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Well, to the person who appears to be upset because, I really don't know why. The odds of winning the lottery are slim to none, everyone knows this, and it is by chance anyone does win. But as for the trucker who won, maybe he has always wanted a new truck, they are expensive, you know. Maybe he likes his wife and has a hard time adjusting to not working every day, like many hard working Americans. All truckers don't drink beer, and sit around and fart! As a truckers wife, most truckers are people just like all other people who do a job and provide a service for Americans. Some tuckers love their wives, come from respectable families, raise well mannered, christian, educated children and respect people and believe it or not they don't all pick up prostitutes. So what ever your angry about, not winning the lottery or what ever, get some therapy!

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5 B35 31 01/26/08
6 B43 31 02/09/08
7 B08 30 02/23/08
8 B13 30 02/23/08
9 B16 30 03/05/08
10 B42 30 02/06/08
11 B23 29 03/05/08
12 B38 29 02/13/08
13 B40 29 01/05/08
14 B24 28 02/27/08
15 B26 28 02/02/08
16 B48 28 02/27/08
17 B55 28 03/01/08
18 B12 27 02/20/08
19 B15 26 03/05/08
20 B47 26 02/23/08
21 B50 26 12/15/07
22 B10 25 03/05/08
23 B14 25 02/02/08
24 B22 25 02/20/08
25 B27 24 01/19/08
26 B37 24 02/27/08
27 B49 24 03/08/08
28 B53 24 02/27/08
29 B03 23 02/16/08
30 B34 23 03/08/08
31 B45 23 09/19/07
32 B20 22 02/27/08
33 B28 22 01/19/08
34 B36 22 02/20/08
35 B41 22 01/30/08
36 B01 21 12/05/07
37 B04 21 02/16/08
38 B07 21 12/12/07
39 B21 21 03/01/08
40 B31 21 03/08/08
41 B32 21 02/13/08
42 B39 21 01/26/08
43 B09 20 02/20/08
44 B11 20 01/26/08
45 B18 20 01/16/08
46 B05 19 02/06/08
47 B51 19 02/13/08
48 B52 19 11/17/07
49 B17 18 03/08/08
50 B46 18 11/07/07
51 B29 17 03/08/08
52 B44 17 02/02/08
53 B06 16 11/10/07
54 B25 16 02/02/08
55 B33 14 01/05/08
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My new home here in Key West is not soundproof, so now the neighbors know how much wine I had with lunch. This was too funny...float around the Mediterranean until I die from the clap. Even now...LOL

Roby Bang

But then again, think about who buys lotto tickets. Do you? I bet not, because you are financially well off, and you realise that you have the same probability of winning the lottery than having Martians stop by your house and asking for directions to Alpha Centauri (or the odds of knowing where Alpha Centauri is, no offense). but the people who buy lotto tickets usually are either desperate for money, or are so stupid that they think they can beat the odds. Which, by the way, have you noticed that the people who religiously buy fifty lotto tickets a week are the same people who believe that Martians stopped by their house and asked directions to Alpha Centauri? See ya!

~~Roby Bang


Actually, that's too good for an Adam Sandler movie. Probably a bit of a stretch for David Spade, too. Though he could play the chaffeur.


ell u what scott... why dont u give me a couple of million... then Í ACTUALLY WILL sit back and do nothing for the rest of my life.. do we have a deal??? :)



I play when the jackpot gets over $150 million, buying just 1 ticket. If I won (fat chance) I'd never work again. I don't need a big house, but a second home would be nice (summers are a killer in Phoenix). Education accounts for the nieces, pay off my siblings' mortgages, maybe even dole shares out if the payout is big enough. Already have a financial advisor. Keep doing what I am doing? NO WAY - tech writers are toe jam to every company I've worked for. Screw'em, let someone in India do it for 'em with three times the manpower and four times the wait, at a third of my cost (secretly I am glad the US$ is devaluing as it will increase my former employers cost and make them look like the idiots they truly are).

As an aside, there was an engineering fellow who won $7 million in the state lottery. He had already worked there for 40 years -- so his pension was slamming, he was at the top of the engineering heap (so already well into six figures for a salary for many years), and he kept working. This during layoffs and downsizing and right-sizing. They finally forced him out during the third round (f*cking jerk).


The air-conditioning is a phase-change reaction whereby a fluid absorbs heat as it evaporates, and then stores that heat when recompressed (whereby it exchanges that heat with the atmosphere in the condenser).

That's a physical reaction, not a chemical one.

Kilgore J. Trout

You are not a retard but on the money with this one.

Mark Bowness

Your comments crack me up man!

Mark Bowness


Like Jeff Foxworthy says, the lottery is the Redneck Retirement Plan.

Captain Lotto

Since Lotteries are based on random numbers there is no way to predict where the winners will come from, but what we've found in Missouri is that it's proportional to where the players come from. That means more winners from the cities, and they often hold blue collar jobs, because that's representative of the population. Stats from the Missouri Lottery indicate that winners tend to be slightly older than the state average, which is somewhat skewed by the age limitation of being 18 to play, but it probably indicates that older people are playing with more frequency. The only reason to play is fun and anyone can win, but only if you buy a ticket. Good luck.

Mr. Wampus

To those who are saying that only idiots play the lottery, here's another way to look at it. The Powerball lottery says that the odds of winning are 146 million to 1. Now from a purely statistical standpoint, I agree, those odds are pretty slim and it's pretty foolish to spend much money on tickets when the payoff is $15 million. But what about when the jackpot reaches $150 million. now, the payout ratio exceeds the odds ratio so even though your chances of winning have not improved, the reward now justifies the risk, but only if you pick only one number for $1. In other words, your 146 million to 1 risk is equaled by your $150 million to 1 potential payoff. If it gets to $300 million, buy 2 numbers.

So an intelligent person will consider the risk/reward equation and only play when the reward equals or betters the risk.

Of course, who ever heard of anyone buying a single lottery ticket for a $150 million jackpot?

Scott Alan Miller

While this scenario is slightly different from the usual "truck driver picking up prostitutes scenario, I believe the correct term for "prostitutes" involving a specialty in long-haul trucking is "lot lizard."


Already rich, won the largest jackpot up to that time all by his lonesome, and it fucked up his already-fucked up life.

Welcome to the Lottery.


The lottery is a self-imposed tax that the poor impose upon themselves to further increase wealth disparity in industrialized nations.


Playing the lottery with the EXPECTATION of winning is dumb. Playing for the entertainment that comes from the HOPE of winning is cheap entertainment.

In our younger days, when we could only scrape together a buck or two for entertainment (after paying tuition for the wife and kids, medical bills, etc.), my wife and I could get an entire evening's entertainment out of "How would we spend the winnings?" One or two dollars to pay for numbers gave us a concrete foundation for the fantasy and speculation. Didn't need to pay a sitter for that one, either.

We both have graduate degrees, and we're far from dumb. But yeah, I'd probably have to keep working if we won just a few million. That's why I don't even bother to buy a ticket until the jackpot exceeds $60 million. There's not much entertainment value in the smaller jackpots, once you reduce the prize to "cash value" and subtract out the taxes.

I do tend to agree with Seamus McCauley, that people who have more experience with money are more likely to avoid publicity. I also suspect that the lottery players are predominantly working class, but that does not necessarily mean white-collar we workers are "too smart" to play the lottery. It may simply reflect the fact that there are far more working class types than white collar types in the population as a whole. Dunno. Somebody else will have to fabricate those statistics.

As to people who spend their winnings unwisely: I have encountered working-class people who come into large sums of money, and I have seen it happen. First, they have no idea how to manage or invest money like that, so they tend to make bad decisions and trust the wrong people (the "rich" uncle who makes nearly $60k a year met this stockbroker in a bar, see . . .).

Second, from the perspective of someone who makes less than $40k per year, a million dollars seems like an infinite amount of money. They are often not equipped to understand that being a millionaire does NOT guarantee you a mansion, and a fancy car, and a yacht, and extensive travel, and fancy parties. Whereas, your neurosurgeon who makes over $800k per year (pulling anumber out of thin air) recognizes that $1mm just doesn't pay for much of a change in his or her lifestyle.

The neurosurgeon already has a financial advisor, and bad advice won't break the bank, because (a) the neurosurgeon is diversified, and (b) the neurosurgeon can cover any likely loss by just working a little bit longer before retiring. And the neurosurgeon is ALREADY tired of hearing investment schemes from long-lost relatives, requests for charitable contributions, etc., long before he wins. So yeah, the approach to lottery winnings is gonna be very different.



Neurosurgeons put their money with coke sniffing, pot smoking investment bankers, that's the rich's persons lottery!

Sam Davis

"Did I just accidentally write a script for the next Adam Sandler movie?"


Cube Critter

I'd quit my job and be a college student in Perpetuity.
how many Bachechlor, Masters and PhD's can a man earn in one life time?

Tomas Liubinas

I never play lottery. The winning would instantly screw what I have good in life and what I get? Something to enjoy for two weeks? Nah, not for me :))

Greetings from Lithuania

John Simmons

(If your dumb enough to play, then its likely you don't have a great job.)

Your theory is falsified. I have a great job, and I play lottery.

I would also say that playing the lottery does not imply a person is "dumb". Overly optimistic, perhaps, given the odds...

N. Onimus

Mere probability, perhaps? I'd wager there are 5,000 poor induhviduals for every wealthy neurosurgeon in the USA.


You do hear a lot about the modest lotto winners, but if you have never heard of this guy before check him out as he is completly the opposite...

Michael Carrol, The lotto lout! lol

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