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Your blog will be a complete success when in school, it will be cool to be good - to perform well, to show abilities and to show that working hard to learn, is a GOOD thing ( I am including being good at sports, and being good at maths/litterature/...)
(mind and body development)

Until then, let`s have Paris Hilton being adored by teenage girls, and boys bullying the local nerds.


Reading comments to items like this absolutely, positively reinforces my belief in the ignorance of the masses.

Most are literate and can write posts which resemble fact-based replies - just flagrant with their illogic and juxtaposition. Let me provide some "Hahahahahahaha clueless" clippings from previous posts for our amusement (comments below):

>>> gr8hands Says: "Following your same logic, spreading disease would provide better "dollar value of the contribution" than curing disease. And we should all be thanking bin laden for all the poor he's fed and soldiers he's saved because of the tax revenue generated due to his actions.

I hope you see how silly you've been in your statements (without meaning to). Just about everyone else does.

And as I'm personally involved with raising millions of dollars that actually go to helping the poor, sick, orphaned, homeless, disenfranchised, war torn, and ignored, I can easily state that what I'm doing is way more important than what paris hilton (or Scott Adams) is doing."

My comment: 1st paragraph: You're right..well, if you ignore critical facts like your examples include causing death. I wasn't aware Paris' antics have caused death - except perhaps heart-attacks from elderly streaming her "Night In Paris" type clips
2nd paragraph: Spoken like a true critic who fails to see their own incredible shortcomings. Can you point me to the website you ordered your horse-blinders from, I have heard that ignorance is bliss and wish to join the bandwagon.
3rd paragraph: Everyone is involved with Everything you have just mentioned. It's called Taxation. I'm glad to hear you think you're superior to people you know VERY LITTLE about, that's the first sign of true ignorance. It's like the drunk who picks fights with random strangers - who for all you know, could be a UFC champion. (For your clarity, you're the drunk)

>>> grepthis Says: "You may dislike opera, that's fine and you are free to do so. You may enjoy Paris's antics and misadventures (as do I) and you are free to do so. To raise Paris's 'life as performance art' as somehow equivalent in significance to opera is either an attempt on your part to create some controversy or shows an odd lack of judgement."

My comment: I believe the point was neither is more significant or superior, and by thinking or stating your choice of entertainment makes you a superior person in a position to look down on other people's other-than-your choices of entertainment gives relatively clear perspective on your likely social/mental issues.

There are SO many more, I'd love to pick them all out - but I'm sure doing so would not add to the effect - nor make it past the Scottfilter.

Keep up the great blog posts Scott.


Surely you meant:

"When cameras are rolling, you really ought to be more careful about what comes out of your mouth, and what comes into it."

or is there another level here i'm missing...?



What you say about her widespread entertainment value is true. I am from Bombay, India, and out here, we have a bunch of tabloids (both in English as well as our local languages) which give us the lowdown on everything that's happening in her life, every day. When she was sent to prison, there were features here like 'Do you think what happened to Paris was fair?', and Indian celebrities got asked for opinions and a 'message to her'.

Why do I have that unnamed feeling that she doesn't quite know that her life is being played out in detail for a lot of (mostly unwilling) urban Indians every morning? Or then again, maybe she does...

le big MAC

Scott, you're great, even when you're wrong.
If we were awash in intelligence and soul-enriching media, it would be one thing. If the average Joe/Jane Sixpack spent three hours after work reading or watching great movies of any era or listening to great music (if you hate opera, why not Ellington?) and then a half-hour warmdown of mindless trash or comedy, and not the other way around, all good. If we were getting smarter and not dumber about everything, then the bimbo parade would be OK.
I'm fascinated by Scott's "Future" theory that evolution is forking so that the smart get smarter, and everyone else gets dumber. So expect more TV shows like "Simple Life", balanced by more Discovery/History channels because the consumers watching those channels (and buying the products whose ads support them) actually buy the products and don't shoplift them. Or drive a truck through a convenience store window to steal them.
That reminds me, "Cops" is on soon!

Jonathan Peters

How about that, when I read your first comment on Paris I [apparently] mistook it for sarcasm. I apologise if it was a subtler and more prolonged form of sarcasm than I was ready for.

Yeah, you, I and 99% of the other adults in the world can watch her ditzy behaviour and bulging curves and take away nothing more than a chuckle and a bulge in our pants.
It's the kids who aren't yet at a stage to seperate the image from the reality that I worry about. What do they take away from it?

Sure, you can say that it's the parents responsibility to ensure that they can make that seperation, and I agree. But take a look around a shopping mall on a Friday night, and tell me how many you think have succeeded.



If you haven't seen it, you might enjoy this clip ( of MNSBC anchor Mika Brzezinski refusing — on air — to read the Paris Hilton story.


I hope you say something appropriately nasty in tomorrow's blog about sanctimonious Anderson Cooper and that homely PR sidekick Ken Sunshine. They don't seem to understand that, almost by definition, making money IS prima facie evidence of helping people and that the more money made, the more value added. What a waste it would be if Paris gave up entertaining the masses to devote her life full time to MADD.

Billy B

Paris Hilton is a piece of shit.
Billy B


To the thoughts of.......Leaving a comment & not doing anything important.

Guilty as charged (heheeeee).

Figure most of the things any of us do, really aren't that important. The few things we do...."do", are just to pay the bills.

She runs around half-naked, in perfectly-staged media opportunities. You construct the next morning's talk about the water cooler, and I make a few of them dinner for on the way home.

Pfft. Money is what you're good at, and pay the bills. Never complain about how anyone else pays their bills.

If anyone ever had a problem about Paris, chances are it's more due to she has a better control of her finances if nothing else. Regardless of inheritance.

She could've blown the whole family empire to smithereens a dozen times over, if she had truly made a poor choice in judgment.

I did laugh though at the ".o8" statement she made on Larry King. How do you go from normal to legally drunk on one drink?

Even if barely 100 pounds soaking wet in weight. It takes a few brews.

The better guess, is that this whole 3-Ring Circus is meant, simply, to keep her on the same track as before. Garnering attention & camera time.

And yes, media coverage on subject matter that keeps people tuned in 9regardless of the opinion it generates), is still "ratings", still reason to ensure your commercial gets aired during her costs you....but money makes the World Go Round.

Even when she goofs...Big Time, she still pays her bills. That is some semblance of responsibility.

That's all it is. To the rest of the World shaking their heads....check your end table....and that pile of Utility Bills. Get on them, and get your money in order (wink).

Don't get caught up in Gossip & Scandal, considering Mr. Adams himself stated....."should the camera ever be on you".


So thanks to you and your endless carrying on, I just watched the Larry King interview of Paris, and she's a really bad liar. I saw photos of her with a big doob hanging out of her mouth, and now she is saying she doesn't do drugs. You can tell when she's lying because she looks like she's about to cry. When he brought up her ADD-- she could barely hold herself together. Poor, messed up kid. Trying to please everyone, and do what everyone tells her to do. Just be yourself, Paris!

Thankfully, Dennis Leary came on right after. That guy cracks me up. I also enjoyed seeing Paul and Ringo.


Ignore the negative comments Scott....they simply don't get it...:)

Tyler Ellis

You probably receive the same message everyday (even with a similar disclaimer) but this week's Dilbert w/ the personal problem lady is HILARIOUS. Today is best. Thanks for another bright spot in our days.


""Don't serve the time; let the time serve you," Hilton said. She said she has emerged from jail determined to eliminate bad friends from her life."

Wow. Just wow.


What am I doing that so important?

I'm reading your blog that's what "Mr" Scott, thereby increasing the value of your franchise, which in turn translates into tax dollars that pay (though aid) the surgeons that perform heart operations on African babies.

Other than that your spot on with your last two posts, good work. Also thanks for the story on how you got started, it's an inspiration for friends who are struggling to get ahead.

Pat on the back (and a kick in the nuts)


"And don’t get me started about the tens of millions of masturbators who appreciate her. You can’t put a price on that."



Quote: "In summary, if you enjoy opera more than you enjoy stories about Paris Hilton, you might believe you are superior. That’s the second clue there’s something seriously wrong with you."


Right, according to you, if I (hypothetically) don't like (or am indifferent to) Paris Hilton, unlike millions of masturbators and entertainment news junkies, something's wrong with me. And, if I don't like Harry Potter, unlike millions of casual book readers, something's wrong with me. However, if I (hypothetically) believe in free will just because everyone else does, I am an idiot. It's a good thing I read your blog, otherwise I would have no idea exactly how stupid and defective I am.

On, the other hand, you seem to think you are superior to 99% of your blog commentators, as evidenced by your simple formula of "controversial" blog posts:

1) Write "provocative" blog entry on "controversial" topic such as: torture, free will, the ultra-rich leisure class (e.g. Paris Hilton)
2) Wait for the predictable torrent of outraged blog comments
3) Accuse your readers of:
- stupidity
- lacking irony
- irrationality
- falling prey to confirmation bias
- not even knowing what "confirmation bias" is (as if you're the first person to ever open up a psych textbook)
- lack of self-awareness
- humourlessness
- being way too uptight
- etc.

I have nothing against Paris Hilton or you. In fact, I enjoy your comic strips, books and blog. But what makes you think *you're* above it all? You seem to have a great deal of contempt for the people who post on your blog. I realize that's part of your "schtick", just like Paris "pretends" to be dumb. (Or does she? Who cares?)

(Oh, I forgot - these blog entries don't necessarily reflect your *real* opinions, and shouldn't be taken seriously in any case. Don't forget what "Influence" says about the things you write.)

Clay H.

I agree with these posts. The part that annoys me is when people claim that the the media are "exploiting" or "badgering" her (e.g., filming her crying as she is sent back to jail). First of all, all that stuff is clearly as fake as "The Simple Life", and second, even if it weren't, unless you're just the child of someone famous you choose to be a celebrity, and you have to take the bad (paparazzi) with the good (adulation).

Bob Dole

Boo! The only thing worthy on Paris Hilton is I need not say. You can watch a video of it. That a mistake or really really stupid?

Larry should of asked her about her XXX video. Now that would be worthwhile. A whole special/interview about her video. Not even cruel.


Paris is not to blame for the media's obsession with her. Most people who live pointless lives (eg: most of us) wouldn't shirk such attention, although few would be as smart as Paris and her colleagues in exploiting that obsession. And that's probably got a lot to do with why we like to condemn such individuals; because they have, by however means, gained material success through other's stupidity, and we haven't.

I don't like her or admire her, but nor do I hate her. Fact is, most people don't hate her either because they couldn't possibly know her enough to hate who she is. Most people just hate the fact that she's different to them - successfully different!

Suck it up.


I am 100% behind you, Scott! Although you forgot one important fact: That this is a girl who has size-11 feet and a lazy eye and still tells anyone within earshot how hot she is. I think she should get props for her faboo body image in an industry where Kelly Clarkson is considered a big fattie.

Besides, I always feel a little sorry for people who can't appreciate a guilty pleasure.

D. Mented

...Then there's the fact that she's rich.
If an ordinary person gets drunk and thinks "maybe I shouldn't drive, but I can't afford a cab home, and anyway I don't want to leave my car in this neighborhood...I'll be real careful", that's bad enough.
When someone as rich as Paris Hilton - or Mel Gibson, or any of the other vicious misers we've heard about lately gets drunk, they have the option of calling a flatbed tow truck for their vehicle and a limo for their ownselves, and going home in style - still partying, putting no one at risk, and paying two people to take care of their drunkenness so everybody has a good time.
If they don't do that, they really are imperious, self-important, and callous enough not to care who they kill.
Sorry to take an attitude, but it's not to Paris' credit that she didn't kill, cripple, or mutilate anyone. That credit goes to the cops who stopped her in time.Likewise Mel, etc.
D. Mented.


Probably my favorite Dilbert Blog post so far... (and I'm no Paris fan)

The idea of reading the comments gives me the willies, though. I started reading the blog within days of its creation, and stopped reading the comments days later. Signal/Noise ratio is just too low. I don't know how you can take it. You shouldn't be reading this one, either.

I'd like there to be two views - a "town square" mode like it is now where anyone can comment - and an "edited" mode where only a few select comments are approved and viewable. Maybe you could find volunteer (hence free) moderators to do it for you.


ok, if there was no Paris Hilton, she should be invented something
agree, you persuaded
good for her to have such an ardent admirer in you

i'm glad you brought up opera,
love this fine example of the greatest arts
"o caro mio..
oooh, my CAAARRrot!"

Kevin Kunreuther

When Paris announced she had found relief from her "ordeal" by praying and invoking God and Jesus and thinking about getting involved in charitable works, my inner alarms went off - she's doing time for a traffic offense and acting irresponsible, not selling narcotics to school kids, not robbing from the poor box, not murder nor manslaughter - at best, she's a latter day Arlo Guthrie sitting on the group W bench, sitting next to other violent femmes, imagine the conversations:"I kited cheques to feed my black tar heroin habit - I'm here for running an S&M brothel in the guise of a day school for pre-K kids - I murdered my children and served them as barbecue to the neighbors - what are you here for? - eeehhh,driving under the influence with a suspended license " and all the other prisoners scooted away from her and started giggling and making faces at her and throwing poo until she added," and being a public nuisance!" and then she is welcomed happily into their little sorority.
I don't know how long or how I'm supposed to be entertained by her newfound embrace of Christianity, perhaps if she converted to Buddhism, Sikhism, Scientology or Jehovah's Witness - Jehovah's Witness? Now that would be entertaining, seeing go door-to door promoting The Watchtower, etcetera.

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