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What about 3:Strategically placed carbombs wiping out key political figures.


"Drunk drivers kill people, destroy lives, rob children of their parents and parents of their children. Driving drunk is a brutal crime indeed...even when worn by such a pretty face."

True, but SPEEDERS cause more death and destruction than drunk drivers. When was the last time you drove over the speed limit?

Slow dowwwwwwwn.


If the only way you can make your mark on society is by driving drunk, spending daddy's money, and being skinny, then I truly pity you. I won't ever be famous, probably not even a little bit. But that doesn't matter nearly as much as being kind, intelligent, and helpful. It is astounding how little middle-scholers and high-schoolers know about the world around them, and all this media focus on "celebs" doesn't help. It makes young girls feel like they need to be stick-thin in order for men to find them attractive, and then they end up getting sick and doing insane things for attention. It makes young boys feel just as self-conscious.

My preference in picking up "National Geographic" over "People" doesn't make me better then anyone else. I do know this: I'm a lot happier with my size 12 body then my size 6 friends who claim they are "ugly", and life would be better if they lost 25 pounds and could fit in a size 2. They run off to the gym with their tabloids.


I enjoy Opera and Paris H. - obviously I am a superior being. All you plebes bow down and pay me homage. Except you Paris, you get a different job.

Coolest guy in Latvia

I totally disagree with the author. Paris surely hasn't generated billions. I think... on the other hand this post has over 250 replies and it means that Paris has some publicity power, though it will soon (1-5 years) be forgotten.


You are comparing her economic generation to nothing. You should compare it to what would take her place. That is, you are saying "better to have paris hilton on TV than static"-which economically speaking, is true. However, is she any better for the economy than some other form of entertainment?

In other words, what is her added value.

Now, assume that is still positive (again in a dollar amount). Compare that to what someone she should be generating given the enormous advantage of her family's wealth.

In other words, if a typical citizen adds $1 million to the annual economy that's quite an achievement. If one of Bill's Gate's kids only adds $1 million he is a slacker-underachiever. Paris Hilton is the best argument for the "death-tax."

You should compare apples to apples.

I am quite happy (and enthralled) by the whole Paris-Jail affair because it helped reassure me that super-wealthy socialites cannot escape criminal behavior via their status, wealth and connections. I don't think that is trivial thing. I think that is wonderful morality play.


People like what they like and they can't be faulted for liking it, only for wasting the time of others attempting to make them like it too. As long as you're not being a Paris Hilton missionary, you're much healthier than all those ideological (economic, political, and religious) missionaries out there trying to force the rest of the world love what they love.

The trouble with the world's "Please, please entertain me" couch potatoes, though, is that they constitute such a huge consumer market that, simply to make a buck, all the world's bottom-liners are willing to forgo offering the rest of us "entertainment" that has any taste or quality.

Fact is, then, that we have to entertain ourselves, even if it is with all that disgusting highbrow stuff like opera, well-written novels, and fresh fruit.

A diet of popular culture leads to cerebral bulimia nervosa. Junk food is detrimental even in small doses. Popular culture isn't quite that bad; it's more like cheap whiskey and diet Coke: okay if imbibed in small daily doses. Paris Hilton and her friends are junk food.


Since I had nothing of value to add to the discussion, I decided to instead just point out all of the sex comments regarding Paris Hilton... I’m really astounded! Here are the best:

8-“get off the Paris Hilton rubbish”
7-“if you’re entertained by Paris good for you”
6-“Lay off Paris”
5-“Paris has pleased millions”
4-“Paris is easy”
3-“it really makes me want to sit in my shower, weeping while scrubbing my skin raw”
2-"I am not entertained by Paris, but neither am I entertained by my dog"
1-“you’re an asshat”

S@ns S@nity

Hey Skin-head cop killer guy..

enough with that story already. Both Paris being released from jail and some retard killing cops and driving crazy are stories I don't want to see. Its like... who cares..

Yes, I know a cop had to die but many people die everyday, and feeling remorse for everyone doesn't help my or anyone else's cause in anyway.

Why is it that news of tragedy is always thought to be of utmost importance. Seems to me like just another media hype trap we keep getting trapped in.

My advice: Don't watch the TV for news... use the internet. You will find anything you want to find out.


Paris who? Drunk drivers kill people, destroy lives, rob children of their parents and parents of their children. Driving drunk is a brutal crime indeed...even when worn by such a pretty face.


Paris who? Drunk drivers kill people, destroy lives, rob children of their parents and parents of their children. Driving drunk is a brutal crime indeed...even when worn by such a pretty face.


This is ridiculous. Paris gets wall to wall coverage because people watch. You don't like it turn it off. I choose not to watch or care. It doesn't make me better it just makes me interested in other things. I am impressed though she managed to turn an utter lack of talent and marginal good looks into a career. More power to her. If someone were to pay me a huge pile of money to look like a retard on tv I would do it too. Remember you can't be overpaid. The largest part of earning your salary is finding someone dumb enough to give it to you.


"...her contribution to the world is in the billions. Those billions generate taxes that go to important social services..."

Indeed. The serial killer who gets caught will also generate a vast amount of tax revenue: police salary, legal fees, counselling, funeral directors, on top of all the media and consequent advertising.

If dollar value is the criteria for value, then all praise the war in Iraq! Billions of dollars have been spent there - shall we praise that also?

Engineer in Georgia

Mr. Adams,

I don't watch Paris Hilton by personal choice.
I happen to agree with all of your points.
Mainly because they are funny.
Get a chuckle out of the anti-Paris crowd that take the time to verbally assault you for wasting your time on Paris. What are they doing by taking the time to comment?

Andrew Denny

Scott, this is one of the best-written, most interesting and wisdom-packed blog posts I've seen in a long time. Thanks, and well done!


I'm guessing that a lot fewer folks would be annoyed by Ms. Hilton if they watched less tv. I don't watch much tv and honestly have no idea who Paris Hilton is. This blog is the most I've ever heard about her, other than hearing a headline about her being in jail for something car related.

So, yeah, I'd say that a good cure for being annoyed, in general really, is to stop watching television, unless it seems like a really informative or intelligent show. (Oh, how I miss Bill Nye the Science Guy...)

But then again, some people want to be annoyed.

Tadahiro Tiktakatumi

"Scott and Paris Sittin' in a tree,
First Comes love,
then comes marriage,
Then comes Junior in a baby carriage!"

I see Timbo here dropping the beats with 50 Cent post haste.


Not masturbating to Paris Hilton is tax evasion?


I just find her show boring (the 5 mins or so I've seen of it) and her media coverage tedious. Her going to jail pre-empted a show I really wanted to watch and ended up getting TiVo-ed. Ack! I watched the whole thing on triple fast forward hoping my show would come back on eventually. No luck.


Dear Scott,

I aplaude your post today, it is insightful and makes people really take a step back and re-evaluate their supposed superiority. I expect you will be flamed severely for this.

People do not want to admit their own foibles, but do enjoy reacting to others'. This is the reason that "reality" tv is so popular. People are given the oportunity to sit in their comfortable homes and pass judgement on others without worrying about repercussions. They get to feel superior to these immoral examples of humanity.

This is why I do not pay attention to such things. I do not feel the need to degrade another person that I have never met for somthing that they suposedly did on tv. I do however have an issue with anyone who drinks and drives. This is based on statistics that show that in the majority of cases the injured party is not the drunk person but invariably those who come in contact with that person.

I am glad that Miss Hilton has decided to rethink her behavior. It shows growth and development of herself as a member of society and a desire to imnprove herself. I sincerely hope that she is successful - in that it will contribute to a better society. Mis Hilton is a public figure. Parents may not want their children to idolize her, but it is a sad fact that some will. If she can improve herself and her public image this can only go towards teaching those children that change and improvement of oneself is an admirable goal.

I have my faults, I work to improve those that I believe will harm others in some way...anger management, improving my contribution to society, improvement of my contribution to the preservation of the environment...and hope that my own quest for self-improvement will inspire those around me to improve themselves as well.

Personally I ignore celebrities and the various bits of news pertaining to them. I admire an actor based solely on their performance in any given film/play. If they do their job well and illicite an emotional response from me, I applaud them, if not I am disappointed. Whether they drink, beat their wife, sleep with a costar, do drugs or whatever does not affect my enjoyment of their performance. I am not them, I cannot stand in judgement unless I am aware of all the mitigating factors.

It is cliché, but unless you walk a mile in someone else's shoes, you cannot really understand their motivations or point of view.

Thank you Scott for making one or two people rethink their own judgement and maybe become better people for it.


Your comment on the middle east were understandable. Your comments on soap were border line neurotic, but still funny. But this! Whats happening? Is this the Scott I love...was the love ever real to begin with?

This post makes me sad!


AND why does it take a prison stint for her to work out that being a good person is a good thing, it doesn't make sense. Clearly it's staged, clearly it's PR driven and clearly it's as false as everything else from the Paris camp apart from that video and even that was turned into a positive!

time will tell if she can pull off the new act and how many more dollar$ this calculated reinvention will bring in.



Is it just a coincidence that these pro Paris blogs start on the day she is released and in her handwriting? Perhaps Paris has used her new found skills aquired over the last 20 odd days to hack dilbertblog?

Maybe the next cartoon strip will be hers as well - maybe Dilbert acting smart, adopting orphans, paying for rehab centres for released criminals or maybe a home video for youtube.



I get the biggest kick out of Paris and always have. I find her doing 23 days and talking like it was half a life time hysterical. I know someone who did 18 years who came out not saying stuff half as dramatic.

steve fisher

Paris Hilton. . .
Leaves me unmoved one way or the other. Don't know much about her, not really interested.
Only so many idle hours in the day and I've used mine up!

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