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check out this cool site for sexy wallpapers

check out this one


check this one out please


Great site very informative two thumbs up!



this make the time is more short and your energy is more hearty.if you dont believe ,please dial it .


The lettering is poor, the quality abysmal, and I don't promise it will install the way my instructions say it will. But a "You are smart and sexy!" cursor can be found here:

You're on your own for the dogs.


Wait a minute you idiots, Scott's website had that a few years ago dogbert will be your cursor or alice or pointy haired idiot....


Speaking of hourglass....How about a stripper with an hourglass figure?? The longer the delay the further she gets!


Instead of waiting for a page to open try Interclue!

Dave Robeson

There is an FTP program for Mac OS called Fetch that uses (or used -- I haven't seen it in a long time) a running dog as its "I'm doing something" cursor. Way back in the System 7 days someone created a replacement that was in fact either 2 dogs humping, or just the one dog going through the motions. (My memory's hazy about the details, but I know it was one or the other. Or I was having weird dreams back then.)


I'm not a programmer, but I bet it would be possible to flash youtube videos, or something else during that process.

Monetization? Advertising.


I have heaps of animated cursors. Still got loads of those associated with South Park.

Used to replace the hourglass with the Kyle cutting the Zombie Kenny in half with a chainsaw - or Kenny being torn in 2 by two football players - or Kenny being run over by a train - or... :)


There's been a study done that shows a correlation betweeen creativity and Canine Copulation Fetish.

Sys Admin Daze

The graphic change for the hour glass was done years ago by IBM on their AIX servers. When you ran SMIT (System Management and Information Tool (I think)) when you started any task it would show a guy running. If the task finished corrrectly the little shadow guy would throw his arms up in victory, otherwise if it failed hed fall flat on his face, you kind of wanted your admin tasks to fail just to see this animation.


This is close.

Allen Anderson

Microsoft has. It's called Microsoft Mouse. You can choose from a hundred other crusers they have, download more off the internet, or make your own that will appear whenever you would like (i.e. when the computer is busy).


Why do you insist on monetising everything? Make the cursor and think of it as a gift to the world.

Dave K.

A friend had a custom download box, the one where a page of paper flies across the screen showing progress. But in the middle of the box was a tiny man who grabbed the flying paper, wiped his bottom, and a (now) soiled paper continued its journey. It was flippin' hilarious. And might I add, a potential gift to commerce.


You're the artist! Make it happen.

Jason Allen

Tőzsde Részvény stated "M$ is a big shit, I love the Open Source ;)"

I like open source software too, but I also like having a computer that will actually run the games I buy. As long as the "big shit" sells an OS most game publishers develop games for, I will own one computer that runs the "big shit's" OS.


There used to be a program called "Zing" or something similar that, when installed, would pop up little flash jokes or animations or nifty pictures when you were loading web pages. It would download new jokes etc. when your connection was idle. It was great for dial-up. A quick Google shows nothing, maybe I have the installer archived somewhere.

It was almost as cool as "Bullwinkle" for the Mac SE - every so often he'd pop up in the tool bar and rattle off something from a list of sayings.


That would be possible with free software for Windoze.

Derry Fauzi

hmmh, i've got a lot information here, thanx.

Kevin Kunreuther

Until after your first few books were published and definitely after your blog appeared, people assumed you were a techno-geek like your creation Dilbert. Now we know different, you're not exactly a techno-phobe but can be as clueless as the next consumer and have just many painful experiences with appliances, cars and computers. God knows how many people never knew how Microsoft has had features in Windows that allowed users to customize their icons and such on their desktop. Most users , when it comes to exploring and exploiting EVERY feature overloaded into Windows (or Macs with OS X for that matter) are too timid or bewildered or both and accept the defaults presented to them. I avoided , or more like abandoned, the feature glut after a awhile, because although they looked cool and seemed pretty nifty, many were unnecessary resource hogs and bogged down my computer experience. In the free software and open source worlds, you can do anything you want, as long you apply yourself, i.e. write your own code. But people don't want to do anything that seems remotely geeky, i.e.,thinking, they want free and easy painless sensorial computing experiences, i.e. supposedly an Apple Mac(?)if you fall for advertising and chic geek peer pressure.
I suppose one could hire a geek to design a couple dozen cool icons loaded with spyware/adware. Before users open up file to use icons they have to read and approve EULA allowing you to monitor their browsing experience and sell information to other parties. If they want to stop using icons, removing software including spyware/adware should be painless, oh wait except they have write a fifty word essay why they are opting out using software before it can be removed.

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