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Hi Scott,

First time I read your blog, very good. I have more time on my hands now as most of the work here is transferring to eastern Europe to cut costs, (I'm in Ireland). I spend a lot of my work time now answering really stupid questions from the engineers over there such as "who manufactures the (Insert manufacturers name here) part?" Engineering equivalent of a child asking how much the penny sweets cost. I'd love if you could do some cartoons on this subject, I know you've done similar like the protototype sample in Elbonia a while back but could you do something closer to the bone so to speak i.e. quality products transferring and quality then going down the tubes with Dilberts head being wrecked in the process?

By the way one of our managers here has the worlds most ridiculous laugh, loud and like a jack ass who’s just sat on his own dangly bits, loves to laugh at his own jokes but then again he has no choice as no one else wants to encourage him, have you had a character like this?

P.S Please draw the stupid laugh guy with dark hair and checked shirt.

Slan go foill


I've said it for years. Scott Adams isn't a real person. That's just Rich McKay's secret identity.

More artist/designer workspaces:

Antonio Carlos Brito

Technology really quicks in: I remember (or I may be inventing it) the "tour" in 1997 or 1998 when everything was done manually. I think there was a couple of steps where you photocopied your first drawing or digitized it to send to your publisher, and THAT was all the technology you had.

47 is something related to STNG or Battlestar Gallactica?

All the best


Oh no! All I've got is an apple, original coke, a dog, and the cheaper version of Wacom, the Wican DTZ-2100. Now I can never become a syndicated cartoonist...


I'm always fascinated to see how other cartoonists construct their work. Thanks for sharing that with us all.

One question - my cat is a completely different colour to yours, will this affect my chances of success as a cartoonist?


Ha! You even look like Dilbert, except for the hair.
I always knew once cartoonists had enough champagne moments they had a pretty easy life. Thanks for showing that's true. : )


You live in a relatively normal looking house! I was expecting fancy marble floors, magnificent chandeliers and more exotic pets. I like you now even more then I did 15 minutes ago! =)


I also hate you because, based on your previous post, you survive on six hours of sleep a night.

You're EVIL!


I hate you because you're thin.


Whats up with everyone noticing the shadows in the pics not corresponding to 5:00 am, but NOT noticing the comment that says that these picures were staged?
Anyhow thanks for the look into your day, but if I ever managed to go professional, I'd be more the midnight worker instead of morning person. And REALLY thanks for the mnmiter tip, I'm planning on upgrading my comp. really soon and I was trying to figure out how to pick a great tablet. Yours is evactly what I want!

George guy

I understand now why I can't finish one of my strips in a day anymore. For my amateur webcomic my process used to be more or less as simple as yours, settling for the lower end of the technology (Wacom Graphire2 tablet, Paint Shop Pro)

Now for some reason I've taken to doing backgrounds in 3d, under the theory that it won't be so much work in the long run, but in practice it's rather a lot of work to model a new location, and it doesn't really pay for itself until after a dozen strips or so.


Scott, in these pictures you look much fitter, handsomer, and happier than in previous photos I have seen of you. Apparently marriage agrees with you. Or else you're a really late bloomer.

Good Point

Thanks, I love to see how people work.


You look just like my uncle Craig!

Does your wife have a job? Is she ok with you getting up at 5:02 am?

Kelsey H

...You are my god.


Scott, that was some great information. Really helps to see pictures of your day. Nice Wacom monitor by the way. There's something interesting about seeing what someone else's day consists of.


WOW, if you had reddish bushy hair you'd look like Bozo the clown


Where's the part of the day when you masturbate in your money bin?


I was laughing when I was reading the text only, use your imagination, version and although this has destroyed some of my imagined funny moments it was quite an insight into your daily routine.

It was good to see Sarah the cat, you're so lucky to have one that likes her belly tickling, all the good soft fur is there. I was most interested in how you actually use that monitor of yours; I don't think Microsoft are ready for the host of lawsuits regarding using their Surface technology in the coffee table setting and the back and neck problems that will bring.



thanks for the pictures!

Now I'm suffering from an interesting side effect.

I am a great fan of Scott Adams comics since many years.
(Only I think they are becoming too similar to Real Life (tm) -- because RL is catching up with Dilbert).

But (but?) I had no idea what Scott Adams looks like.
(Must have missed the pictures on the book backs).

Now I find he looks completely and utterly different from what I had expected.

Which leaves me confronted with several questions as nagging as they are profound.
(Not so much about Scott Adams' looks than rather about the workings of my brain or possibly spinal chord):

-- How could I expect _anything_ about his looks in the first place?

-- _What_ did I expect him to look like anyway?

-- And _why_ did I expect that?

-- _How_ differs what I unreasonably expected from what I now know to be his actual looks?

Very tricky! Almost epistemological!
(No, I am not at all sure what that means, but apparently it can give you ruptures, that's good enough for me.)

So I am now probably facing extensive Googling for portraits, building up a categorial system, and then mapping that a) onto my expectations, and b) onto Scott Adams actual looks.

(Like, "expected more of a New York Intellectual type, whatever that may be, instead of the actual Engineering type, whatever _that_ may be.")

Fascinating. [raises left eyebrow]
I'll probably end up in Gestalt Perception Theory or something.

Thanks again for the pictures. And the blog.
But most of all, for Dilbert & Friends & Foes!
(Why does it help the sufferer that others suffer the same?)

Happy Midsummer!

[No I do not look like that. But Sarah looks just like Oskari. 8:<) ]

Matt Williams

Aside from adding clear:both to your xhtml you would also need to swap round the order of photos and their corresponding comments, in which case it would look like this >

I'll shut up now.


Thanks for the insight. Two things really surprised me:

1 - You appear to live in a run-of-the-mill condo instead of some palatial secluded mansion somewhere. I would of expected you wanted more privacy.

2 - It's surprising that you "just prep the file the way I'm instructed by United Media." I would have expected that a big-name cartoonist like you could just say "here's my art the way I want to produce it, YOU deal with it and make it ready for publication."

a reader

Photos? I have NEVER seen images in one of your blog entries. Now I see why...looking at the code to "display" them just makes my brain hurt.

Uncle Mikey

Real Time? Are you being punished for something?

Matt Williams

You might add this code to the xHTML of each of your images: ; clear: both

So for example:

...scott_sleeping_with_dilbert.jpg" width="100" border="0" style="FLOAT: left; MARGIN: 0px 5px 5px 0px"


...scott_sleeping_with_dilbert.jpg" width="100" border="0" style="FLOAT: left; MARGIN: 0px 5px 5px 0px; clear: both"

Anyway, very inspiring post!

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