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lisa levy

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Can Scott Adams replace an entire think tank? I think yes:;_ylt=AgiP4iOSpbHSpt7NbpbJcEcE1vAI


This Plan shall be a Cornerstone to the Foundation of Flipping IT!! Collectively we who get IT can Flip what is NOW to what SHOULD BE by 2011. Scott's plan speaks volumes to what should be.

Remember, Aztec's believe that "The Last Great Human Destruction" occurs in 2011.

On what side of the X will you stand?

Flip IT!


*clap, clap, clap*

This is the kind of thinking that will get us out of the messes we've been getting ourlselves into. And I don't think it's at all practical. A bit overly simplistic, maybe, but definitely practical.


We already give, give, give. And don't think they won't attack a hospital. They have shown no remorse or concern for the innocent; no respect for education or the well being of others.


The Soviet Union collapsed due to the system (communism) being corrupt, from the inside. Regan had little to do with it.

If you haven't already watch the series of Documentaries by Adam Curtis (Power of Nightmares\The Trap\Mayfair Set), you'll find them on youtube\google video - I think you will like them.


filthy liberal.


Of course, it is easy to remain neutral if you are the country who looks after everyone's money with few questions asked...


Switzerland are not being attacked as the leaders of the world (including the terrosrist leaders) have their money there!!!



I like your ideas. They are common sense but impractical and the world needs a lot of common sense.


Scot, the plan is too good, but it is highly impractical as US is not good enough for that. Any nation which is able to implement this will be a land of saints.. and US is no way close to that (the means are too selfless and kind for and end that is too selfish.. this simply cannot exist.. means should justify ends and vice-versa)

comments about some comments:

1. Please stop assuming that US is the only rational country and terrorists are born bad, brutal people. (for all the comments which said terrorists will kill, no matter what)

2. US is not just the country that helps nations recover, but also the one which destroyed many nations, just because they were communist or getting in the way of its world domination (for all the comments which said that US already helps by providing drugs etc.). btw.. don't understand why US gets so anal about communist regimes, esp. when they are not forced on them... guess it was just a pretext to attack the only other country which threatened its domination during the cold war period...

3. there are just too many rogues who are/were funded by US in different time periods (including Osama once)... to reach their ends of world domination (in those times, they never threatened well-being of US citizens).. u r just reaping the rewards now... a bit too late for the plan maybe.. but if implemented, it will atleast help your future generations (but i suspect if your selfishness will help in saving your unborn grandchildren... am too cynical about this)

3. Even US attacked hospitals in Iraq, as they suspected Saddam to be hiding within. If you can justify this action, then I am sure terrorists will have their reasons

Bottomline: I am not saying that terrorists are good, but neither is US... good luck.. a fight between bad vs. bad, which is getting ugly... i am curious about the result :)


This idea is genius. I think you should try to promote it. It would certainly up the esteem in which I currently hold the US from not much to a lot.


I think you're right that helping out our neighbors when they have a disaster could help promote a little goodwill - until they weigh it against all the harm we do in the world. Noel and Stomper are on the right track; if we want to eliminate terrorism, we must address everyday poverty, powerlessness and ignorance like that displayed by Muttley who needs to turn off the Fox News channel and read a book - I recommend "The True Believer" by Eric Hoffer.
The terrorists don't hate us for our freedom; they hate us for our gluttonous consumption and the fact that we prop up their oppressors.
It's true that we already spend money on foreign aid but as swiss points out, the Danes give a much higher percentage of GDP, 12.8% versus US, 0.7% putting US at #18 on the list, although, the US still gives the most money. The problem is most US aid is developmental and comes with plenty of strings attached and aids the donor more than it aids the recipient: "If we give you this money, you must use it to buy our food/construction equipment/military hardware, from this US company and oh by the way, you also have to stop passing out condoms."
Starving people don't need an electrical outlet to plug in a toaster, they need food to eat and clean water to drink and a safe place to sleep. Dropping bombs and spouting inane rhetoric doesn't provide any of those things.


Terrorists won't attack a hospital?

You haven't been in Tal A'Far Iraq have you? We had to occupy the hospital because terrorists and competing tribes had taken it over. They then regularly attacked the US and Iraqi troops there.

Terrorists attack anything.

But, overall, your concept has some merit.


Terrorists and dictator don't attack Switzerland because that is were they keep all of their money. If you are stealing from your people you have to put the cash somewere.

Even mentalists like Hitler knew that you don't rob your own bank.


foreign aid: the USA gives less in percentage of its GDP than Denmark.

referring to a nation as 'bastards' probably ain't the quickest way to make friends, by the way


Sounds good to me. I always thought that we ought to get other countries to pay for our (UK) military budget, since most of their work was helping out other countries. Certainly a preferable option to the nervousness the US makes around the world as it seeks to export our brand of democracy ...

And you're coming from the same place as Bono/Macphisto ...
"It's no secret that a friend is someone who lets you help.
It's no secret that a liar won't believe anyone else."


I don't agree with your prices. We Germans still have to pay for the reunion with our eastern part fifteen years ago; a phenomenon, which is obviously caused by the american policy of not letting us fall into Stalin's hands in the fifties. If the US only had shown a little interest in middle Europe, all of Germany would be economically devastated the same way, and we wouldn't have to pay "top dollar". I insist, that we are rated somewhere between the Czech Republik (higher growth rate) and North Korea (smaller poeple).

Richard Gosling

I love the idea. All nations with functioning governments comprised of (at least some) rational leaders will love America. That could even include Iran. For that reason alone it's worth doing.

The problem is that these nations aren't declaring war on America (why would they, they know they'll lose - even Iran would never declare war on America, they just hate America for its support of Israel). The people attacking America are a disparate group of nutters not acting on behalf of any nation, but bound together by an ideology. This action won't change their ideology, so they won't stop attacking America.

It could still help, though, since there may be less folk who want to support the ideological nutters, by funding them or giving them places to hide.

But this is a long-term solution - it still offers no solution to what the hell do we do about Iraq? Any plan that involves not having US soldiers driving about in armed Hummers for at least another year or two will always leave the US being branded as "The country that f***ed up Iraq and then abandoned them to brutal civil war", a brand that will not easily be replaced as "The country that helps anyone in a natural disaster". Unless there is a MASSIVE earthquake in Iraq in the near future...


Well yes, being friendly, trying to get along with people and not representing yourself as ignorant asshole is generally a good peace strategy.

Greetings from Lithuania


not practical cos you got a bunch of religious zealots trying to start up wwIII armageddon as the prelude to the Rapture.


Sounds like a God Father -plan to me...


not long after 9/11 there was a doco on New Zealand TV where they were interviewing one of the main saachi & saachi (big advertising company) guys. He said something about how as soon as 9/11 happened, NZ should've immediately sent a big team of people over to new york to help the cleanup and rescue operation and performed a haka at ground zero to kick it off. Cheesy, but can you imagine the good PR New Zealand would've gotten wolrdwide for doing that. Advertising guys generally have to know a bit about producing good PR so I doubt he was far off the mark. Your theory reminded me of that


How depressing... I came on here to make the comment "Wow - what a great plan, even if it is impractical, it's a step in the right direction - thinking about how countries can help each other, rather than hurt each other"...

Then I saw all the other 'nay-sayer' comments, and general pessimistic moaning about how nothing you do will ever work...

It's gonna be a long hard fight to put the world to rights, and it's only going to be slowed down by people sitting and complaining, instead of directing their efforts into something positive.

Maybe I am too optimistic about people, but it seems to me that a good idea is worth trying out. Certainly better than letting the bad ideas win by default.


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