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I got "What Would Wally Do?" for Father's Day!


At first I thought it was just a crazy idea I had to have Julia Roberts as Alice. After some thought I believe that a good-looking actress is the way to go because it accentuates the fact that Alice's unattractiveness comes from the inside. Plus it's funny!



Fish are dangerous in the Caribbean too. A friend of mine was going from her boat to land in her motorized dinghy when a fish jumped out of the water hitting her between the chest and the armpit. The fish survived and fled the scene. My friend got to her boat with half her shirt covered in blood. A fish attack or first ever recorded marine traffic accident between a fish and a dinghy? Forget sharks. Next horror movie: Revenge of the red snaper.


This is a Florida Story - it should belong to Dave Barry. Hmm, I think you might be poaching on his territory. :-)


Your hyper-irrational fears are so funny, tears run down my face. OTOH, being hit by lightning runs in my family, so it's not a matter of IF but WHEN. After 44 years, I wish it would hurry up and happen already, the suspense is wearing me down.


Not related.. but i have to ask.. were u even remotely related to or knew or spoke to or corresponded or anything with Douglas Adams? Cos the two of u have come up with the most brilliantly intelligent nonsense that i have ever seen or heard of!


I ve always been wondering what he meant. Now I have to say, I totally underestimated your president, given that he already anticipated the killer-fish crises back in 2007


Wooh, attacking fish. America is crazy.


A Sturgeon is nothing!

Try getting attacked by a Dolphin!

We have all the interesting wildlife, and I always thought Australia had 7 of the 10 deadliest animals in the world!


You really didn't know what to write about this morning. Did you?



Scott, you made my morning. Pure class. I laughed so hard I cried. Keep it up ;)


That was a funny post.

Though I am sure you meant it to be funny with no hidden agenda, to me, it came out as though you were not happy with the fact that we still have 225 million year old species of fish living in our rivers. Considering the number of people who read your post and the influence you can exert on them, I wish you would take a more pro-environment stance. How many rivers do we have that can boast of 225 million year old fish living in them? Cant we take our fancy boats elsewhere and let these beautiful creature live in peace?


@ Will Von Wizzlepig

As a profound believer in the church of human arrogancy and stupidity I am convinced that all is in the standard parameters, and it is for sure that not all what happened was said and that some things are lies or exagerations, just out of shame and to cover up some public workers.
Funny that, few months before i saw a documentary on discovery channel about the air security control that USA had, i remember a ultra pride and prepotent guy saying in front a lot of pannels with radars and lights that no single plane on earth fly without being controled and tracked by the US. The sort of things that makes us to love you, hehe. I wonder where is that guy now, but one thing is sure, he has his share on the deads.


That was one of the funniest things I read in a long long time. But the article you referred to was quite nice, too. I especially liked the line: "Some (scientists) theorise that sturgeon leap simply because they can."

I guess I should go into the science business, too. This theory might explain a lot more phenomena, don´t you think? And is there not a rule in science, that the most simple answer is always the right one?

It seems we stumbled on a precious pearl of wisdom here.

Michael fitzGerald

Take one polymath Californian cartoonist and an establishment British newspaper using an AP report to fill a blank space. Add the internet and you have got lots of jokes, the sudden appearance of a nationwide panic and shoals of goggle eyed conspiracy theorists trying to jump on board - I love it!


Eating Fish May Actually Cause Diabetes:

Joe Sciglitano

I have come to one conclusion after reading your post: 'sturgeon' is a funny word.

Jeremy Erwin

I think the solution here is to get some equally giant nets and catch them in mid jump. Fishermen could become more lazy than ever!


parallels, muslims to sturgeon fish.. hehe.. as long as it was only for humour... such paranoia even in humour... god help you scott..


"Plants cannot thrive in the dark, so him decomposing on plant seeds in the dark would be of no benefit."'s not dark underground where seeds live, then?


Another story of nature fighting back. The end is nigh. However I think that squirrels should be more reason for concern Scott, as can be seen in this collection of terrifying squirrel attacks around the world.

And just when you thought it couldn't get any worse


Google "sea wasp" and you'll never go in the Pacific again.


That was very funny. I normally enjoy your political posts even if I don't agree with them but today you were very funny.



Bored today Scott? For the first half I thought you had lost your mind, and then suddenly Mohamed got into it. Now, I love sneaking something by the induhviduals, but wow look at all the fishing comments. You really got away with this one. However I challenge you to do Moses tomorrow and Jesus after that. Anyhow, keep up the good work.


Your take has reminded me of a really 'Z' grade American made horror(?) flick called "Frankenfish" I just watched on Chinese cable...

Couldn't tell if was supposed to serious or a piss-take... but I had to keep watching it was just so bad...


As a redneck I can see that the sturgeon reports lack three crucial elements ... alcohol, explosives & firearms ... if you could find a story where a sturgeon took out a couple of drunk rednecks who were dynamite fishing at the time and then shot each other in the confusion, it would sound more realistic.

All I can say is that up here in Alberta sturgeons have legal protection ...

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