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thank you jesus, i love scott adams and i found his blog, my favorite is, "If it waddles like a duck and it quacks like a duck then it's usually a duck, but sometimes it's a duck hunter who was just given a massive wedgie while simultaneously blowing a duck call. If you think this isn't happening daily you haven't been hunting with me." thank you sir, thank you


Space Exploration Benefits Our World, costs too much


Agree with a flat tax system

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Not much on my mind right now. Today was a complete loss. So it goes. I've just been sitting around waiting for something to happen. I've basically been doing nothing , but I guess it doesn't bother me.

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The U.S.-Mexican border fence works, doesn't work

adidas book campus off store

Home schooling provides a better education, is worse for your child

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People are too strict on other people

Victor Laszlo

So move to Cuba or N Korea, or some other communist country, like Canada. Nobody's twisting your hitlerite limp wrist to stay here. And take Michael Moore's fat ass with you, please.

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Today was a complete loss, but oh well. I don't care. So it goes. Nothing going on , but shrug. Not much on my mind these days. Such is life.


I was reading in discover that they created a chemical, that when given to a mouse with bad parenting, would make the mouse think and behave like a mouse that was parented well.
You seem exceedingly right on this one.

Kelly W

Why would you limit it to male orgasms? You cheap bastard.


My cubicle neighbor must be wondering if I am laughing hysterically, or crying my eyes out.

Robert Hamilton

Don't tell me, let me guess. You went to see the tennis match, and you sprained your back trying to copy a Federer return shot. Your wife had to fireman carry you into the emergency room...(someone finish this)

Noah Vaile

Exactly WHO rates the United States as 37th in health care? And where would any sane person rather go if they needed it?

And what happened to the most violent belief system poll?


Hi, I'm a long time reader, first time commenter. Might I say that I've enjoyed reading this blog very much. I find it interesting, amusing and thought provoking. I've recently started my own blog. Please have a read and come back to me with any comments. The blog will be about my experiences and interests.

My most recent post is about Thaksin Shinawatra, the former Thai president who was removed by a military coup last year and what he's been getting up to in exile.

Please have a read and any comments would be much appreciated.



Really funny post, grins.


I work at a vet clinic. We take care of exotics a lot (ie: small furry or scaled things that are NOT cats and dogs)
We see lots of pet white rats and mice, usually end stage. Almost every one of them is dying of cancer or covered in grotesque tumors.
Appearantly just LIVING causes cancer in rats and mice, so what good is research showing that drinking 50 gallons of something everyday might cause cancer???
heh heh Vaginal eyes.
Looking for love in all the wrong places..........


My sympathies are with the poor mouse. It's being reviled for the most common human weakness-the desire for fifteen minutes of fame. If a scientist is able to do as much as make a mouse lose weight by starving it for a month, it is publicised as a breakthrough in human understanding of nature. The scientist is able to fulfill the ultimate human aspiration, by appearing on national television, and the company sponsoring him can get share prices to double without much real effort.

It's probably the mice who're laughing at human stupidity and enjoying unlimited male orgasms, while watching humans swell with pride on TV about little nothings.


Thinking about sex a lot today, are we, Scott?


Cats HATE mice.


I am begining to believe that it is possible to chart your wife's menstral cycle by the sex references in your blogs. I m to... Wellcome to my site

Billy B

That was some great writing, Scott.

"It’s bad enough that I live in a country that ranks 37th in health care."

I wonder where they get these figures from. I know a lot of worthless people on welfare or disability, that have ruined their lives with drugs and such and we support them and keep them alive instead of just letting them die because they where stupid. Just saying.
Billy B


Think of it this way: the mice are tiny animals around the bottom of the food chain. We're maybe a hundred or so times their size and weight (I'm guessing, but you know what mice look like). Medical and technological concerns aside, isn't it a bit impractical to expect a mouse to help you with anything? I at least don't think that they should be relied on.

Philip Lane


Erm, did you not see the headlines ? Type 1 diabetes cure in humans ?

Bit of a catch though, complete bone marrow replacement.

So you Americans still want to ban stem cell reasearch ? ok by us. We'll do all the reasearch and make all the money. I'm a brit by the way.


Getting vagina eyes sounds a whole lot better then getting a poke in the eye with a blunt stick...


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