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Does anyone have a copy of the Dilbert strip (6-8-07) on turning 50?


Done :-)

Happy Birthday.

Erich Schwarz

I e-mailed somebody I'd been out of touch with for many years. So there you go!


Gratz on reaching mid-life. I had no idea you were that old, I would have figured 35. I based that false assumption on the fact that you're pretty funny, and dilbert is also pretty funny - but most 50 yr olds arent that funny. most bore me to tears

Rohit Iyer

Hi Scott,

First of all - Happy Birthday.

It's ironic:

1. I'm reading this post on the 13th of June.
2. I sent an email to my girlfriend on the 12th of June, in a somewhat inebriated state, letting her know what I felt like the day after I'd disclosed my feelings for her.

Turning 50 has truly given you extra-sensory powers. Then again the odds of you writing a post like that are not that bad either.

Listo Entertainment

Happy birthday! (almost on time)


I sent my mate Gemma an email and let her know that I'm thinking of her when she wasn't at the big event this weekend and let her know that we'll be meeting up soon and there will be some good times rolling.

Happy birthday Scott.


Isn't it odd that when you post about something positive and ask others to do something positive you get a measley 200 comments? Whereas when you post something idiotic and/or inflammatory and piss people off you get 600 comments? Feh. Thanks for once again pointing out the failings of human nature. I called my mom who recently lost her job, did my best to cheer her up and told her I loved her even though it depresses me no end. Happy birthday.


I meant to reply, but I forgot. But I did not forget to email my mother-in-law and father-in-law and let them know how much I love and value them.

Being not the sentimental types, it shall never be mentioned again, I'm sure, but it's made me feel better about life generally.


Every damn week a card comes round the office for someone I dont know asking me not only to waste my grey matter on a witty remark (dont you just HATE being the last to get the card .. all the good ones are taken) but also to contribute financially to this person I dont know's wellbeing.

FINALLY! I get a chance to wish (an albeit belated) Happy Birthday to someone who DOES make a difference in my life and who I dont dream about shredding in the Obliterator2000 office disposal system.

A very happy birthday to you Mr Adams and long may you continue to produce my brother Dilbert's life story .. it is truly an outpost of sanity in the wasteland of cube hell and I love it.



Happy Birthday Scott! I wrote myself a letter saying how much I love myself. It's great to be a schizo.

Ian Walker

I sent an email to myself saying how much I loved me. God, I'm so awesome, i just can't keep my hands to myself on myself.. er, we won't go there.

Happy Belated Birthday, Mr Adams.


You truly have a powerful mind -- I did what you asked me to, and I did not see your request until just now. I sent my girlfriend a brief, heartfelt message outlining exactly in what ways, and how much I love her. She responded a few days later, when she finally got it: "Were you high!?"


Belated happy birthday Scott! I love that you love your life ... the world sure needs more of that kind of feeling.

I sent my fiance a love message via SMS and he says he loves me, too. We're getting married in August! I love my life, too. = )

Kelsey H.

I'm reading this a day or so late, so nyah. I don't have to do it. I think I'll just go for the loophole and say, I love you, Scott! Happy birthday!

Jim -not yet fifty but close----

I new you were fifty when I saw the cartoon. Nice job...



Happy belated birthday, Scott! Ironically, my brother's name is Scott and today is his birthday. He's kicking 50 in the ass, and hopefully is as happy as you are. (Of course I sent him a message, which he appreciated!)

Cheers from New Zealand -

Matthew Kovich

Friday was my birthday too.

And I sent my girlfriend an email telling her how much I love her.

And I also sent her a jpeg of a happy polar bear.


My husband mailed this to me, because my birthday is June 8 and I feel just like you do, Scott. Or maybe he emailed it to me because he saw Kim's email about getting sex because he sent his wife an email.
Thanks for years of laughs!


I e-mailed my brother and told him I love him. We never really get to talk anymore (being thousands of miles apart while I'm at school), so it's a good thing to do anyway.


Happy belated birthday!! My birthday is this Saturday and I will be 56, so I have a few years on you. I am going to be a first time grandma in January and am not sure how I feel about that yet. Even though I'm plenty old enuf to be a grandma, I don't feel old enuf. Funny how the insides of you can feel so much younger than you look on the outside. I'm happy I found this blog today. Best wishes for a great year.


Oboy - time for the dreaded colonoscopy.


Happy Belated-Birthday, Scott. Here's what I did: went to see my husband's community theater show for the second time. I brought him a single red rose and told him that I loved him.


I sent my wife a message, and got sex.


Happy birthday Scott
being 50 shouldn't be bad, I'm 16 and i look froward to the time when zits no longer take hold of my face

(you have no clue how school seems so close to the work world)

stay in health for all of our lives

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