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Was away from computers on the weekend. Belated birthday wishes !! Wish you will keep good health for another 50 years.


I heard your birthday announced on NPR!! That's my goal in be recognized on NPR. Congrats.


Sorry I didn't post sooner, Scott. I did what you told me to do. I e-mailed my ex-girlfriend. Then the police came. Guess the restraining order doesn't give a little lee-way for simply showing appreciation and love. :-)

Hope you had a Happy Birthday, and many more to come.


Dan Dryer

You're an idiot

Bill McCai

18 years of comics?

way to make me feel young. I'm 21, yet by my reckoning I've probably read about 90% of these comics.

Does this mean the PHB is nearing retirement?

sam g.

i don't think my mom is ever allowed to find out why i sent her a random nice email. but yea, good call, she's been under a lot of stress because my grandpa died on friday. i'm too lazy and impatient to wait for her response before typing this comment.

happy birthday scott. we love you even when you're grumpy.

p.s. if valerie is reading this, i miss you, and i might actually be learning something.

Michael LaRocca

Dear President Bush:

Thank you so much for all you've done for me and all my fellow Americans. I'd like to show you my gratitude by inviting you over for a beer and some pretzels.

Best regards,


Happy B-day. Sent the requested e-mail to the apropriate party, hopefully with the desired results. Nice way to spread the love.



Happy birthday Scott and done!

Billy B

Happy Birthday big boy. I'm sixty-three, and don't think about my health much at all, and I bet I can still out work you. :-) Good genes I guess.

"Send someone an e-mail and tell them how much you appreciate them, or love them."

I do that everyday.
Billy B

Joe Hope

I organised my list of family birthdays today. You can take the credit for making me a better uncle, if you like.

Happy Belated Birthday, Scott.


This post reminds me of the birthday problem. (

Given a roomful of only 30 people, it's actually damn likely two will share a birthday. Given a comment thread of over a hundred, it's almost certain.

Jaime Bakulic


I just sent an e-mail to my girlfriend. She's a med student, and lives 700km away from me, so I miss her like crazy. I tell her I love her all the time, but I decided to do it one more time because, well, you can never get tired of saying that, or hearing it.

Happy birthday, Scott!

Jaime Bakulic, Santiago de Chile

some confortably numb dude

mate, i did what you said (but only cause it's your birthday, you know, not cause i wanted to). and i got this as a reply:

"wtf is wrong with you? i told you, you need to lay off the cough syrup dude, seriously, i worry about you"

i thought that was funny, so at least you made me smile (indirectly)


Happy Belated Birthday, Scott!
I would like to say the dearest words of love and ask for forgiveness people, which aren’t anymore by my side, which passed away… I miss them so much!


Happy Birthday, Scott.

A long-time fan, I've occasionally used the "text" from your cartoons as short scenes when training actors at my Denver acting studio. Actors love exploring your characters and their complexities and malapropisms.
You really ought to consider turning Dilbert into a stage play. Charles Shultz gave permission for a stage version of his ensemble, and the show is frequently performed. Just don't let such a work escape your creative control (as did the creator of Garfield ).

Jed Snole

A few more words on turning 50...
When I turned 40, I was still able to convince myself that I was getting better, not older. And I really was. When I was 20, my life was such a mess that the odds were against me surviving until my 25th birthday. At 40, I was happily married, had a good career, decent cash flow, perfect health, pretty much everything a man could want - except for some portions of my autobiography that I chose not to elaborate on. At 50, my marriage and my career were still doing well, but there was something different about this milestone. Up until then, I still felt like I was part of the same generation as the new hires at work. I still thought in terms of wondering what I wanted to be when I grew up. But turning 50 changed all that. I know it didn't change my colleagues' attitude toward me because I never told anyone when I turned 50. But I became very much aware that I was The Older Guy in my department at work. The gray hair became a lot more noticeable. It really seemed like overnight, I went from being the guy whom nobody took seriously because I was so inexperienced, to being the guy whom nobody took seriously because I was rooted in a bygone century. (Yeah, I know that conflicts with the "career going well" that I mentioned earlier. I guess I'm delusional too.)

Here's a bit of advice for other cubicle dwellers turning 50. You can still use your tales of the old days to your advantage. Don't shoot yourself in the foot by telling everyone about how much better things were in the past. If you're going to criticize the way things are being done now, tell everyone that the problem with your organization is that they're still doing things the way they were done 30 years ago. Then, instead of looking like you're stuck in the past, you're using your experience to call attention to the fact that your younger colleagues are so inexperienced that they don't realize they're getting lured into the past. You're the only one who's smart enough to know the difference between truly new ideas and rehashed old ideas.

Oh yeah - one other thing, Scott. Has AARP contacted you yet?

Jed Snole

Best part of it all is you are your own boss, so no one can fire you. The rest of us know we are prime targets for downsizing, and once we get nailed, that's the end of our career - unless you count WalMart as a career.

Mark Bowness

So the older you get the more sentimental you get, is this correct...?

Belated happy birthday!

Mark Bowness


Ha! I do that every day regardless to my wife and newborn daughter. Plus, I have an excellent relationship with my parents and my grandma and see them at least once a week (and then I tell them I love them and vice versa).

That would leave only my mother-in-law, but that won't happen anytime soon. She caused my wife enough trouble through her childhood (and adulthood).

I guess I could say "I love you" to my wife's twin-sister, but that would raise a few eyebrows, so let's not go there, hmm?

John Marshall

I told my best friend for 14 years how much I appreciate having him for a friend on your advice, and how much of a blessing I felt it was.

He said the same thing about me. :,)


Hi Scott - happy belated birthday!
i'd like to send a note of appreciation to everyone who appreciated someone else for your birthday - scrolling through the comments made me so much happier! (i'm currently revising for my exams, 1st one on monday!)
and thanks to you too for inspiring it all :)


Oh, wow! Happy Birthday, Scott! I appreciate the hell out of you. You're the man. Here's to 18 years of a quality comic!


Here's belated birthday wishes.. and i had just told someone that i love them before i had read ur post...


My gf will be happy when she reads her mail. :-)

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