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Just Like That

There's this company whose product was much better than pepsi but when pepsi and coke realised it, they even offered to buy it out for double the cost of setup, research etc... but the CEO said wait for five years and we will buy you out. On the first day of that company's product launch they bought the full lot and broke all the 2,000,000 bottles and gave a three year contract to all the bottle manufacturers by sending out ghost buyers no bottles were returned and the company had to close down after three weeks. Which is this company and where was it opened does anybody know ?



sex positions

Three phrases should be among the most common in our daily usage. They are: Thank you, I am grateful and I appreciate.


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This is your definition of "Nailed the rib-eye joke" ?

From your website:

(Rib Eye…stacked potatoes…this is the only dish that can get in trouble for staring at itself.)

I think your restaurant is in a LOT worse trouble that we thought.

sybil miller

you are so great, lose the coke! thins your bones. you'll be immortal, but all your bones will be swiss cheese.

thank you for sharing your day. my dog and cat both say, "well HE doesn't use his cat as an excuse for why he can't get his work done, why do YOU?"



"I approve it without knowing the details."

So much for control of your art...

Liz L.

Love your blog, which always makes laugh or think, or both. I am concerned about your Diet Coke consumption. You're a smart guy who Googles a lot and is concerned about his health. So Google a bit about the health issues of carbonated drinks in general and artificially sweetened ones in particular. Cheers.


I always wondered how a normal day would look like - for those like you ( writers/columnists/cartoonists..)
That was an intersting read....Thnx!

(BTW, ther's no mention of your wife/kids anywhere in the day.Are they away or are you?)

Hmm...I did love to know how a normal day goes by for a Music Director.Will have to wait until , umm.. some Daniel Barenboim comes up with a blog entry like yours. :-)


You just gotta love jittery beaver


[Not nearly enough people know that NutraSweet, the sweetener in Diet Coke, is the best ant poison known to man, causes cancer even in low doses, and was on the Chemical Weapons list and banned for food use until a certain politico pulled some strings to get it approved for human combustion. I mean, consumption. Google it if you don't believe me, or check the database on]

So the question is, will the unproven life lengthening effects of LongEvinex's resveratrol cancel out the unproven life shortening effects of Diet Coke's aspartame?


To bed at 11pm, waking up at 5am = 6 hours of sleep? And functional throughout the day? I envy you :-P


So what's your 2+2 name?


dood you never brushed your teeth!!


So I'm not the only person that does this

"5:20 AM

Check Internet for headlines, just to see if any planes flew into any buildings last night"

I do it close to the same time too... roughly 5am.


for a comic writer, you are inhumanly boring. that was a war crime.


That was really interesting and inspiring and says more than you might think. It really satisfies the curiosity.

Thankyou Scott


Note to self - if living with cats DON'T work at home


I haven't read the rest of the comments, so don't know if anyone else gives you a hard time for this -- it weirds me out that you're concerned enough about your health and yet consume about (I might have missed one!) three Diet Cokes in one day! Aspertame is no good for you, Scott! Have one Coke with real sugar instead, or switch to something that is actually good for you, like green tea. I guarantee you'll feel better, and it's a surer thing than your wine extract.

Mark Bowness

This was really interesting to read! Thanks for that!

Mark Bowness



Coffee-chugging? (the beaver)

Only idea I could come up with.

Unless Coffee itself, is somehow trademarked by the Colombians.

Maybe the cat craving attention, might have better input.

Maybe not. Too much reliance on a cat, would end up producing a Garfield influence for all of their howling.

Cats are nice, but are not the Center of The Universe. If they were, the can-openers would be designed with them in mind.


Hi Scott,

I could be wrong, but I have a vague memory from college about magnesium being a critical component in the nerve impulse process and muscle contraction/relaxation process. A year or so ago I heard an advertising claim that magnesium deficiency could cause muscle spasms, pain and inflammation by blocking either the "relax" nerve signal or the muscle "relax" process. My last O-Chem or Bio class was well over a decade ago, so who knows if my memory is off. Don't take medical advice from an engineer.

Walter E. Wallis

Please, stay away from Mentos. Or use them in a strip. Carol substitutes Mentos for vitamin pills and serves pointy haired boss a diet coke to wash them down?

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