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The article you've linked to says "Minutes later, he solicited an undercover male officer inside the restroom, offering to perform oral sex for $20." Sounds to me like he was offering a service IN EXCHANGE for $20, NOT a free blowjob with a complimentary 20-dollar bill thrown in...


Now that would be a real win-win administration!
All were getting from shrub's administration is a good poking in the backside with no "reach-around".


Actually, he offered to give the undercover officer a blow job *for* $20, not *and* $20. Which is why he was arrested for solicitation for prostitution.


From the article:
> offering to perform oral sex for $20.

He wanted the 20 bucks. What did he need $20 for in a park ?


I understood that to read that he would take $20 for performing the that case it's the classic politician...takes your money and screws you.


Usually politicians are more interested in preforming anal on their constituents. This is a welcome change.


Economic Development/Education

Recreational Interest:
water sports

Seriously, though. He's one unhealthy looking feller! He'd HAVE to pay someone to touch him, or he'd never get any. *cringe*

And never mind the ethics of the situation. He's just stupid for getting caught. That's what all you guys are thinking, right? *rolleyes*

If attitudes towards health and scientific research were not so prehistoric, people who look like this wouldn't even exist!!

[And that Cindy woman is GROSS!!!JUST Ewwwwww!!!!!!!]


Are you sure he wasn't asking for $20 in return for the personal service he was offering? Thats the way I read it in that article.

jerry w.

This is a good show of true Republican values.

But (sorry)), at the moment his value seems to be pegged at $20.00, which is under market rate in Los Angeles. He could do the same thing to the intersection of Highland and Santa Monica that Disney did to Times Square, "inject" new life into it.

It might be right up his alley, so to speak.


The way I read it, he wanted to be paid the $20 for performing the service. Since he's in the vicinity of your pocket anyway...


Is "Bob" his real name, or just a nickname he earned?

Paul Mckenna

He was only doing the BJ to go through the guys pockets and get his money back.
He may be a politician but he's not a fool.

Why was the cop "relaxing" in the toilet ? Is that the best use of police time ?



The daft thing is that had he made the two offers separately he wouldn't have broken the law, and it all would have blown over - as it were.


Well, if he was running for vice president with a presidental candiate named Neal, then together they would be "Neal and Bob".


I'll just take the $20. Thanks.
LOL. Ha, ha, ha...

Craig Masson

Does he want Bill Clinton in the White House, too?

That sounds like a win-win relationship

Bill - "Wow! Monica never gave me money............."


Funny how it always seems to be the Republicans, the party that loves to wave the 'Family Values' flag, who get caught in the very acts that they so vehemently decry.

Coincidence? I think not.

Real Live Girl

Bob believes it's better to give than receive; and just raised the bar for elected officials everywhere. "Hey! You want my vote? Be like Bob!"

Thanks for the laugh - it's the 2nd best way to start the day. I believe #1 starts with a $20...


That's great! Where do we get these people from? :)

Bob's friend

quick attempt to be first post, probably missed it.

Scott: I liked one update a day better

jamie, derby

Ahh, the carrot and stick approach to world affairs. Don't punsh the leaders/countries you don't like, offer them something in return for them changing their crazy ways. I like it.

Ryan Vande Water

Shouldn't the headline be: "A Politician Who Gives It?"


Do you actually spend any time writing comics anymore? or just writing blogs?
Not that i'm complaining, another good post Scott.

Woo! First comment (hopefully)


I'm pretty sure we already had a president who was willing to do "favors" for his "constituents". :o)



Are all American politicians obsessed with sex?? Don't feel bad though, our vice president was arrested for rape and fraud in the same year...

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