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There's an academic who who recently claimed on Australian radio that fit vegetarians don't get cancer, or some such, but I didn't get to hear what studies supported this outrageous claim by blood-phobic wimps. On the other hand, I have been led to believe that this (Scott's) approach would help alleviate some environmental issues as grazing animals apparently consume quite a lot of resources in relation to their nutritional value.


Interesting Scott. I'm the other way around. If I have carbs for breakfast and none during the rest of the day, I need less sleep and have more energy.

Sugar and children, not a good mix...


mmm baby carrots = nature = health


I fell asleep reading....



"Don't you think that they can so a study with results that anything is bad for you. Some day, I expect to read a story that says that oxygen and water are bad for you."

They are. Oxygen especially so. It's tremendously reactive and essentially destroys cells. Process takes a long time as the body keeps repairing itself. Like 70-90 years!

If you want to live forever, you'll have to stop breathing.

I'm sure there's a flaw there somewhere... :-)

Attie Naude

Hmm, soup you say?

I better test that.

Would you suggest chicken or vegetable soup for an electric mower?


Scott, you never fail to impress me. Thanks for another great post!

The people who claim that the science does not support a plant-based diet need to read The China Study. They may find that a little Celtic sea salt will help them eat their words. That book summarizes and cites all the research I did on my own before I went vegan: hopeless meat addict that I was, I would never have made the diet change based on anything less than overwhelming evidence.

To stop the symptoms of juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, which had worsened through the years to the point of beginning to cripple me, I adopted a vegan diet ~9 years ago. Within a year, all of the active symptoms vanished. I still have twisty fingers and knees, but now NOTHING HURTS. Ever. Not even on cold/damp days (I actually started liking winter, which I have dreaded since I was 18 because of knee pain). A big plus is that I can and do still eat CHOCOLATE. Since I always far preferred dark to milk chocolate, I didn't even lose anything in that bargain. And I too was absolutely thrilled that those after-meal bellyaches went away ... permanently. That was a bonus I hadn't expected.

I have also discovered the joys of Thai food, Indian food, and sushi with avocado or shiitake mushrooms. Yummmmm.

To the eat-for-your-type folks, I don't quite know what to say. I'm A-, but my spouse is O+ and doesn't tolerate/digest meat any better than I do. Although I feel better about myself as a citizen of the planet for adopting a resource-efficient, non-violent diet, I understand why Americans are so addicted to meat--I was too until I did the research. If my fellow commenters insist on eating dead animals, they should try to minimize what they eat here in the states; spend the extra bucks on Coleman beef, Bell and Evans chicken, or animals that were farmed in nice clean places like Australia that haven't been polluted to death yet; and limit their consumption as recommended in the China Study.

Michael Webb

"cognitive dissonance in people who simply prefer tasty food over healthy food"

It's only cognitive dissonance if you want to live.


Most of the findings today are of the type "might have and influence..." or "is suspected to be a factor..." or "there is a statistical correlation..."
Heck, what is the use of putting all this information in the general "moist robot masses"? Any Tom, Dick or Harry who cannot make a choice about which underpants to wear today are supposed to make conclusions based on this?
What happened to the good old scientists who said "If you do this, you are sure to catch this, so dont!" Where are the solid facts and conclusions???


When we first got off the occasional fried foods and candy bars, the health food tasted bland. But after a few years, our palate is more sensitive, and we taste sugar and sodium in everything much easier, and we find the amount of added sugar and salt is actually quite gross.

For instance, plain yogurt tastes sweet to us as ice cream, provided it has no fillers in it that make it gelatinous or starchy.

When I eat greasy food now, I can feel the weight in my liver as it groans at having to process all that disgusting fat, and if I omit vegetables, I feel sluggish. Those vitamins are amazing.

(It really is all relative, people.)


I love meat, vegetables, fruits, ... It is a great pleasure to be able to eat, breathe and live.
I dont know if all the meat I`m taking will bring me down
in the end, but eventually something will.
(not alcohol or tobaco )

I tried different diets and found eating a bit of everything was the best for me, when not doing specific exercises.
Depending on the exercise I do, or if I want to lose fat / develop muscles / calm arthritis pain, I will eat more or less of fat, carbs, fiber, sugary things, ...
(I`m 30+)

I hope more "objectives" studies are published, or description of different lifestyles/diets,
so that we can understand better the principles of
good eating/exercising, and develop our own techniques
to put them in practice.

Some seems to be inherited genetically from father and mother sides, some (proteins ) are inherited only from the
mother ( when the foetus is in the womb ), some
get developped by the environment ( living next to a gas station, a pork farm, a chlorin-swimming pool, or a house on the beach, you dont develop the same ) and the accidents in life ( you dont develop the same with legs crushed by a car or if you have played tennis/run every day since you`re 6, for example).

Have a good day.

matt m

the food that makes feel worst- onions/garlic and their ilk. Controlled blind experiments conducted on me have conclusively shown that these foods make me ill. Animal foods, particularly fish, make me feel good.

We're not all the same when it comes to nutrition.


I read a book called "The Sugar Blues", scary stuff, but later I figured there was a lot more to it.

This confirms that belief.

Now we can eliminate the "Children's Cancer Fund" and similar charities, cuz this is the answer they are looking for.

Whoever thought children would get cancer?! Talk about an eye opener!! Although the sheeple of this country seem to be sleeping right through it.

Speaking of sheeple, there is a joke about how the farmers get the sheep to push back when tapping them, and that is to tap them with the sheep looking off the edge of a cliff.

What kind of "cliff" will it take to make the sheeple push back as they are being screwed??


moist robots! ha! now that's funny.

Billy B

I don't do diets. I eat to live, not live to eat, and my weight is always at around 170 pounds, about right for my build. My body is trim other than the fact that I'm getting old and a bit wrinkled, but I can still pick up and pack a hundred pounds. And I eat what I damn well please, of course I do have good genes and you didn't mention that those make a difference.
Billy B


I'd consider eating less meat...if only I had free will.


If we weren't meant to eat wouldn't taste so damn good.


don't know how to misintepret
i ate my nuts, cereal and soymilk and kinda calm now
ok, i'm eating ice-cream too
may be this is you saying hab (bah! take that back! hab! - loved that, cute)
how would i know that it's not just random msnbc article inspired post
may be you actually thought about me, felt sorry that you made me cry (really) and as a result wrote this
out of concern about my might be ADHD or moodiness
or may be your post is full of hidden tricks which i in my LORC and simplicity am not able to grasp
say dddonkey and i'll take my r words back
or should i go to hell and get consumed in flames


I think it's absolutely true that different people have very different nutritional needs and food sensitivities. For example, sugar affects me badly. Not that processed sugar is "good" for anyone, but I'm particularly sensitive, and it causes candida overgrowth if I'm not careful.

You don't need a doctor to tell you what is good or bad for you to eat -- just listen to your body. You got stomachaches from meat, I got all kinds of health problems from sugar. Any sane person would change their diet. But I admit, I was grumpy for a good two weeks when I cut the sugar and most carbs (which turn into sugar). Actually, "grumpy" doesn't quit cover it. I was pissed off. But then....I became happier than I'd been in years and years. I felt like a kid again. And all from diet.

As the Chinese say, "Let your food be your medicine, and your medicine be your food."

Chris @ Martial Development


It is already a component of Ayurvedic medicine.


I grew up on a cattle farm and quickly developed a distaste for what happened there. On moral grounds I once tried dropping meat from my diet and had serious problems.

First I had almost no energy. I was exhausted and comatosed. Without red meat I wasn't able to get enough iron to make blood. I tried eatting high iron vegetables and taking iron supplements but I simply couldn't absorb iron in that form.

Although warned to get back into eatting meat by my doctor I persisted. I then started to develop oozing wounds on my skin. Without meat I lacked the protein to rebuild my body.

Then my immune system collapsed and I had continuous colds and flus all year round. My stomach started to feel as if I had eatten shreded glass. In other words my health was pretty bad.

I had no choice. I either ate red meat or die. Within weeks of eatting meat my body felt brand new. The problems all disappeared and life seems great again. To my annoyance my body only works when eatting meat.

Everyone is different. Some people can eat some foods while those same foods are dangerous to others. You just have to find out what is best for you. You might have various moral reasons for making choices but if you're dead you can't have morals.


Well, at least some parents are actually feeding their children instead of playing "Dungeons and Dragons." I am surprised there wasn't a post today about


I'll see your anecdotal vegetarian argument, and I'll call.

I recently lost 25 pounds. I'm on my way to losing 45 pounds. But, I did it by eating meat, and a few vegetables. I have 2 turkey bacons and 3 eggs every morning for breakfast. I usually have a piece of cheese midmorning. For lunch, it's some sort of chicken breast or other lean meat, and a salad. For dinner, sometimes, I'll eat a pound of ground beef. Other times, it'll be porkchops, and sometimes it'll be bacon and eggs again. Sometimes, it'll be 3 or 4 hot dogs.

And no, I don't get a stomach ache after I eat that ground beef.

I can lose a couple pounds a week on this diet. If I add buns to the hamburger, have some chips with my meals, and a little ice cream for dessert at night, I stop losing weight.

Prior to my diet, I had heartburn at least 4 times a week, and chronic neck pain. After 2 weeks on my diet, I quit taking my Zantac. I've taken it once in the past 5 months. I also need less sleep, and I don't get sleepy in the afternoon.

I feel better and am less "grumpy" than before my diet. I think a large part of it is that I am now "stinkin hott." The other part is that I feel better physically, and pass that on to my fellow humans.



Scott, you're absolutely right.
All this *new* health information simply confirms what well-informed health pioneers have known for decades.

By the way, Don't you Americans remember Nathan Pritikin?

I would highly recommend a book called 'The Health Revolution - 5th Edition' (Now out of print, but full text available online) In over ten years I have never read another scientific/health/diet book that could supercede it.

Matt Parkins

I feel just awful if I don't eat meat a few times a week - its like I haven't eaten if I don't eat meat!!

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