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My boyfriend of over 3 years and I broke up on your birthday. It felt like the right decision at the time, but I'm not positive. I'm going to try and talk to him today...we'll see how it goes.


Belated Happy Birthday, Mr. Adams!

From a Filipino Fan :)


Happy birthday, Scott! It wasn't too original, but I emailed my wife just to tell her I love her.


Scott- Belated Happy Birthday. We were out of town, so I didn't see this on "your day."

I agree completely with you on the age thing- I wouldn't go back myself (and I've got a couple years on you). "I'm not old- Just Older."

As for the email, I sent one to my sister, who had surgery a few weeks ago. I have been meaning to send her one, just to keep in touch, but, well, "things" (less important things, but that's us humans for you) got in the way. Your birthday request was what I needed to remind me that I must send it- now! Thank you!


P.S. I send my girlfriend an email relling her that I love her every day. Today will be no different.


Happy Birthday, Scott. I'm 48. How's 50 look from that side? As scary as it looks from this end?


Hope you had a nice birthday Scott, i know I did - same as yours. I share your idea that growing older is better than anything else as long as you take care of yourself a little.

Hope your birthday was as satisfying as mine was. I didn't write a special email friday, but as I regularly send little "happy notes" I will hope that you are satisfied with that.


Happy Birthday you ole softy.


Happy birthday Scott!

Greetings from Lithuania


Dear Scott,
Belated happy birthday and thank you for continuing to make us smile (with Dilbert) and think (with this blog) every day! I have taken action according to your wish. Beside that I would like to tell you that I fully share your experience in view of getting older. I would not want to go back either. Let us all look forward for more surprises ahead of us...
Happy birthday again!


Hi Scott,
Belated birthday greetings! I hope you had a great day.

I took your prompt as an excuse to send a loving message to my wife. I expect she'll be thinking I've bought a new car or I'm having an affair now but all that means is I don't send those messages often enough . .



"Here’s what I want you to do for my birthday. Send someone an e-mail and tell them how much you appreciate them, or love them."

You won't believe it, but I did this the day before your birthday. It has been nice. Happy birthday, Scott!


T  Simic

Happy birthday, Scott!

I didn't write an email, but took a bag of oranges to my ill aunt with whom I had a falling out without a real reason some years ago. I hope that counts.


My wife will be pleased to read her mail today. Its her Birthday too to top it :)



I have a 3 month old baby and i started work recently. I'm crazy busy with everything and am completely stressed out. Think you for reminding me about the good things in life. I mailed my sister and my parents. Hope you had a great day. Have a great year.


Belated birthday greetings Scott. Sorry to have missed it.

I emailed a friend to ask when they want to go to the cinema for an all day film extravaganza. We only managed to see 3 movies in 1 day, when we were aiming for 5. Maybe next time though?



I'll do it, but only if you don't use it against me in that "no free will" thing.


Ok, done. Sent a love you note to the wife, included munchkin and dog.

S@ns S@nity

Happy Belated Birthday Scott!!

will call my parents today (they dont read emails) and carry the wave.

hope you had fun on the day, and may have many more...


Best part of your story is about your Kitty that has been with for all your cartooning days...give Sarah a scratch on the head for me!

Happy Birthday!!


Belated Happy Birthday. June 8 is my birthday too. Great minds ... eh??


Happy Birthday to you Scott. May you have many many more. I am from India and I read you blog each evening before I leave from work - it is a good way to wind up each day. Thank you.

larry horowitz

Happy B'Day, Scott.
I'm going to hit that half century milestone at the end of the year, and I never thought I would have so much more to be thankful for now than when I was younger. Great family, great health, great job, the biggest complaint I have is that the "Sopranos" finale really sucked!


Hi Scott,

I've been a complete prick to my wife for about two years (mostly without her even knowing) and only started to come right two weeks ago. What made it harder to change was that everyone, in-laws, family, everyone, sees me as the perfect husband. Anyway, things are a lot better now that I've made some important decisions but I realised on reading your blog that I hadn't actually sent my wife an email fully telling her how wonderful she is. I've just done so.

Thanks, Scott, for changing my life a little, every single day. And that's easily the soppiest thing I'll say to any 50 year old guy for a while.




Thank YOU for that gift to me. I wouldn't have done it otherwise, but on your orders I sent a small note to a friend to let him know that he's a great friend and I appreciate him. That's a great gift that you gave me and THANK YOU!



Hey Scott, did you realise it? You are in your 'happily ever after'! Enjoy it. Here's wishing you many more such birthdays!

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