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I love how you used your own 80 20 rule. You use it quite a bit, for the readers who don't know, Mr. Adams outlined it in one of his books (too lazy to figure out which one). It's where you say something is 80 % one way 20% the other and it doesn't matter which direction. Watch "he's 80% business man 20% politician". Now witness the magic "he's 80% politician 20% businessman". Works either way (except this may be weakened because he has the primacy effect going for him, because you read the post first). Anywho way to put you concepts into action Mr. Adams.

P.S. I'm awesome

P.S.S. sorry I'm legally bound to write that


One of the people running should, as one of their policies, say that if they are elected they will open all of the "secret" files concerning aliens and captured flying saucers etc.

Probably thinking now that I am some kind of nut but if I am there are quite a few nuts about so it would be popular. And wouldn't you like to know the "truth" concerning aliens? plenty would.


right, because business are all about the business and not the money. because businessmen always care about keeping the business going as well as possible and not about getting more for themselves. where's the darned sarcastic tag when one is needed.

Kurt In NYC

It seems like most people here know about New York from watching Seinfeld and Friends. From a New Yorker who remembers John Lindsay as Mayor. let me enlighten you.

Back in 2001, when Bloomberg ran for Mayor, Bloomberg said that something has to be done about taxes in NYC, the highest in the country. After winning, and spending about $70 for each vote he got, he did! He raised property taxes 18% across the board, raised the city income tax, raised to city sales tax, doubled city fines, got rid of free meter parking on Sundays. His response to criticism: "New York is a luxury item and people should expect to pay more for it."

What is the most important issue for a NYC mayor to tackle first? The budget? Taxes? Crime? City unions? Race relations? No! For Bloomberg, the top issue facing New York was the problem of people smoking in bars. His solution? Involuntarily deputize every bartender in the city to enforce the law for you free-of-charge. Fine bartenders who are lax in their duties. Make possession of any ashtray as bad as an illegal gun.

But he stimulated business right? Yes, he raised city cigarette taxes by $1.50 a pack and now we have a very healthy bootleg cigarette industry. He said that it would raise $200 million for the city each year. After one year, the actual amount was $78 million or 39% of estimates. Because of Bloomberg, we have people grubbing cigarettes from strangers on the street.

There was the whole Westside stadium fiasco. Bloomberg wanted to build a stadium for the NY Jets on the west side of Manhattan. He said we need to build this so we could get the Olympics in 2012. Who in New York wanted the Olympics here? Probably only Bloomberg. But there wouldn't any parking facilities. How are people supposed to get to the stadium? According to Bloomberg, mass transit! Riiight.

The same person who wanted to build a stadium in Manhattan now wants to charge $8 a car and $21 a truck to go into Manhattan during rush hour. Drop someone off and leave? Eight bucks! And install a thousand cameras to track cars. Heavy fines on cheaters or people who just don't know. And, of course, the city will make a profit on this too. Riight.

I could go on about the most tone-deaf mayor that I can remember, and I can remember six of them. Criminalizing trans-fats, setting up and shaking down gun store owners, paying parents to send their kids to school, etc. You could disagree with Koch or Guiliani and either one would give you a reasonable explanation for their policies. Bloomberg says things so stupid that I sometime feel embarassed for the guy.

To be fair, he hasn't screwed anything major up either. But what has done about the highest combined taxes in the US, the highest per capita municipal debt in the US and the highest number of municipal employees per capita in the US. Easy! He increased them all.

And, six years later, the World Trade Center is still a hole in the ground.


The possibility of an independent leader in Australia is nil. The Prime Minister is the leader of the party with the largest parliamentary representation. So we're always stuck with a partisan leader with the emotional and truthfulness ratings of an angsty teenage weasel.


We don't need government by focus groups. The legislature is the focus group.

We need leaders with a strong sence of whats right and good, combined with a vision with how to move forward in a productive direction. Why do fence sitters find it unconfortible that a leader has made up his/her mind? I want people with strong convictions Left or Right.

Keep your marketing people out of leadership.


I am from outside America, and am constantly appalled at the gun control (or lack thereof) in the US. I don't quite understand why it is necessary for any person who is living in any suburban or residential area to carry a weapon. Why is it necessary? Maybe this is why the US has so many shootings each year...

Kevin Kunreuther

I don't have hard evidence, but memory and gut experience tells me almost every businessman who succeeded to high political office were worse at job than professional politicians. Close inspection of these businessmen turned politicians show they were either incompetent or crooked (or both) in their business dealings before their political careers, showing they've been major fuckups most of their professional lives.
OTOH,Bloomberg has been good in his professional business life and OK as a New York City Mayor. If he managed to become elected President, he might posssibly be a terrible President because he would defeated by the entrenched bureaucracy that would resist any reforms and he would be antagonized by both Republicans and Democratcs in Congress. He would need to have a coalition of like minds in House and Senate to push any agendas he would have in mind. His only chances of succeeding as a President, if he was elected under a mandate of some kind of national crisis or emergency and Congress would be willing to be a rubber stamp for him. Current events, as they are, are not the magnitude of an American Civil War or a Great Depression, and Bloomberg doesn't strike me as very charismatic, he strikes me as a dull but competent CPA. It looks like we'll either get sincere Barack or slick Romney for President. Clinton? Whether she knows it or not, she'd headed for a seat on the Supreme Court.


We have a two party system. Recent history and long term history has proven that one party actually balances the budget, attempts to care for individual citizens and attempts to serve the general welfare. The other party has proven that they are basically a criminal organization dedicated to stealing as much as possible, borrowing more to steal and at the same time incapable of prosecuting a war, defending our country and because they can't provide for the poorest among us demonizing the poor and the unfortunate. They can't confront a natural disaster without resorting to racism to cover their incompetence.
In this day and age if Donald Duck were the democratic candidate and Abraham Lincoln the republican candidate I'd vote democratic.
There is no third party saviour. Your choice is between a gang of sharp eyed thieves and people who have proven they can govern. If you don't get that please don't vote.


Is a banana your only breakfast?


He appears to favor a strict problem-solving approach over an idealogical one. That single trait is enough to get him my vote (If I had one that is).


If you are basing this "campaign, the likes of which you’ve never seen" on a website, forget it. The majority of voters are still old people (I have no facts to back this up), the kind of old people that don't like and don't trust computers. They don't know what a dag nab website is. The boomers coming up that do are still working and have better things to do. Wait 10 years before more boomers are retired and bored and then the web will be a factor.


You should stay away from politics, religion, and abortion if you want to keep your blog interesting and entertaining. As a comic strip writer it does you more harm than good to provide a forum for heated debate.

Thiago Figueiro

Do you have anything to do with that?



American Plutocraty in action.

John Elliot

"Bloomberg should excite libertarians much more than Ron Paul does"

I bet he does, what with the indoor smoking and trans fat bans in NYC. Knowing Libertarians, just the thought of him at the helm probably makes them scratch at the bottom of their cages in a way Ron Paul could never manage.

Although it always amuses me how every political party believes that it's the party of rationality, since according to whatever axioms underly their philosophy, they are the ones consistent with them.

Pfft, rational parties. Where are the empirical parties when you want one or two? You know, parties whose policies are based upon reality with some quantifiable value to the Republic, rather than whatever dime-store Ayn Rand philosophy that came to mind while pondering the universe from the inside of a bathroom stall?

Not that it matters, in the spectator sport that is U.S. politics, people stick with their team win or lose; right or wrong.

Og the Invincible

Don't know anything about Bloomberg. He might be a total loser and destroy the country. He might be great. But, I can agree that the two-party system is a total train wreck. I would vote for Mickey Mouse so long as he didn't have party ties.

Chris Brown

He has decent hair. All he has to do is ask Danny DeVito to be his running mate. He will suddenly SEEM extremely tall.


Bloomberg FTW

Indian Techie

Should you say "Ina prior post" instead of "In a previous post"

For me english is a second language so I would not know.

Sam B.

Hey, if you really want a candidate who tells it like it is, vote for this guy...

Scott, I have never seen one word from you about this candidate. Ron Paul is anti Iraq war and has been from the get go. So what gives? Ron Paul is not a multi-millionaire, but perhaps you could throw some recognition his direction anyway.


I hate the argument that because no third part candidate has won since the 2 party system was intrenched that third part candidates should stay out. I think it's a specious argument for 2 reasons:
1. Bloomberg can essentially decide who is the next president. We all get one vote, but he can take thousands from the other candidates running and affect the outcome of the race.
2. If we ever want to get away from the polarized, garbage campaigns that people run now, we need more third party candidates in the race.


For all of you saying that "no third party has ever won", "third parties can't win", et cetera, may I remind you that when Abraham Lincoln first ran for president, the Republican party WAS "a third party".


"Bloomberg could be the first presidential candidate immune from the idiocy of the “flip-flop” accusation. A normal brain is supposed to change opinions if the information or the situation changes."

HUH?!! The “flip-flop” accusation is applied to people who change their opinions when the facts have NOT changed, and thus who are changing their stated views just to match the current whims of the people... that's why it's a criticism.

Dan Quixote (formerly "The Dan")

Sorry for repeating the cliches, but I'm gonna do it anyway. These are the cynical things I tell my kids:

* Anyone who does what it takes to get elected President in the USA has, by virtue of doing so, demonstrated that he is unworthy to lead a free nation. So don't get too excited about any candidate.

* Every nation gets the government that it deserves (by virtue to letting the hostile and the insane take over). Us included. You can thank your idiot public school peers for abdicating their personal responsibility to said hostile and insane people.

Incidentally, we'd be Republicans but they're too liberal and have no spine. We're not voting for invertebrates. But we like Fred Thompson. By the Dilbertian criteria, he should be fairly electable. He's the tallest candidate (6'5"), has the deepest voice, good hair for an old balding guy, and has been in front of the camera enough to look good to the rest of the world. [And now Jack can finally get to be the District Attorney on Law & Order!] He's got my interest because he used to be in Congress, and he's conservative enough to make John Birch look liberal. Assuming that all politicians can only wreck things, I think he'd wreck things less than Bloomberg would. Conservatives are (or at least should be!) more about mitigating the downward slide of everything rather than mucking it up worse like the liberals ["Hey there, friend, mind if I take half of everything you'll ever earn and give it to people who don't deserve it and who will resent you anyway?"]. I'm afraid (or perhaps >convinced<) of Bloomberg's agenda making things worse.

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