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Tapan Karecha

No need to post this comment Scott, but if you really want to salvage some of the comments of that post, Google still has it cached at:


so this blog is more for your sake than ours, huh?


happy 50th btw :)

Rick Miller

A-HAHAHAHAHAHA! Accident?!? Sure. :D

I love it. My only comment was, "Another religious dumpfest. How boring." I'm glad to see it all got wiped.


Google cached the "Great Debate" page on Jun 7, 2007 at 00:24:16 GMT. You can see the comments up to that point at:


Intriguing... the post from Sunday declaring there is no post this Sunday. Perhaps you are trying to break our brains a la "this statement is a lie?"


So... the government got to you, did they? Made you a sweet offer you couldn't refuse? What was it this time?
Threatened to replace your comic with B.C. in perpetuity?
Said your property taxes would be going up by .0002%?
Suggested that an 'accident' might befall your favorite hot dog vendor right before Labor Day?

It's awfully suspicious, if you ask me. Maybe the hiccup was just a government-implanted computer virus designed to hide the truth. If you believe in such things.


why is Dilbert's tie always U shaped, even where there's no wind and he's not moving?

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