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The link in your article is dead.

Comfortably numb

Well, according to the Bible (old testament), guys grabbed each other's junk all the time when they wanted to swear an unbreakable oath.


it's shitless funny! lol


Yes, we actually do this stuff. Although not so much moving the bones by hand as with liberal use of Photoshop. What's better - finding out the truth, or sounding authoritative?

Tomas Liubinas

LOL. Top class post. You should have realized that this blog could easily stay in records and some sort of archives for many thousansds of years. Now that is really interesting..

Greetings from Lithuania

Mark Bowness

This is a very funny blog! Keep them coming!

Mark Bowness


World's earliest known "hand-job" parlor?


He's obviously got hold of the lucky third ball.


The kangaroo, piano, mustard scenario is actually quite easy to figure out. Obviously you were into kangaroo tapping. The piano was to serenade your beloved marsupial in the afterlife; and the mustard served as a kangaroo aphrodisiac/sex enhancer.

jerry w.

If the action shown on the left is an indication of their life styles, perhaps the guy on the right was buried face down so his friends would recognize him?

I'm just asking...

WOW Power leveling

you're so interesting, i love your writing.

James Langham

Could be interesting what archaeologists make of you with those.

I was always told that they have a difficult job due to lack of evidence. Imagine reconstructing the war in Afghanistan from:

* Rusty pieces of AK47
* Taliban press releases
* Soldier of Fortune articles

That is actually more than we have to go on for some ancient wars... (e.g. Roman invasion of Gaul is mainly based on Gaius Julius Caesar's own account that he wrote when trying to get himself elected to office...).

For reference I would like to be buried with:
* The left rear brake light of a Land Rover (red glass)
* A tube of superglue
* A jar of honet (doesn't go off)
* A left rear paw of a rabbit
* A return bus ticket to London (outward only used)

That should confuse them. Oh and wearing:

* Sandals
* A pair of dinner jacket trousers
* A KGB T-shirt (made in the USA)
* An SAS pattern combat jacket
* Top hat

That will definately do it!


If the one one the right is lying face down, and the grave was shallow, it shows that even neolithic man needed somewhere to park his bicycle.


the woman on the right is standing (lying?) with her hands on her hips. could be, that the guy in middle got nagged to death...

Zach Woodcock

Cool blog. You're that Charles Schulz dude, aren't you?

W.J. Pressurising

Following that link, I was much more disturbed by the advert on the right and its creepy graphic showing the signs of visible aging being reduced by, er, about 27,000 years.


How do you know the one being grabbed isn't a woman...?

Or the one doing the grabbing isn't a woman?


Looks to me like Bruce is just trying to get some added value on his old tennis balls


Ref: being buried with piano, mustard and kangaroo. Archaeologist's conclusion: This dude thought he was funny. Either a cartoonist or a comedian, I'm going with cartoonist since there's no booze and he hasn't asked me how I'm doing tonight.

Mark Robinson

Totally off topic, but worth reading for a laugh:

Andreas Toscano

The one in the middle is definitely telling the lady on the right:
- I don't need you. Even Bruce can do it...

BTW, that's not a camel toe, that's a freaking mamooth toe.


Eugene Cox

"camel-toe problem"? He didn't go there, did he?

Scott, I can't believe you went there!


funniest post ever. i am learning the art of funny from you. also, i am 20 years younger than you so when bruce is fondling you in your grave, i will be the one describing that scene for the funny fans of that time. please make sure you die in 20 years. thank you.


a very pretty skeleton;_ylt=AmSISn.nJZCK8u0ofi610s5xieAA

all is said already what i wanted to say
- an obscure purpose of mustard
- that bruce looks female
- that the skeleton on the right looks like it's facing down(hint - scapulae)
- usefulness of cremation
nothing left to comment on :(
except, their toes are missing! - i mean, their feet bones
i could become a pretty good CSItor

Diana W

Ok, now my life's ambition is to outlive George W by enough years that I'll be able to break into his grave and rearrange things so his anatomy will match his actions - his head will literally be up his ass for eternity.

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