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Bruce Harrison

Nice try, Scott. Bloomberg is as much a Republican as I am a pink fuzzy bunny-shaped space alien. He only ran as a Republican in New York because the Democrats had already nominated a candidate.

He is an absolute nanny-government type, believing (as you appear to) that people (other than you) are just too stupid to determine anything in their lives and must be directed in the minutest detail by the enlightened genius of our rulers, er, I mean, our elected representatives.

It's nice to see you giving him a pass on flip-flopping; I would say, however, that flip-flopping on something as basic as to which political party he belongs would ping even your low-power political radar, but I guess that's just wishful thinking. Perhaps you don't understand the meaning of the term (or have once again tried to make a new definition for it).

Let me clarify: the term "flip-flopping" as it is used in politics has nothing to do with changing your position in response to changes in a situation. It has to do with political expediency -- sticking your finger into the wind, and then coming up with a new position diametrically opposed to your old one because you think it will get you elected.

Bloomberg is a gazillionaire who may attempt to finance his way into the White House. He is a big-government nanny-stater in the Hillary mold. If you like Hillary, you'll love Bloomberg. Remember Bloomberg's ban on trans-fats in New York? What will he do if he can influence the whole country instead of just one city?

You'd better start reviewing the menu at Stacey's, Scott, because if your favored candidate gets in power, he may ban your favorite meal's ingredients. After all, you're just too stupid to decide what you should eat. Or think. Or do.

So go for it, Scott. Good luck. But don't expect a lot of support from anyone who believes they can find their ass with both hands without the "help" of government.


Scott wrote: "...the idiocy of the “flip-flop” accusation..."
If you still think flip-flop haters are idiotic, I suggest you go back and re-read your "new favourite book" Influence (by Cialdini), Chapter 3 (Commitment and Consistency).

Unless of course, you are the sole rational human being in existence, and you have never felt embarrassed because you changed a strongly held stance. No, changing a stance on your blog (e.g. effectiveness of torture) doesn't count. How about strongly held stances and convictions you've shared with friends, family? I don't suppose you go around changing those all the time. For example, I'd be really surprised if one day I hear that Scott Adams...:
1) ...has denounced capitalism
2) no longer a vegetarian
3) ...believes the average American business is managed by geniuses
4) ...thinks the average human is rational and enlightened

Nope, everyone has their own strongly-held convictions. These convictions are partly the basis of our "identity" and also affect how others view and judge us. Whether our convictions "come from inside of us" or whether we have been manipulated to hold them, there is usually a social penalty for going back on them. We call people who change their strongly-held convictions "flakes"; in politics, they're known as "flip-floppers". Rational or not, right or not, that's reality for ya.

Ron Hardin

Soap opera women who watch the news on TV determine all the campaign issues. Even the terrorists cater to them.


William Skyvington, i'm a spanish speaker and i know that sometimes it's a little harder to understand some words.

but, the "blending of words" is very likely the most productive source of humour in the english language. and it's really a very good and smart way of humour. You see, you cannot simply do that in other languages, like latin-based french, spanish or italian.

English has that facility to phrases like "squirrely wrath" that are really very funny within its context.

Philosotainment is also a very good example of what can be done by mixing. every one that reads Philosotainment will get a pretty good idea of what is it about. you cannot do that in other languages that i know of, easily and "gracefully".

so i don't really agree with you. after all languages grow by mixing. there's no 100% pure english, or 100% pure spanish, etc. that happened somehow.

open up, man


You obviously don't live in new york city.


I don't think Romney can be elected president because he's Mormon. That's going to give him massive problems with grass root Republicans. As a Mormon myself, I don't think he SHOULD be elected because he's a second generation millionaire politician. We need to avoid aristocracy.

The next best choice is Thompson. He's popular, tall, has a great voice, and his hair is at least 80%.


I'm all for an independent running for Prez! I'd have voted for Ross P. if he hadn't gone kooky.

I don't care what the indie thinks about anything - anything right now is better than the ineffectual democrats or the near-nazi repubs!

Stan Slaughter

"As a businessman....rational and fact-based ...."

I really know nothing of Bloomberg, but I could not believe that you put these two concepts together in connecting sentences.


Sounds like a nice dream.


Your audience has fallen for your've just demonstrated a subject in which your blogosphere is incapable to clarifying an issue for fact, many of them have unwittingly displayed that they're, in fact, blithering idiots.....good job, dude.


Good luck in finding honest & intelligent men
who will gather everybody`s good-will around them into making the world a better place.



I love posts that start out, "I don't have any evidence, and I'm not going to even point out what I think are examples to back me up, but here's my opinion based on gut feeling/wild generalizations/heresay: ... "

Very convincing way to start a position statement!

Henri Kwakman

US politics is money, pressure groups (military, oil, tobacco, rich folks).

Sadly, it has very little to do with ethics, or people.

Clinton winning was something you won't see for a long time. He was an extroardinarily healthy and ethical(yes) man. It's a miracle he could fight the republican mob. Republican party is organized crime, hiding behind legislation. Perhaps Hillary is lucky the republicans couldn't find an unqualified actor or straw puppet that has a nice smile this time around. She might win, because she is so coldhearted (in a non-evil way, it's more about a stoic determination) that she understood how much money she would need, and how she has to look, and what side to take on issues. It's all impressions. Not issues.

Kevin Kunreuther

If I may add one more dumbass comment of my own, what I perceive is that Bloomberg is not setting himself to run for President. He's very clever; he's setting himself up as the VICE PRESIDENTial nominee - for either party. Vice Presidency has gone from being a do-nothing job to awfully fucking powerful, thanks to Al Gore and Dick Cheney. Also cancels out support for fellow New York State politicos, that is, the self serving know nothing Guiliani and the self serving self righteous know it all pragmatic Clinton.
Yes, it will be fun to watch Bloomberg in action.


Hasn't president Shrub been a businessman in his previous life too ?

Berlusconi also has been an extremely successful businessman before being Italy's premier.

Two recent shiny successes of business guys dabbling in politics.


Ha - you guys still think you live in a democracy - bless your little cotton socks.


"You should stay away from politics, religion, and abortion if you want to keep your blog interesting and entertaining. As a comic strip writer it does you more harm than good to provide a forum for heated debate."

As a voter, human and potential parent you have every right to comment on these issuses. Getting a rise out of far right extremists like this is just a plus .... well done

William Skyvington

Most invented words in the Dilbert context are funny, but the transliteration of Nostredamus into Nostrildumbass doesn't amuse me. Why not? It reveals a lack of linguistic culture and sensitivity. It's like your recent blending (if I remember correctly) of "philosophy" and "entertainment". People who get a kick out of dragging foreign terms back into their own parlance don't usually master the foreign language in question. When my Australian cousins were kids, they found it hilarious that the French word "piscine" (swimming pool) sounds like "piss in". Since then, they've mastered French [becoming members of the French Doctors organization] and ceased to be amused by such childish wordplay.

Scott, you often propose solutions for solving the world's problems. I've often meant to ask you: Have you ever set foot outside of the USA in any serious way?


I'm still amazed at how the american voting system works. Ah well, at least I live in a liberal country (The Netherlands) :D

Ian Smith

Why not just tell the truth. You don't like the look of any of the candidates so far and want a better option. Given that just about all politicians come from the same mold, and are about as trusthworthy as a rattlesnake, you consider that someone that will do as they are told is preferable. You think a businessman will.

However, then you stop and think. In essence, one of the major problems with the candidates is that via focus groups they end up reflecting what large sections of society want. And that is frightening. In reality democracy is a failure because *so* many people are insane and out of touch. You don't want them telling you what to do, you don't want them having any power - in reality you don't want them anywhere near you. They are martians.

You also realise that the country is in a mess, and that there are real important issues round the corner that need a steady hand, real decisive action, and an IQ in triple figures. You don't want any of the existing candidates because you don't have that confidence in them. You certainly don't want the flightly martians that share the country with you to have say.

So what do you do?

In a prehistoric age you would have taken a bunch of your like-minded friends and struck out for fresh pastures - setting up a group that reflects your ideas and separating yourself from the unfolding disaster.

Today, that option has disappeared. Not only are there no new shores, the consequences of past failures is global. You have to find a way to make it work, and that means corralling the weirdos so they can't cause problems. First however you have to fool them into letting your man have power. So you need a candidate that can convince people he is supporting them, but really will act on your behalf.

And then you realise, someone else is already doing it to you.


A misspelling of Nostradamus eh?

It was an amusing headline.


Sheep don't want to know the pros and cons about issues, they want spin, so they can snuggle under their blankets at night and sleep at peace (even if there's a war on terror, drugs, poverty etc. going on outside)

I propose a government system where all the proven logical rationalists debate the issues and agree on solutions. This is then handed to the politicians to take the message to the people in a format that makes them happy. The electorate still votes for the politicians that they like the best.

I'm very excited about your tall, good hair, nice voice theory. That means John Howard is out and we can look forward to an era of Kevin Rudd until his hair falls out.

Kilgore J. Trout

Living in NYC I'd have to say I like Mike.

The Republicans have fucked up things pretty bad. On the other hand the Democrats will only fuck up things worse.

For all you foreign people making comments on the US, what the fuck do you know? Butt out.


To the libertarian guy who wants to vote for Bloomberg...
Mike Bloomberg banned smoking in bars in NYC and banned transfat in resteraunts. He is most definetly a left wing politician. Now some people may support the government banning the use of legal products by people on private property, so if you like that he does it. However I belive the government that governs best governs least and I will never vote for a person who is in favor of more government involvement in our private lives. Oh, a good prediction, If the government passes a universal health care system, how much you want to bet that unhealthy behavior starts getting penalized and then outlawed in the name of lower costs for health care.



I cannot believe that your readers are not agreeing with you. (at least the comments I skimmed on the way down) A politician that shows you his thought process - scratch that. A politician that has a thought process, how refreshing.

A few of the comments I read said they didn't want a candidate built on marketing or focus group. First of all, your post didn't contain either of those words. More importantly, WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU THINK WE HAVE NOW.

And yes, when someone actually uses the Internet, like Ron Paul could, they will get a huge boost.


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