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LA Clay

As I was taking a shower today I was reminded of your last two posts, then it occurred to me, Dilbert soap on a rope. What better way to get the best of both worlds!

Listo Entertainment



Some of the comments are quite funny, but some of them are quite disturbing.

I would ask you for a 100.000$ to take it of your hands. In fact, you can just send me 100.000$ and you have my permission to whatever you want with them...

Dmitry Z

With an autographed blog post printout and an autographed FUTB, I'd pay a $100, easily.


I'll pay 10 UK Pounds, given the weaknessof the US dollar at the moment it'll be worth about 10000 dollars by the weekend ....


Maybe selling the tennis balls will earn you enough to buy a new bar of soap - and what the hell's wrong with you man? Send the WIFE out to do the shopping!

Phil Smith

Scott, you magnificent bastard.

If I failed to alert you before June 15th that the base price of the Tesla Roadster was going up from $92K to $98K, I certainly won't apologize for it NOW.

If you're willing to whore yourself out like this, I'm sure you can make enough side money that the difference won't, um, make a difference.

By the way, I do seriously recommend the Tesla Roadster to anyone who can afford it. It's a gorgeous electric sports car that will do 0-60 in about 4 seconds. It has a carbon-fiber body and a chassis (plus styling) developed by Lotus... No, I am not (yet) affiliated with Tesla Motors in any way.

Keep up the good and twisted work.


Great, more fuel for the "crap box" in the wardrobe. I can just see myself explaining to my wife why we can't throw away the tennis ball that the cartoonist Scott Adams dry humped.

I'll make a trade - you can have anything in the crap box in exchange for the balls (excluding the tape on 'how to play the didgeridoo' and the Buzz Lightyear action figure, obviously)

Mr J

Well, as some are saying, you should put the one (or all) of them on Ebay. Set the starting price as $30 and you'd make at least $20. Assuming of course that they cost between $2.50 - $10. And if it's as lucky as you have portrayed it you'd make a lot more...or you could just be a good tennis player and the tennis ball has no luck at all...either way you'd make money.


This blog made me laugh, therefore breaking up the monotony that is overnight security.
Keep 'em coming!


I'll second "Andy R | June 12, 2007 at 06:34 AM"
'nuf said


Balls !


Great! An 8 year old named QA7 just got fired!


this proves you are ...... SATAN


this proves you are ...... SATAN


I never want to play tennis again after reading this.


what if u get so many orders that u spend rest of ur life rubbing tennis balls???? hilarious!!!


If you rub your balls on it, it will go down in value since more than 70% of dilbert readers are men, and the women who read dilbert are the type that enjoy you for your witt, not your balls. I'm going to say that the supply is 1, and the demand is none.


It depends. Would there be supporting video of the ball rubbing claim?


Isn't 12 days (given the fact that you found this on the 1st of June 2007) too short a period of time to qualify this ball as a winner ball? I am left wondering how many games and sets you were able to play in this period anyway.
Hypothetically, you may have played just the one three-set (or worse single set) match with Peter at Pleasanton, and won 2 (maybe just 1) of them and retired the ball...
Does that really really make the ball unique? Sorry for being so cynical!


Don't sell it. Burn it as an offering to the gods of tennis. Return their good luck charm to them. Much more valuable that way. And rubbing stuff against you crotch is hardly likey to increase its value. Not if YOU do it.


I am thinking blimps. Blimps rubbed on your balls. But only if you promise to douse them with gasoline and set them on fire right after.

I promise to massage them better after I douse them with disinfectant gel.

(We all have to make sacrifices.)

Go Far With A Car

Tell you what, I will trade you an autographed original of one of my cartoons.

I was published with some regularity in the Northwest Comic News.

I was even funny a couple times.


One collector out there to surprise us with an expensive bid won't be enough for you to make the sell. You'll need at least two.

Personally, I will pay you $1000 to stop writing web logs trying to prove that you're still young and hip. Act your age Mr 50 and stop trying to be dirty, it's freakin creepy man.


Tell you what Scott, I'll take $100 dollars, not a penny less, to take those off your hands.

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