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"Grilled Rib Eye…12 oz rib eye served with a wild mushroom demi, stacked russet potatoes, grilled asparagus and radicchio (Rib Eye…stacked potatoes…this is the only dish that can get in trouble for staring at itself.)"

Heh-heh. Cute.

But I think my favorite was "Ahi is similar to Aha, but less enlightened and more delicious."

Kristina L.

You only petted your kitty 3 times? Doesn't seem like enough. My kitties, Rachael and Iris, would complain about that, I think. Then agin, they probably don't get up that early. :)

black spot

Real wine is a lot more fun than Longvinex. I’ll have to fish out the newspaper story where a French doctor was horrified that a man was ashamed to omit that he only drank half a bottle of wine a day. When, on doctor’s orders upped it a whole bottle, he was never ill again.

I’m totally jealous of your day. My best work is always done first thing in the morning and it seems a waste keeping me on after lunch. Of the seven and half hours I’m contracted to work each day, I reckon they only get an hour’s worth. I still do the same amount of work as everyone else, but in a concentrated form in the morning.

Eat more bananas. They contain loads of magnesium, and they are an amusing fruit/herb. I like the beaver. He should open a coffee shop in the office for himself.

Dave Wiley

> Took Longvinex capsule, a wine extract that will make
> me nearly immortal if it works. Google it. I know it's
> unproven. But the expected value calculation makes it
> attractive if you can afford it. Is it a 1% chance of
> living for another 50 years and feeling great the whole
> time? Who knows? Worth a shot.

What if there's a 2% chance it will make your testicles grow teeth and gnaw their way through your heart?


Maybe Scott has invested in Warren Buffett's fund, the Berkshire Hathaway, and is trying to make us buy more Coke?

Warren Buffett's coke joke:
"Mr. Buffett answered questions and enlightened us with his wisdom. He launched into the session, cherry coke in hand, stating how happy he was to be a 12% owner of Coca-Cola. “I want to encourage everyone here to drink as much Coke as you want, even if you don’t drink it, just open it. As we get the profits from every eighth can sold”, said amidst the laughter from the crowd."


Just so you know, caffeine is the most potent nonprescription direct cerebral stimulant available, but the quantities needed to create the kind of effect you (and, for instance, the military) are looking for would require a catheter to keep your bladder from exploding. One alternative is Provigil, although I don't know if anyone would know what that is without having wikipedia available. Damn old media people...


You drink too much Diet Pepsi, that stuff frys your nervous system ! I used to drink it like you and used to get all sorts of nervous problems, so much so that I was wrongly diagnosed as having early MS !! Stopped drinking the Pepsi and the symptoms have all gone now. Apparently there are some studies that suggest it was Pepsi (and coke btw) left out in the sun so it boiled then fed to soldiers in the first Gulf war that caused Gulf War Syndrome !! something about breaking down into formaldehyde which is embalming fluid.


What did you do between 10:30am and 2pm?

Christoph Jenkins

Haha. I have about that many Diet Coke's a day too.

And for all the people who need to Google your Longevinex supplement, you spelled it wrong, forgetting to add the 'e' in the middle.

Bruno Berthold

I'm still wondering why I refreshed this page upteen times to see what new thing you had done in your day. I shouldn't care, but I do. I blame the terrorists.


I suggest some "Exercise" instead of "Longvinex" and some "Green Tea" instead of "Diet Coke".


So who won the tennis game? :D


You only get six hours of sleep?!?

I tried that last week. It doesn't work for me.


Isn't it awkward being on Standard Time when the rest of California is on Daylight Saving Time?


It sure does sound like a lot of your time is spent on your blog. Why is it worth such an investment?


Thanks for the diary of your day! I thoroughly enjoyed reading it and look forward to seeing your movie. I have the dilbert box set of the tv series and its totally awesome!! It should never have been cancelled. I hope it reappears on tv sometime soon.

Keep up the awesome work!



Scott- what happend to the link to your dilbertblog on Now I have to search for it elsewhere.

Many people spell words wrong. They should check their spelling before they post.


wow, 0 computer games or TV. Is this a normal day?


note to self--Scott Adams doesn't read the details--call United Media CEO and convince him to put fine print about being Bill Gates' towel boy for life in the next book deal license "just to see if he notices".

jerry w.

I noticed that you chose not to give the results for the tennis game with the 11 year old, run out of time on the blog?

From personal experience with Warner Bros. lawyers, I can't say that they are lying weasel bastards (they "might" respond in court), but then again, I can't say they aren't.

I can say, I hope you took the advice about soap on a rope from columns past.



>Well, at least you're not alone in drinking Diet Coke
>early in the morning. I think of it this's
>caffeine and sugar. Two components in most people's
>coffee. But...yes...Diet Coke. The stuff is seriously

>Posted by: Kat

Sorry to burst your bubble, but there's no sugar in Diet Coke. And it's addictive, not addicting. How can you be an adult and not know the word addictive? Gaaaaaaaaah!

Calvin Spealman

I put in my vote that you get a twitter account.


You didn't mention the outcome of the tennis game? Did the 11 year old beat you a year early?

I read once that 30% of us use Diet Coke in the morning in lieu of coffee.

Håvard Pedersen

That should be LongEvinex. It helps to know when Googling. ;) Or you can read about the actual stuff in it here:


Oh well, ok, forget it :)

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