John Hodgman (maybe as Dilbert, Dogbert or Wally)
Drew Carey (maybe as Wally, Catbert or PHB)
Steve Carell (Ted the generic guy, definitely)
Justin Bartha (maybe Ratbert)
Jason Alexander (Bob the Dinosaur, PHB or Wally)

I also like the idea of Patric Stewart with a toupe as the CEO
Maybe Morgan Freeman as the Garbage Man


asok should be a complete unknown, and therefore genuinely intimidated by experienced actors. somebody suggested sanjaya, which i think would be a good second choice.


PATTON OSWALT (Spence from King of Queens) as Dilbert. Stephen Colbert is too skinny.


alice should be amy sedaris


Perhaps Anthony Edwards as Dilbert. I realize it might be overdone by this point, maybe not.


If you're going to do it right, you HAVE to bring back Larry Miller as PHB. He was great in the cartoons, and when he does that little squinty thing, he even looks like PHB.

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